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One Thousand and One Nights Sheri Spends Her Days Fighting Zombies And Her Nights Chained To A Wall, Earning Her Every Breath By Telling Stories To Her Captor Aleksy Stories That Make Them Both Forget The Ruined World Sheri Could Put Up With The Conditions At Least She Knows Her Sister Is Safe In The Community Aleksy Leads Until She Realizes She S Falling For Himeven Though He Wants Her Dead.When Aleksy Allowed Sheri And Her Sister Into His Compound, He Didn T Know About The Zombie Bite On Her Back It S Only A Matter Of Time Before She Turns Into One Of The Rising Dead And Threatens Their Existence, But Aleksy Has A Secret Need For Sheri And Her Stories For Everyone S Safety, He Chains Her To His Bedroom Wall, Hoping For Just One Day But How Long Will The Community Allow Aleksy To Ignore His Own Rule Always Kill The Infected Always.

[ PDF / Epub ] ☆ One Thousand and One Nights  Author Ruth Browne – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • ebook
  • 68 pages
  • One Thousand and One Nights
  • Ruth Browne
  • 11 May 2019
  • 9781622663316

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    I m not even sure where to start with this I requested this book for review because I loved the idea of a Scheherazade retelling Sometime between when I requested it and when I opened the file on my Kindle tonight, I forgot it was in a post apocalyptic setting with zombies because I was very confused at first My own fault though, and quickly rectified when I glanced at the blurb again.I m going to start with the biggest problem for me Aleksy s been keeping Sheri CHAINED in his bedroom, by the throat, for nearly FOUR months One time, in the book, she s chained so tightly that she can only squat near the wall no rest for her legs, knees, back, ankles, feet and anytime her head droops with sleepiness, the collar chokes her And she s attracted to this guy I kind of get the caution she s been bitten, and the bite s still healing, maybe she s going to turn and then she s a danger to everyone But she s not mindless yet, obviously, because she s telling you stories Why the ever living heck do you have to treat her like garbage Water but no food, chained day and night, punished for the most minor things.But Sheri keeps coming back That s right, she gets let out of the compound to go look for stories Granted, she does have her sister there, but honestly she gave up hope of the people ever trusting her, and she hardly ever got to see her sister she was...

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    3 1 2 stars Beautifully written but not completely satisfying.My review at Dear Author

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    Received from Entangled Publishing for an honest review This is a short story novella This review is not based on story length but story content as length has very little to do with how much I enjoy a book This was an interesting twist based on an old Middle Eastern fairy tale with the same title I love that this is a zombie tale, that Sheri reads, that she risks her life to find books, that she does this to ensure her sister remains protected in the camp I love her bravery, her devotion, her smart mouth, and her impulsiveness I like Aleksy, the camp s King, but only for specific things his uncertainty as to why Sheri hasn t turned even though she s been bitten, his concern for her though that seems to be shown only in private instead of in front of the others in the camp, the ones who really need to see that she s not a threat , and his moments of tenderness with her again, only in private.I understand fear of the unknown in a post apocalyptic world, it s acceptable What I don t like is how Sheri is treated stripped naked, chained to a wall, not allowed to see her sister, isolated from the others in the camp for fear she might turn and infect someone else despite her proven loyalty, despite the fact that she has not yet turned into a zom...

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    Review forthcoming on I received a copy of One Thousand and One Nights from Netgalley in exchange for my review.In the years since the zombie apocalypse, Sheri and her sister survived hand to mouth, until they found Alex s compound But Sheri has a bite, and that alone should have killed her But Alex sees something about her, so she spends her nights telling Alex stories while chained to his wall, all the time trying not to fall for him.Link to GoodreadsLink to I never thought that I d be into Zombie stories, but here we are and I ve read and enjoyed several Though the Zombie stories I ve been seeming to enjoy reading are mainly romance ones work that one out why don t you rather than all flesh eating gore So if that s what you re looking for, then I suggest you look elsewhere One Thousand and One Nights contains scenes of a sexual nature, both in the form of flashbacks, and in the present day It isn t out of place, simply because of the attraction between Sheri and Alex Despite the barrier between them that Sheri s zombie bite causes, they are intrigued and attracted to each other In my opinion it parallels the Beauty and the Beast story that Sheri tells her sister in the story, something which I think was done on purpose The zombie lore for want of a proper word for it surrounding Sheri was interesting Where most people turn in almost seconds, ...

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    One for the weirdos, like me.If you were a bookish kid like I was you probably know who Scheherazade is, if you don t you probably won t follow the story enough to really enjoy the coolness of it So look her up if you don t and give this one a whirl.In this delightfully dark retelling of One Thousand and One Nights, suitably titled the very same, our heroine is not the clever girl of the original but rather a victim of a new world filled with monsters Many times bitten and scarred by zombies but unturned she remains a liability to the compound s king , Aleksy He knows it undermines his own authority not to have killed her, yet her lack of turning poses a dilemma only heightened by his attraction to her Because wanting to get in a possible zombie s pants is pretty messed up Every night Sheri reads to Aleksy from where she is chained to his bedroom wall Her only real concern is keeping her younger sister protected within the compound If that means being treated like an animal she is willing As you can imagine, Sheri and Aleksy have their own sad back stories, and it s only a matter of time before they give in to their desire for one another I may be the only reader who thought this was awesome I saw a few early reviews and I think the biggest problem other had was not finding it relatable, which may be a big dea...

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    I received an ARC through NetGalley.I really liked the idea behind One Thousand and One Nights a zombie apocalypse retelling of the original Unfortunately, I just didn t like it It follows Sheri, who is our modern day Sharazad She s being held captive at a compound of survivors, since she s been bitten by zombies and no one can be sure whether she ll turn or not The only thing that keeps her alive is King Alex s obsession with fairytales, which Sheri reads to him every night And Sheri only stays to keep her sister safe, even though they d gotten on just fine for 5 years on their own Nothing about this set up really makes any sense, so it was hard for me to get into it or to care about Sheri and Alex s developing relationship The narrative is very choppy also, which definitely didn t help matters One Thousand and One Nights had a lot of potential, but it just fell flat Being a novella, I was hoping for something fast paced and sexy, but really it s bogged down with a lot of useless flashbacks Yes, I wanted to know how this zombie apocalypse came to be, and how Sheri got to this compound, but it was all messy and full of holes When did Sheri get those zombie bites How did she get away Why is Alex considered the king of this compound And why is he SO obsessed with stories None of these questions are answered, so it was hard t...

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    Full review will be available on The Romanceaholic on October 2, 2013 Combining the classic tale of Scheherazade with zombie horror was a brilliant move, appealing to both the zombie lover and the bibliophile in me like nothing else could have Perhaps a library isn t one of the first places one might go during a zombie apocalypse, but I loved that it was high on the priority list for Sherri and in some ways, Alex to gather books along with other, immediately needed supplies.The flashbacks, rather than being distracting as I usually find them to be, blended in perfectly with the story to develop both Sheri and Alex s characters, and though there s only one love scene, the tension between Alex and Sherri is there from the very start.My only one real issue with this story was the lack of Happily Ever After, though a...

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    This is a short post apocalyptic tale of fairy tales, romance and zombies.Sherri is kept chained up in the bedroom of Aleksy, she stays in order to keep her sister safe Aleksy is leader of the few remaining humans that haven t been bitten by zombies He should kill Sherri but finds himself intrigued by her story telling.The story is interrupted by fairy tale...

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    Sheri is a zombie fighter but only by day At night Sheri is a prisoner Her captor is named Aleksy The only thing that Sheri has going for her at night is all her stories She entertains Aleksy with all her stories I am into zombies I like that they are making a showing with the vampires and werewolves However the zombies did not make a strong showing in this book This was sad as I thought the zombies would be mean and menacing What did surprise me wa...

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    This dystopian novella was a pleasant surprise, and I really liked that it was something so unique A woman, bitten by a zombie and feared for what she might become, is chained up to share stories with her captor every night It may sound like the makings of a Fifty Shades spoof, but in actuality this was a rapid fire but chilling and sexy spin on the genre that has me excited to see from this author To say that Sheri and her sister had a rough life would be a massive understatement Parentless at a young age, they were tossed through the foster care system only to end up learning to fend for themselves when a zombie apocalypse destroyed everything With terrifying creatures on their tail, they learned to defend themselves and live like ghosts when they needed to The fact that Sheri took care of her sister for so long while on the run and in constant danger made her a kick ass heroine, even before she had to suffer the torments from the other survivors She was hated and feared because of her condition, by everyone but her sisterand him Alex wanted to hate her, wanted to be able to end her life to keep the rest of the people in the compound safe, but something was stopping him The dynamics between them was definitely unorthodox he chains her to protect the others in case she turns, but he is mes...

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