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Love in Plain Sight (Senses and Sensations, #2) A Senses And Sensations StoryWhat Does Love Look Like If You See It, Will You Give It The Attention It Deserves Police Volunteer Sebastian Sumner May Be Deaf, But He S Strong And Capable He S Been Involved With Detective Jordan Waters For A Year Now Their Relationship Hasn T Been Smooth Sailing, But Their Love Is On Solid Ground Too Bad Their Work Lives Are On Shakier Soil Jordan S Is, Anyway, As He Sets Out With His Partner To Investigate Aldous Henley, A Shady Art Dealer Suspected Of Forgery And Smuggling But Proving These Crimes And Bringing The Man To Justice Is Challenging Than Jordan Expected.Before Long, Henley Isn T Just A Work Problem The Case Consumes Jordan S Attention, And He S Struggling To Balance His Busy Professional Life And His Equally Important Private Life Especially With A Significant Anniversary Approaching Love May Be In Plain Sight, But That Doesn T Mean It Should Be Taken For Granted.

☃ Love in Plain Sight (Senses and Sensations, #2)  PDF / Epub ✑ Author Susan Laine – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • ebook
  • 89 pages
  • Love in Plain Sight (Senses and Sensations, #2)
  • Susan Laine
  • English
  • 23 May 2019
  • 9781613727423

    10 thoughts on “☃ Love in Plain Sight (Senses and Sensations, #2) PDF / Epub ✑ Author Susan Laine – Soaringeaglecasino.us

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    3.5 stars.I liked this follow up story than the previous book it was appealing to me for some reason Sebastian is still the same lovable smart ass, and his attempts to encourage Jordan to be a morning person are cute and sneaky A bit plot this time around too, Jordan is on the hunt to catch a thief specialising in art forgeries, Sebastian helps him solve the case and has an important role in ...

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    In one word amazingly excellent Ok so that s two words Shudup

  3. says:

    I started reading the series from this second book by mistake, but it almost felt better that way Wonderful story and I just love strong and committed established relationship, and here it was Jordan s great and Sebastian s an ideal guy for him great couple

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    REALLY fucking loved it This is the sequel to Sounds of Love which was told from MC Jordan s POV Love in Plain Sight is told from MC Sebastian s POV I liked both books A LOT but this one wins So romantic So incredibly HOT I love these boys The ending was ...

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    It s no secret that I love Susan Laine s books Not only does she write memorable characters, I love the way they relate to each other, love each other and fit each other into their lives In Love in Plain Sight, Ms Laine continues the story of Jordan and Sebastian s story.The blurb does an excellent job at describing what the novel is about It s been almost a year since Jordan and Sebastian have been together and even though things haven t always been roses and sunshine for the couple, as time goes by, their relationship continues to grow and strengthen as their story progresses.The book is told in first person through Sebastian s eyes Now, I will admit this is normally not my favorite point of view in romances, but Ms Laine does an outstanding job at making Sebastian a great narrator and since he s such an adorable character, I loved knowing what was going on inside that beautiful mind of his and seeing how he adapts in an unforgiving, hearing world.Sebastian is deaf, but he s definitely not a wilting flower He s capable than people realize and his intelligence and zest for life makes him a memorable character He s fiercely protective of his makeshift family, and even protective and supportive to his boyfriend, Jordan They are coming up on their one year anniversary and Sebastian is extremely excited about this But, Jordan has been wrapped up in a huge case and Sebastian finds himself...

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    The sequel to Sounds of Love This story finds the MC s a year later and settled into their relationship Overall, I thought this was a sweet story and a nice catch up with characters I really enjoyed from the first book With that being said, the main focus was on the case from the previous book This was pretty short at just around 1K locs but, it didn t feel unfinished More like a slice of li...

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    This book was told from Sebastian s POV instead of Jordan like the first one I loved this book as much as the first one Although my favourite scene was in this when view spoiler Jordan, proposed to Sebastian The engagement ring was sweet And the inscripti...

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    Nope, still not over Jordan and Sebastian They are so darn cute Now for Kevin and Jack, and Bro and Laceyoh the possibilities I cannot wait

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    4.5starsHuge improvement with the cover, lovely indeed What a great sequel,this story has one of most beautiful endings I have ever read.

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    by Stacey Jo This is the sequel to Sounds of Love Where the first story is told from Jordan s point of view, this one is told from Sebastian s and starts out almost a year after the end of the first story Jordan and Sebastian are established and very comfortable with each other They are very much in love We get to see Bro, who is just as lovable as ever Bro has a love interest, which adds a very interesting twist to the story line Jordan and Kevin are working on an investigation, trying to catch an art thief, Aldous Henley The investigation seems to be taking all of Jordan s attention It takes some time, but they crack the case, thanks to Sebastian The investigation and subsequent arrest don t go as planned and Sebastian again saves the day After the stresses and terror of the situation they both faced, they spent some much needed downtime alone with each other on their one year anniversary of moving in ...

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