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Star Wars Star Wars The Blueprints Brings Together The Original Technical Drawings From Deep Within The Lucasfilm Archives Combined With Insightful Commentary From Best Selling Author J W Rinzler, The Collection Maps In Precise, Vivid, And Intricate Detail The Very Genesis Of One Of The Most Enduring And Beloved Stories To Appear Onscreen.The Meticulously Researched Text Gives Voice To The Groundbreaking And Brilliant Engineers, Designers, And Artists That Have, In Film After Film, Created The Most Imaginative And Iconic Locales Blueprints Shows How In Bringing This Extraordinary Epic To Life, Early Concepts Were Translated Into Iconic Sets The Rebel Blockade Runner, The Millennium Falcon, The Bridge Of General Grievous S Flagship, Jabba The Hutt S Throne Room, And Many Others Thanks To The Exquisite Craftsmanship And Artistry Of Successive Art Departments.Special Features More Than 250 Blueprints More Than 500 Photographs And Illustrations Ten Gatefolds

[BOOKS] ✮ Star Wars  Author J.W. Rinzler – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Star Wars
  • J.W. Rinzler
  • 23 January 2018
  • 9781603801911

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    This is one for anyone with a penchant to win the sort of trivia quiz questions that involve minutiae Just how big was the Millennium Falcon in real life , etc etc Star Wars Blueprints is a book that covers all six movies to date, in production order so from Star Wars A New Hope, Episode IV to Revenge of the Sith Episode III , which will be a nice closure before the new Disney Lucasfilms appear in 2015 For each film Rinzler gives the reader a potted background as to how it came about from a production point of view Star Wars Blueprints is a fascinating look at the practical aspects of a film set and the people involved in the mechanics of creating the look of a movie The than 250 blueprints have been photographed from the Lucasfilm production archives, to show the original and used torn edges and all copies The quality generally is great This book oozes quality, from the page layout to the quality stock it s printed on Don t let those 336 pages fool you into thinking t...

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    This book is 15 x 12 x 1.5 and is, I believe, somewhere between 10 and 15 lbs It needs to be this big to allow for details to be seen on the blueprints and some are still fairly blurry.It features working drawings not normally seen outside of studios though I feel like the LEGO architects and builders have used them for accurate designs These drawings are ESSENTIAL in set manufacturing Without them, sets could not be designed.The reader can one say they read this gets insight on set design, blueprint design, and the importance of competent and detailed artists In particular to the SW verse, the vaulted OT drawings were important in the development of the PT.We get the history of some people and the British studios, even before Star Wars We learn of how the initial crew came together George s independent work with THX and Graffiti allowed him to understand how to dialogue and collaborate with the art department, and was thus able to help in ways most directors don t can t I love the detail of the blueprints and the information provided with them I also like seeing both constructed sets and final scenes I like how some blueprints are seen pieced together as one drawing, though a lot is missing so there will be a see DRG 80 and there is none for a particular movie Can t expect all thousands to be here.It is truly amazing how much goes into building a set that is only briefly in a movie and must be immediately taken down following its shots to allow the next set to be built...

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    Interesting Star Wars book

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    I actually bought this book on sale on , but thought it was something else I had no idea this was a massive coffee table book in league with Chronicle Books Star Wars Chronicles hardcovers though it not the same publisher These are the detailed set blueprints for all six films, particularly the classic trilogy Very well put together and worth owning for any fan out there Also good for those interested in...

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    An oversized, beautiful book with most of the blueprints used in making the sets for the movies especially the main three I just love how blueprints look all the details, and the halo of information around them, and the ...

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