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Wonder Light Deep In The Heart Of A Mist Shrouded Island, An Impossible Secret Is About To Be Discovered.Twig Is Used To Feeling Unwanted Sent To Live On A Pony Ranch For Troubled Girls On A Misty, Haunted Island, Twig Is About To Discover The Impossible Someone Who Needs Her.Jolted Awake From A Bad Dream, Twig Follows The Desperate Whinny Of A Terrified Horse Out To The Stables There In The Straw Is A Bleating Little Scrap Of Moonbeam A Silver White Filly With Cloven Hooves And A Tiny, Spiraling Horn.A Baby Unicorn.Now Twig Knows What Secret Is Hiding In The Island S Mist The Last Free Unicorn Herd And A Mysterious Boy Named Ben Who Insists That This Impossible Creature Is Now Twig S To Care For That She Needs Twig S Love And Protection Because There S Something Out There In The Deep, Dense Shadows That S Hunting For Them R R Russell S Wonder Light Dares To Explore A World Where Unicorns Are Creatures Of Wonder And Power, And Girls Can Find Both Strength And Courage To Be Themselves Robin Hobb, International Bestselling Author

[Ebook] Wonder Light  By R.R. Russell – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • Wonder Light
  • R.R. Russell
  • 05 December 2019
  • 9781402298981

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    This was a cute, often compelling youth novel A unique blend of a girl coming into her own and fantasy Easy to follow and great for all ages Overall rating 3.5 We get to tag along with twelve year old Twig as she is brought to a type of foster care youth home by her stepmother This home is on an island that Twig read was haunted There are other girls there as well and each girl is given a pony to care for as their own Twig s thoughts quickly bounce around on if she likes it there or hates it through the first several chapters Until she meets a mysterious Wild boy named Ben and a few unicorns While not a fan of the ponies and work they entail, she quickly comes to care for a young unicorn filly, Wild Light She is soon caught up in a tale of wonder in that there are other unicorns on the island that have turned overly wild and are now bloodthirsty carnivores What Carnivorous unicorns You heard right I really do not care for that concept but I otherwise liked the difference between the unicorn factions The other thing that bothered me was that Twig s past is given to using muddled bits and pieces I kept wanting to know why she was there, why she is so hard on herself, and what happened to her mother, etc We get some of the answers but how and when they are given just seemed off and didn t get the attention they deserved her past plays su...

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    Hi, this is the author, R.R Russell.Thanks for checking out Wonder Light, the first book in the Unicorns of the Mist series The sequel, The Unicorn Thief, is coming in May 2014 Information and fun artsy stuff is now up on Or visit my author website,

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    There were so many things that bothered me about this book that I don t really know where I can begin I guess my first problem is with the main character s name I don t remember them ever explaining why she was called Twig They did explain that her mom was a homeless druggie, so perhaps this originated from there The book starts off promising, I ll give it that When a girl is sent to a ranch for troubled girls and there s the potential for a good unicorn story, how can you go wrong Well, I guess you could read this book to find out One thing that bothered me was that the reader doesn t find out what Twig allegedly did to get booted out of her home and sent to this random island until near the end of the book, but by the time we find out, and in the circumstances in which we find out, the information isn t shocking There s too much other drama going on for the reader to even care what happened to get Twig to that ranch Twig is given charge of a pony for therapeutic purposes and although she is super scared to deal with it at first, we are supposed to believe that she has no fear dealing with a full grown unicorn when it shows up a mere few days later Also, did you know that unicorn horns are hollow and fully retractable Yup, all you have to do is give the horn a little push and it softly retreats into the unicorns skull like an antenna wire on a fancy car when it s turned off All I could think about when the characters would do this to their unicorns was...

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    This book was so hard to review I wanted to like it I mean, middle grade story about a troubled girl who finds a herd of unicorns on an island she thought was hauntedThe writing itself is okay neat and clean And I did like Twig.But there were so many issues with pacing and presentation of information, like the transformation of Twig and the way things resolved far too quickly and easily when she finally tells the truth to her step mom about the incident BTW the fact that that info was held in check for so long, then sprung at the weirdest of moments also bothered me Much of the book is like that unrealistic reactions to situations by all characters.Mainly, though, I felt the book just tackled too many things and it got jumbled Twig has a druggie mom, and dad deployed to Afganistan, and a step mom she can t stand, with step siblings she apparently doesn t get along with either Yet, none of those thi...

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    Unicorns spooky, misty island wild boy home for troubled girls an instant read for this girl I went into R.R Russell s Wonder Light already loving the premise and am so happy to report that the book lived up to and surpassed my expectations Twelve year old Twig is sent to live on a pony ranch for troubled girls, after a dangerous incident at home involving her new step family The misty, mysterious island spooks Twig at first, but then she discovers something magical, miraculous, and marvelous a pure white, baby unicorn Ben, a wild boy from the woods, tells Twig that she must keep the baby unicorn safe from the otherworldly dangers that lurk in the woods Twig must overcome her own fears and past to protect her new home, friends, and Wonder Light the unicorn.Wonder Light is one of those magical, enchanting books that had me tingling with anticipation before I even read a word, and left me completely charmed and dazzled With a spectacularly spooky setting, wonderful storytelling, and irresistible characters, ...

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    Wonder Light is the first book in a new series that has unicorns in it Much than that, Wonder Light is the story of Twig, who is going to an island because of something that happened at home A whole circle of events has led to Twig feeling unlike herself and she keeps herself enclosed in her shell She s not sure she ll even like it on this island, where she ll learn to ride and take care of a pony and live with the Murleys, a couple that takes in troubled girls All of that changes after she sees the Wild Boy on the day she arrives on the island and who one night she sees sneaking into the stable with two white horses, leaving one and taking off into the night.What Twig finds out is that they are unicorns and after giving birth, the white horse takes off, never to be seen again More than that is that the new unicorn is in danger and only Twig must know she is what she is They bond and soon Twig finds out there is to the Wild Boy and to the island than meets the eye She must face her own fears and problems to help save her new fr...

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    Two second recap With Wonder Light, R.R Russell completely reinvents the traditional image of the unicorn The results are rewarding, and a beautiful addition to the new middle grade genre Full review When people say unicorn, I typically think of one thing the neon, psychedelic, primped unicorns from Lisa Frank Or, this I blame the fact I m essentially a child of the late 80s, early 90s So when I read a synopsis describing Wonder Light as the story of a young heroine s discovery of wild, unicorns, I was intrigued I politely requested a copy from Sourcebooks, and was delighted when my request was granted Plot overview Twig is used to feeling out of place and unwanted When circumstances land her on a mysterious island that is home to a pony ranch, and a home for troubled girls, Twig struggles to fit in However, it s not long before Twig wakes up one night, and stumbles upon the one thing she never expected a baby unicorn What follows, is a thrilling, mysterious adventure, as Twig learns that she alone can help save the last unicorn herd, and protect them from the dangers lurking in the mist Things that worked The characterizationsFirst and foremost, I would say that one of the greatest strengths of Wonder Light were the characterizations R.R Russell s characters are rich...

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    I was pleasantly surprised by WONDER LIGHT UNICORNS OF THE MIST hereby shortened to WONDER LIGHT Having been a big fan of The Last Unicorn by Peter S Beagle, I was excited to see how R.R Russell would handle the portrayal of unicorns in a children s book These are not the unicorns of old, innocent and pure and for virginal maidens only Oh, sure, the archetype is there, but from the mists of Lonehorn Island, a new breed of unicorn has risen blood thirsty and murderous Such a refreshing twist Rest assured, parents, this isn t a book that will induce nightmares I ll admit, even though I am a grown woman, I was swept away by the impending doom of the wild unicorns and Twig s desperate attempts to keep the Murleys, the other girls, and the rest of the inhabitants of Lonehorn Island safe R.R Russell knows how to build suspense Twig Tupper is an excellent character and, I believe, a great role model for young girls She s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but she s smart, fiercely loyal, and compassionate The story of how she came to be at the pony ranch unfolds slowly but with perfect pacing I couldn t help but ache for her as she struggled with feelings of abandonment, loss, grief, and inadequacy, yet my heart soared when she came into her own and discovered unconditional love and acceptance, ...

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    Most children love unicorns I know I did I blame My Little Pony I loved reading horse themed books growing up, and would have loved a book for older kids centered around unicorns There s certainly an audience for WONDER LIGHT Unicorns of the Mist There are unicorns, but not quite like any you ve encountered before There s also mystery and intrigue, since the island may or may not be haunted Certainly something for everyone Twig arrives on Lonehorn Island feeling alone and miserable She s to live out the next year with the Murley family and other troubled girls after an incident that occurred back home At first, she s scared of the horse she s assigned and not thrilled with the prospect of doing chores such as mucking out his stall She s also scared by the surrounding woods On the way onto the island, she saw a ghost boy lurking in the mist One night, she can t sleep, and she sees him again And he s dropped off a horse about to go into labor Twig later finds out the truth about the boy, the unicorn masquerading as a horse, and so much Her life will never be the same again, especially when she finds out that the fate of the island and its mysterious unicorns may be in her hands.Russell builds a great environment as a safe haven for troubled girls The island and its inhabitants are just what Twig needs to come out of her shell and start blossomi...

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    There are some really amazing middle grade books being published, and this is definitely one of them I loved all the characters, but Twig captured my heart and I rooted for her throughout the entire book.When Twig arrives on Lonehorn Island at a home for troubled girls, she is quiet, antagonistic, and refuses to trust anyone She feels like nobody wants her and she has a difficult time adjusting to life on the ranch This gradually changes as she gets to know her pony, her roommate Casey, and her guardians, Mr and Mrs Murley She grows over the course of the book and learns to open herself up a little bit Of course, the birth and responsibility of caring for a new unicorn filly also helps the process along.Twig is a great character She is a good friend to those around her and she works really hard at learning the skills she needs to help save the ranch Skills such as sword fighting, and shooting a bow and arrow from the back of a leaping unicorn Ben is another great character He is mysterious and kind of spooky in the beginning, but he proves to be brave and stalwart in his loyalties and friendship.I started reading this book to my girls, thin...

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