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Arrow to the Heart Dr Cu Has No Doubt That Love At First Sight Happens Only In Fairytales He Knows Intimately That It Takes A Unique Blend Of Chemicals To Force Two Hearts To Beat As One A World Renowned Player, He S Accepted His Fate As A God Of Love, He S Doomed To Remain Lonely But When He Opens His Eyes And His Gaze Takes In A Woman In Need Of Assistance, He S Shocked To Find Himself Falling, Exactly Like His Many Victims.Naturally, When An Arrogant Legend Is Smitten, Happiness Comes At A Price Cu Must Fight The Powerful Goddess Of Love, His Controlling Mother, In Order To Protect The Mortal Who S Captured His Fancy.When His Love Betrays Him, Cu Learns How Hard A God Can Hit Rock Bottom If He Can T Put Down The Bow And Wrap His Hand Around Humility And Forgiveness, His Destined Love Will Remain A Myth.

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    My Rating 2.5 stars Finished it take it or leave it C Dr Cu is an renowned psychologist with an uncanny knack for bringing two people together and finding love The story opens with Dr Cu interviewing a female police officer who has killed off one too many bad guys when not necessary It is evident from her reactions upon seeing his identity that not only is Dr Cu infamous, but so is his socialite mother What no one seems to know is that Dr Cu is also apparently Cupid, and he uses a bo My Rating 2.5 stars Finished it take it or leave it C Dr Cu is an renowned psyc...

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    Reviewed for Booked UpTo See Review at Booked UpCu has PhDs in Psychology, Human Sexuality, Biochemistry, and Advanced Medicine and he s the son of a love goddess and war god He meets a woman he wants at the Valentine Gala and she s wearing red the forbidden color.After Cu saves her but before sending her home, he asks her if he could visit her but he must keep his face hidden However, the second night, he wakes up only to find her holding a candle over his face, and everything in his life is Reviewed for Booked UpT...

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