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Uncle Rain CloudIn This Inspiring Story, Young Carlos Learns That Change Effects Everyone, Even His Uncle Uncle Tom S Does Not Speak English And Does Not Adjust Well To His New Life In Los Angeles To Him, English Is El Blah Blah, And He Is Frustrated And Ashamed By His Inability To Communicate He Is Always Grouchy Like A Thunderstorm About To Break But, Carlos Is Held Spellbound By His Stories About Old Mexico And The Tongue Twister Gods How Can This Brilliant Man Be Afraid Like Carlos Was When He First Went To School And Couldn T Speak English Very Well In Time, Carlos And Uncle Tom S Form A Partnership Carlos Teaching Uncle Tom S English And Uncle Tom S Teaching Carlos About His AncestorsUncle Rain Cloud Is A Heartwarming Story Of Friendship And Courage Told In Rich, Poetic Language And Given Dramatic Spirit By Fabricio VandenBroeck S Vivid, Expressive Illustrations The Colors And Styles Of The Aztec Culture Bring The Ancient Gods Alive In The Imaginations Of The Readers.

[Read] ➵ Uncle Rain Cloud ➱ Tony Johnston – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Uncle Rain Cloud
  • Tony Johnston
  • English
  • 04 September 2018
  • 9780881063721

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    This book is an Americas Award 2001 Commended Title In this story, this family has moved to Los Angeles, and the uncle is very unhappy He does not like that everyone speaks English, and he definitely doesn t like that his nephew, Carlos, is speaking English often than he is speaking Spanish Uncle Tomas has to go to school one day for Carlos parent teacher conference, and that is when he finally loses his patience with English and Carlos appearing to enjoy speaking English than his native language Read this book to find out if Uncle Tomas ever accepts his new life in L.A I really enjoyed the ideas in this book It has many important themes, but one is definitely not to judge a culture or someone from a certain culture before you take the time to get to know them Also, there are many Spanish words in this book that students could use context and picture clues to figure them out ...

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    This book is about a family who has recently moved from Mexico to Los Angeles It expresses the frustration that non English speakers experience when living in America Carlos, a young boy, has an uncle that he calls Uncle Raincloud because of the gloom that he brings with him Uncle Raincloud is always angry because his young nephew has to translate his Spanish into el Blah Blah , or English Uncle Raincloud embarrasses Carlos, so when he has to come to his school conference, Carlos is worried Finally, Carlos explains to his uncle that it is scary and challenging for him to learn English at school, and that he needed to be brave and try to learn it too Together they agree that if they continue to teach each other English Spanish, they will know twice as much as everyone else This is an attempt at a heartwarming story about the struggles that bilingual families go through The plot isn t very climactic, ...

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    Uncle Rain Cloud is a great text relating children s experience and interactions with extended family members This is a story about Carlos, a young boy who has moved with his family from Mexico to LA Carlo s uncle, Tio Tomas, is grumpy about living in America becuase he doesn t understand English It makes Uncle Tomas angry when he sees Carlos speaking English than Spanish Because of his moody behavior, Carlos calls his Tio Unlce Rain Cloud However, Carlos soon learns that his uncle feels incapable of learning English The conflict is resolved when Carlos agrees to teach his uncle the new language and in return his uncle tells him ancient stories about Mexican gods in Spanish This book is great for bilingual students and for embedding multicultural education into the topic of extended families The text contains several Spanish words that are defined at the end of th...

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    Heartwarming story of a young boy and his uncle who together conquered their fear of learning another language Spanish words interwoven with the English and a pronunciation guide to the aztec words on the last page.

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    good book on the difficulties some immigrants face when moving to the US Excellent use of Spanish and English words.

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    This is a story about how Carlos perceives his uncle since he and his family have moved to Los Angeles He describes him as dark and gloomy, like a rain cloud Hence the title I love that the illustrations follow this perc...

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