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Unaccountable From The Tea Party To Occupy Wall Street, However Divergent Their Political Views, These Groups Seem United By One Thing Outrage Over A System Of Power And Influence That They Feel Has Stolen Their Livelihoods And Liberties Increasingly, Protesters On Both Ends Of The Political Spectrum And The Media Are Using The Word Corrupt To Describe An Elusory System Of Power That Has Shed Any Accountability To Those It Was Meant To Help And Govern But What Does Corruption And Unaccountability Mean In Today S World It Is Far Toxic And Deeply Routed Than Bribery From Super PACs Pouring Secret Money Into Our Election System, To Companies Buying Better Ratings From Standard Poors, Or The Extreme Influence Of Lobbyists In Congress, All Are Embody A New Corruption And Remain Unaccountable To Our Society S Supposed Watchdogs, Which Sit Idly Alongside The Same Groups That Have Brought The Government, Business And Much Of The Military In To Their Pocket.

[EPUB] ✰ Unaccountable  By Janine R. Wedel – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Hardcover
  • 352 pages
  • Unaccountable
  • Janine R. Wedel
  • 07 February 2018
  • 9781605985824

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    The 2016 election certainly acquainted us all with the problem of, and threat posed by, fake news Ms Wedel s fact and instance filled book demonstrates how, in today s world of slippery images and dubious arguments, the old adage What you see is what you get can no longer be counted on to be true.Sometimes deliberately, and other times through the sin of omission, various figures including talking heads, so called experts, and even subject matter authorities are identified as x when, in fact, they are now working for, or have direct ties to, a y that, if known to the rest of us, would at the least add needed context to their various claims or arguments.She gives itemized instances of the cozy relationships discussed in Mike Lofgren s The Deep State that can make it very difficult to determine which hat spokespersons are wearing when they endorse, criticize, or advance various points of view It is not just the frequent morphing of former Hill politicians and military personnel into lobbyists as their next career of which she speaks, but also of the way various academicians including economists, historians, and social and political scientists have found it tempting to supplement their academic activities and income with articles or testimony that happens to support the point of view of powerful interests or persons who subsidize them for doing so.Ms Wedel says that part of the problem is that the media through which such persons appear may not k...

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    Wedel s book describes what is, in a sense, obvious if you follow the news When the same people keep popping up as experts from different sides of the coin, you need to be wary The people in positions to shape government actions are also working for the government sometimes overtly, sometimes not The same is true of businesses that are beneficiaries of taxpayer dollars This is great if you re one of the people in a position to determine courses of action and the size of your paycheck It is not so great when you re being manipulated by people who abuse their positions and your money You only need to think of Dick Cheney planting news with Judith Miller and then quoting her to prove the plant was true or his assertion that his connections, and continued pay from Halliburton, wouldn t influence his actions to see that unaccounability is everywhere Wedel brings a skilled anthropological eye to the matter, showing how the lines that once divided the social system into discrete parts hav...

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    I enjoyed the topic and it certainly opened my mind on how corruption is common in DC Unfortunately the west has defined corruption so narrowly that they can get away with not calling it corruption and even legalized it While I have great pride in America this book shows that we can do to prevent abuse by politicians and lobbyists The one annoying thing about this book is the author tends to repeat the same concept over and over I alm...

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    Some useful points about how high powered individuals jump between jobs in different sectors, creating conflicts of interest and an elite clique, are undermined by absurd criticisms of experts being given government jobs surely better than just having career politicians.

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