Free ↠ Rude Health By Linda Aronson –

Rude HealthIan Rude S Whole Life Is An Embarrassment.With A Name Like That, What Can You Expect He S Short He S Skinny His Parents Run A Health Food Shop Things Couldn T Get Much Worse Could They Then Ian Discovers That He Secret Superhuman Powers And They Land Him In BIG Trouble.Like, With The Maths Teacher From Hell Is He Cursed Is He A Genuine Superkid Or Are The Teenage Energy Pills With Odourless Garlic That His Mum Gives Him Stronger Than She Realizes Another Laugh Out Loud Young Adult Comedy From Linda Aronson

Free ↠ Rude Health By Linda Aronson –
  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Rude Health
  • Linda Aronson
  • 06 January 2017
  • 9780330390606

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    Better than Adrian Mole, and I loved Adrian Mole.

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    Manic Monologues, Slapstick, and BoofheadsThis book very effectively combines two fun genres On the one hand we have a frantic, deadpan middle grader, Ian Rude , working feverishly to cope with his move to a new village, his new school, his parents new business, his insane maths teacher, and his fear either that he is cursed by some Evil Eye or that the Teenage Energy Vitamins his Mom makes him take have given him undefined and inconvenient superpowers On top of this we have the classic Egg and I set up of a normal person surrounded by a clan of insanely weird and vaguely dangerous but somehow sort of lovable nutsoes and boofheads The author has pulled out all of the stops in creating a vast array of repulsive compelling appealing characters, each of whom seems intent on inflicting some new indignity on our hapless but stalwart hero There is psychological and physical mayhem there is exceptionally broad humor punctuated by little subtle bits of business and achingly funny throwaway lines and observations The book has an overarching plot involving Ian and his numerous profoundly dysfunctional run ins with his maths teacher, but this is punctuated by a large and varied selection of very funny set pieces built around Ian and his friends, Ian and his parents, Ian and his teachers, and Ian and the motorcycle gang that has adopted hi...

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    Ian Rude s whole life is an embarrassment With a name like that, what can you expect He s short, he s skinny and his parents run a health food shop Things couldn t get any worse could they

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