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The Ulfrics Mate (War of the Weres, #1) Nolan And Alexandria Fight Their Sexual Attraction, But Can T Deny The Pull Of Being Mates, Despite A Serial Murder Investigation.Nolan Littlebull Is The Alpha Of The Wahpawhat Pack Of Werewolves And The Lead Detective On A Series Of Murders Of Pregnant Women From His Pack Torn Between Human Justice And Were Justice, He Travels Deep Onto The Yakama Reservation Tracking The Ones Responsible He Is Attacked By One Of The Rival Pack, Only To Be Defended By Another From The Rival Pack.Alexandria George Is The Healer For The Lupins She Defends The Mysterious Wolf In Their Territory From Her Pack S Bully And Escapes With The Stranger.Nolan And Alex Face The Complications Of Being Mated And Together They Must Find And Identify The Killer While Facing An Uncertain Future.

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    If you like werewolves and werecats, you will love The Ulfric s Mate It s a great love story of an Ulfric s finding his mate She is in another pack A pack that is run very differently and violently than his Someone is killing off the pregnant women in Nolen s Pack Nolen is sure its Roxy the leader of the other pack nearby While checking on it he meets Alex and immediately it s clear they are mates The twists keep coming Who is the traitor in Nolen s pack Is there than one Will Nolen and Alex be able to become mates since she is a healer and needs to remain in her pack What will happen when Roxy finds out Ale...

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    I had the pleasure of reading The Ulfric s Mate by Leona Bushman and published by Breathless Press.It is the classic conflict between warring factions, Hatfields and McCoys, the Montagues and the Capulets That is not to say it is not an original story Ms Bushman takes the same universal themes that have been explored through the centuries and weaves them into a well built world of werewolves and werecats that carries a very Native American First Peoples flavor.Nolan Littlebull is the alpha of the Wahpawhat pack of Werewolves and the lead detective on a series of murders of pregnant women from his pack Torn between human justice and were justice, he travels deep onto the Yakama Reservation tracking the ones responsible He is attacked by one of the rival pack, only to be defended by another from the rival pack.Alexandria George is the healer for the Lupins She defends the mysterious wolf in their territory from her pack s bully and escapes with the stranger, only to find that they are bonded as a true mated pair.This is a well written story with...

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    A great paranormal romance with twists, surprises, excitement and some soul deep lovin that many paranormal fans will surely enjoy.Alex has kept her secret all of her life She s a beautiful, intelligent, talented and a rare female in her world that must hold back all that she is just to keep safe and stay alive She s not yet gotten to actually live as a person should, freely That s until she meets Nolan and everything changes right before her eyes.Nolan is an alpha werewolf, also known as the Ulfric it s a first I ve ever heard of the term He has a TON of responsibilities and no time for fun or any enjoyment life has to offer relationships or any other type of leisure activities That s hard for a male like him, so good looking and virile hee hee But he does what he has to do for his job and to keep his people safe Meeting Alex changes some of his outlook and priorities But will it all be accepted by his people Love these two as a couple They complement on...

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    Reviewer Bex Rating 4.5 out of 5 FairiesNolan and Alex, the main weres in Leona Bushman s awesome PNR, are characters who are easy to fall in love with Their relationship is filled with palpable tension and energy, so much so that s it s truly easy to get swept along in their story What s so refreshing about this shifter book is that it has a strong storyline that weaves through a series of drama, fabulous action and a variety obstacles that the characters have to navigate their way through The suspense driven plot will effectively leave readers gripped The villain of the story is particularly well crafted The baddy is bat shit crazy The author really brings this character alive through their interactions with those characters around them It these relationships that help to create a well developed narrative with such strong protagonists A highly recommended PNR I can t wait to start reading book two, The Midwife s Moon Disclosure This book was provided by the author in exchange f...

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    A good romance between an Alpha and his healer mate from the enemy pack I liked the story but it seemed a little long somehow, some of it could have been shed to make it energetic I am looking forward for the next one

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    You can never go wrong with sexy shifters and Ms Bushman s offering is a mondo example of my personal theory I found the writing to be fresh, fast paced and chock full of stimulating goodies that captured my attention from the g...

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