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Crossing Paths Do You Believe In Love At First Sight Dodge Might Live In One Of The Most Heavily Gay Populated Cities In The USA, But That Didn T Seem To Make It Any Easier For Him To Find A Love Connection Though His Sister Is After Him To Get Out Of The Computer Room And Fall Head Over Heels In Love, He Is Starting To Give Up Hope Of Ever Finding Someone That Matches His Tastes.Alex Leads A Comfortable Life A Rewarding Career, A Nice Apartment, And A Boyfriend Who Doesn T Need Anything But When He Makes A Few Lifestyle Changes, He Realizes They Re Not The Only Changes He Might Need To Make.How Many Times Can The Best Thing In Your Life Pass You By Before You Recognize It

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    1.5 starsThis is not exactly a romance, view spoiler as the main characters don t meet in person until 90% into the story yep, you see it right The first 60% is about how each character dealt with their respective boyfriend how each met, the sex, the relationship, etc., leading to their breakups The only cross path between Dodge and Alex was when they were in a coffee shop when Alex overheard Dodge said something to his sister.After the breakups, I was expecting to read about them together Unfortunatelly, no From 60% to 90% the book is about how their sister and friend tried to make them meet each other, but always failed for one reason or another sick, late, work, etc Most of the reasons are just ridiculous, and I suspect the author tried to make them like comedy of errors but they felt like unnecessary fillers to make this longer.From 90%, when they finally met, I must say I ve lost interest, although I think soon ...

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