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Lettera a un bambino mai natoPublished By Rizzoli In 1975, Letter To A Child Never Born Was Quickly Translated And Sold In Twenty Seven Countries, Becoming An Extraordinary World Success It Is The Tragic Monologue Of A Woman Speaking With The Child She Carries In Her Womb, A Letter That Confronts The Burning Theme Of Abortion And The Meaning Of Life By Asking The Sour Questions Is It Fair To Impose Life Even If It Means To Suffer Would It Be Better Not To Be Born At All Letter To A Child Never Born Summarizes The Real Meaning Of Being A Woman The Power To Give Life Or Not When The Book Begins, The Protagonist Is Upset After Learning She Is Pregnant She Doesn T Know Anything About The Child, Except That This Creature Depends Totally And Uniquely On Her Choices The Creation Of Another Person Directly From Your Own Body Is A Very Shocking Thing The Sense Of Responsibility Is Huge It Is A Heavy Bundle That Gives Life To Endless Reflections, From The Origin Of Our Existence To The Shame Of Our Selfishness If The Child Could Choose, Would He Prefer To Born, To Grow Up, And To Suffer, Or Would He Return To The Joyful Limbo From Which He Came The Freedom And The Individuality Of A Woman Are Also Undermined By A Newborn Should A Woman Renounce Her Freedom, Her Job, And Free Choice What Should She Do At This Point

!!> Reading ➳ Lettera a un bambino mai nato ➬ Author Oriana Fallaci – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • ebook
  • 154 pages
  • Lettera a un bambino mai nato
  • Oriana Fallaci
  • English
  • 22 February 2018
  • 9781480442108

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    Lettera a un bambino mai nato Letter to a Child Never Born, Oriana FallaciLetter to a Child Never Born Italian Lettera a un bambino mai nato, 1975 is a novel by Italian author and journalist Oriana Fallaci It is written as a letter by a young professional woman presumably Fallaci herself to the fetus she carries...

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    Once in a while, I stumble upon an unheard of book written by someone who expresses everything I have ever felt and says it as eloquently and without any reservations as I would hope to someday And I realize once again why reading is so vital to my existence Only literature helps me make my peace with all the ugliness in the world and infuses me with the strength to carry on with whatever futile everyday doings I busy myself with, in the hope that someone somewhere has summarized the greater human condition with profound empathy and sensitivity for me to derive my solace from.Oriana Fallaci makes no pretensions in this book Doesn t sugar coat her attempt at shaking the very rigid walls that make up the citadel of patriarchy, doesn t shy away from tackling the entire spectrum of burning issues which if you proceed to discuss with friends and acquaintances even now in 2013, will earn you the raised eyebrows of some, urgently conducted hushed discussion of your morals as a woman behind your back by others and vehement denouncement by the rest And to think this brave war correspondent from Italy, who had removed the hijab or chador forced on her during an interview with Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran in addition to criticizing the imposed compulsion of wearing it, wrote this in 1975 I am not going into the topic of her alleged Islamophobia A woman s right to her life over the life of her yet unborn child Is there one...

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