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It Could Have Happened Photographer Nancy Hill Has Written A Collection Of Short Stories To Accompany Her Stunning Images Of Deserted Homes, Old Barns, And Other Unusual Buildings And Assembled Photos And Stories Together In This Anthology Full Of The Unexpected And Unusual From A Farmer Who Believes His Cow Is Connected To His Beloved Departed Wife To A Tender Memory Of A Spouse Recalling Years Of Marriage, These Stories Explore The Nature Of Love They Also Explore Some Rather Peculiar Relationships, Such As A Teacher Who Believes In Her Students To The Bitter End, A Man S Compassionate Understanding Of The Odd Child Tossed Out Of A Train Window, And A Twin Who Has Been Tinted Blue Since Birth Each Story Has Its Own Flavor Worth Savoring On Its Own, And Blended Together These Adult Fairytales Awaken The Readers Taste For The Quirks Of Our Hearts And Souls.

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    It Could Have Happened, by Nancy Hill is a gorgeous collection of short stories, each inspired by equally gorgeous black and white photographs, taken by the author herself Consider these, as the book s subtitle says, fairy tales for grownups Love lost, love found, fortunes gained, fortunes lost, evil parents, evil children, women full of joy and wonder, men who lose their hearts at the first sight of a pretty girl it s all here While the plot lines cover well known ground, the writing is beyond compare In The Bride s Gift, a beautiful young woman promised in marriage, listens carefully to the women helping her prepare for her big day Men always love their brides, they say, but once brides become wives, men feel burdened and nagged The bride, Dahlia, gives her new husband the gift of her own death, so that he will never know her as a wife and be spared the pain of feeling trapped After consummating their marriage, where They moved with the grace of angels, Dahlia goes to the barn, loops one end of a horse s harness around her neck, f...

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    Very descriptive, meaningful and intriguing short stories, but I wanted .

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    These stories go through all the emotions laughter, great love, lost, found and hate Each of them are short and some of them lead to no where But none of them are fulfilling You will have to read them to see what I mean VERY UNUSUAL They just cou...

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    Interesting collection of short stories with a vague magical feel I enjoyed many of them, but there were several that felt forced or unfulfilling.

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