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The Greatest Generation / The Greatest Generation Speaks Distinguished Journalist And Former White House Correspondent Tom Brokaw Celebrates The Lives And Achievements Of What He Calls The Greatest Generation The Generation Of Americans Who Fought In World War II And Who Led The Nation, And The World, By Their Example In The Postwar Years In This Collection Of Two Bestselling Books.The Greatest Generation Tells The Story Of America S Citizen Heroes And Heroines, Who Came Of Age During The Great Depression And World War II, And Who Went On To Build Modern America They Were A Generation United Not Only By A Common Purpose, But By Common Values Duty, Honor, Courage, Service, Love Of Family And Country, And, Above All, Responsibililty For Oneself The Greatest Generation Speaks Continues The Story Of The First Book, Drawing On Letters, Interviews, And Memoirs Of Members Of The Greatest Generation That Offer, In Brokaw S Own Words, Firsthand Accounts Of Battles And Poignant Reflections On Loneliness, Exuberant Expressions Of Love And Somber Accounts Of Loss.

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    There is nothing endearing and fulfilling than reading old war stories from WWII The sadness, the loss, the modesty, the perseverance, dedication, love, and patriotism are so heart warming and historical.The first half of this book was slightly dull in some areas, but I still found it fascinating to hear what happened to these men and women during the war and especially what came of them afterward The struggles they had to overcome after coming home from the war as well as the inspiration they had to rebuild America and raise their families.The second part of the book in The Greatest Generation Speaks , it was much interesting to see the letters and war stories told from the veterans themselves or from family members who know the stories that have been tol...

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    I am forever changed by this collection of memoirs from truly the greatest generation.

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