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Forgotten Honeymoon (Summer Wedding, #1) How Can I Be Pregnant When I Ve Never Had Sex Kelly Isn T Worried About The Three Weeks She Can T Remember After A Minor Car Accident Until Two Months Later When She Discovers That She Is Pregnant.Obviously She Had Sex, Although She Can T Remember It Now But The Important Question Is Who Is The Father Forgotten Honeymoon Is A Sweet, Quirky, Contemporary Romance

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    Cute and fairly well written And clean, in the sense that there are no descriptions of sex But there s a lot of talk about it, in part because the story basically hinges on it In a way, it s a cute concept, but I somehow still couldn t sh...

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    Nicew book,the amnesia thing is always good in a book as an idea at least and this time it wasn t bad and I liked the characters.

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    cute light read

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    This felt like a Harlequin romance with none of the sex or cussing Which is to say it felt very contrived with an endless string of misunderstandings caused by a lack of communication dragging out the threadbare plot, all knotted together by incredibly plot convenient amnesia view spoiler for precisely the 4 days the female pro...

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    Entertaining story While the premise is unlikely, it s an intriguing idea, and the story is told plausibly enough to get into the story.There s a lot of miscommunication, which is frustrating, but it fits what we know about the characters so it s not there as blatantly manufactured plot drama And it wraps up well with a satisfying happily e...

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    I though I try this ebook when it was on sale because the main character had a case of amensia and didnt remember how she got pregnant I thought the story line sounded entertaining and I did really enjoy this ebook I actually didnt have high hopes for this book and was very surp...

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    A clean romance Amnesia, impulsive marriage.Lots of angst, misunderstandings, I enjoyed it.

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    This book was very weird but very good

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    Shorty, novella sized book The LOCA friend from The M Word shows up in this book, but they are stand alone This was a better book to me, because the heroine isn t b.s crazy I liked the premise and loved the hero Beverly Farr is great for a pick me up and delivers with Forgotten Honeymoon

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    I liked it, I especially liked that it had an original premise The story starts with Kelly waking up in the hospital after a car accident She soon learns that she has amnesia and has no memory of the last three weeks Fast forward two months and Kelly discovers she is pregnant She is shocked since she is a virgin and has no memory of how she became pregnant I thought this was an interesting plot, not one I ve read before Kelly was okay I didn t always think her reactions to situations seemed realistic She was fickle I thought her post amnesia feelings for Nigel and Lars flipped too quickly I guess Lars had been a close friend for a long time, but she d never thought of him as anything else I thought Lars was a little TOO serious, borderline workaholic I get opposites attracting, but I still think you have to have some things in common, and I m not sure if they had anything in common besides a physical attraction I think they ll end up driving each other nuts in the long run Hopefully they ll learn some good communication skills along the way I was confused with a couple of Kelly s memories view spoiler She catches her BFF Kelly sleeping with Nigel I thought this was why she called off the wedding pre amnesia Then another memory is Nigel trying to rape her So, I was confused with the timing of things If she had caught him with her friend, why was she back at his apartment where he then tries to rape her Maybe I need to reread that section, I mig...

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