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The Fallen (Bluford Series, Number 11)Bluford High Returns With Two New Books This Widely Acclaimed Teen Series Set In An Urban High School Features Engaging, Accessible Writing And Appealing, Contemporary Storylines.Martin Luna S World Is Crumbling A Fight Threatens To End His Sopho Year At Bluford High, And At Home, Things Are Even Worse Frankie, The Most Feared Bully From His Neighborhood, Is Hunting Him, And Martin Doesn T Know Who He Can Turn To Alone And With Time Running Out, Martin Makes A Desperate Decision But Will It Save Or Destroy Him

[Ebook] ↠ The Fallen (Bluford Series, Number 11) Author Paul Langan – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Fallen (Bluford Series, Number 11)
  • Paul Langan
  • English
  • 09 January 2018
  • 9780545391146

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    The book, The Fallen by Paul Langen is worth reading The situation the Martin went through had a happy ending He was brave because he never backed down from Frankie, even though he was coming to kill him It was intense because when the...

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    The book the fallen is the sequal for th ebook Brothers in arms The book still uses all of the characters in its old book Martin is still the main character to th e boook The book talks about how things have been for Martin after he stayed at bluford He was tried to stay away from where he used to live because frankie and his old friends are always there Frankie and Martin still dont talk to each other Martin is trying to do good so he and his mom can live a better life He is still hanging around with Vicky who he likes They have become closer friends and Martin wants to be a better person for her and his momLater on in the book Martin is starting to have troubles again with boys from his school that dont like him and he is starting to argue like he used to when he first moved One day Martin is walking the streets and Frankie is out with his friends and and they see Martin Frankie still hates MArtin for backing down the day when they where going to go kill the guy that killed Martins borther Huero When they saw him Frankie got of the car and was about to shot Martin But he didnt One day Martin was home alone and Frankie and his boys went to his house while he was alone Frankies boys had once been MArtins friend they stiill where but they couldnt say that because Frankie would get them Frankie went to his house and tiold him that he was going to pay for wha he had done and how he had back down.The boys that where with Frankie told him not to do any thing to Martin but he wou...

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    The Fallen is like the sequence to Brothers in Arms The main character again here is Martin Luna He now attends Bluford High WHile he is there he finds out who kills his brother But instead of trying to get back at him as he planned before with Frankie, he tells the police Frankie doesn t want to accept it, so he has problems with Frankie The only person thats got Martin s back is Chago After a confrontation with Frankie, he gets into a fight with him he tells the police After he gets in a fight with Steve for the last time, he is about to get expelled But good thing he has Mr Mitchell and Vicky on his side This Book is a very good book to me I think the message purpose for this book is to say that..dont let one thing bring you down, to always keep your head up This message was delivered easily to me Just like all the Bluford Series books, this is another touching and emotional books This can actually bring you to tears, espaeacially whe...

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    It is a okay book it could be better Its about a high school boy that gets expelled from school for fight all the time so him and his mom lost his younger brother so that kind of made him change his life around since then but on day in school he sticks up for his friend so he gets into a fight with his teacher He get t...

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    It s crazy how the people who don t deserve the worst end up getting it Sadness and anger lead you to doing many things that hopefully you stop yourself before it s too late.

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    My book it called The Fallen And if you like realistic fiction you should read this book Its a pretty good book with lots of drama but its not my favorite Its a book with lots of emotions This book can teach some life lessons Moving to many different schools , Martin has now moved to Bluford High School because of his behavior This takes place during the present time Martin is a student who is dealing with a lot of depression After his brother Huero died he has changed a lot He has had got into many fights with other students and even a teacher Martin has been expelled His mother is under a lot of depression and is know dealing with this too After a while Martin and a group of friends are going to get revenge on the man who shot Huero But a friend of Martins,Frankie also is like the main leader got into a huge argument and now wants to fight.So martin needs to figure out a way to get revenge on his own And i,m pretty sure its hard to get revenge when your friends are against you So Martin is still depressed Martin keeps on being depressed because of his brother death and its adding to the problem of the story His depression...

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    Have you ever read a book that just keeps you wondering to find out what s gonna happen next The Fallen will get you too excited and will teach you something you might not know This book is filled with emotions and drama and a young boy named Martin trying to get threw high school.In The Fallen there s a boy named Martin who s in Bluford High School and who going threw allot Just about a week ago his little brother Huero got shot and Martins mom going threw depression He s about to get suspend from school Martin best friend, Frankie wants revenge on who every shot Huero as much as martin does, but the problems basically go on.I understood why Martin was mad because his brother died but i didn t understand why he took it out on everybody like for example this girl named Vicky because Martin really likes her and they were doing good but then Martin got into one fight and he pushed her away like when you push the scraps of food on your plate into the garbage At like the middle of the story i understood why Martin pushed Vicky away because he didn t want Vicky to get caught up like he was My favorite part was ...

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    The Fallen Is one of The Bluford Series Martin The Main Characters world is crumbling before his eyes.A Fight threatens to end his sopho year at Bluford Highschool But at home things are worst.His Little Brother s killer is on the lose and with no evidence to prove that his killer did anything he can t be arrested.But the crazy thing is that the bullet that shot Huero was nt mean...

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    go Huero go Huero

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    Personal Response What I thought about this book was that it was a very interesting story The story helped me understand what people went through who were struggling The main character in this book went through many struggles at home and at school I have helped many people in the past who had been struggling in many places Plot Martin, the main character, whose world was going to end was on thin ice with his sopho year from getting expelled at Bluford High School because, of all the fights he had been in At home, the problem was worse Frankie, the most feared person in his gang, was looking for him because Martin snitched on him Martin had to risk it all to either save his life or ruin it A girl named Vicky liked Martin, but he did not want her to get involved in all of this because Frankie would try to...

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