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Watching Her (Watching Her, #1) Lizzie Always Played It Safe In Life With Her Job In Corporate Accounting And Her Boring Boyfriends Frustrated One Night While Working Late At The Coffee Shop, She Meets Brett He S Different Than Any Guys She S Ever Dated And On A Whim, She Agrees To Go Out With Him Brett Has A Kink He Later Reveals To Lizzie That Helps Her Become The Woman She Was Always Meant To Be Contains Strong Language And Sexual Situations Intended For Adults Over 18.

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    Was a very short story, downloaded as a freebie, it was OK, because it was so short it felt rushed, too fast and I couldn t really relate to the characters.

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    A chance meeting at Starbucks has Lizzie and Brett hitting it off right away which surprises Lizzie as she normally dates the safe and boring type Brett is far from boring sexy, ripped, tattooed and the owner of a tattoo shop while Lizzie is a corporate accountant and doesn t have much experience when it comes to men Come along for the ride as Lizzie discovers she has a kinky side, one Brett helps to bring out, a side that enjoys being watch...

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    So Scarlett has definitely done it again, but in a different way I m not usually a fan of watching someone,especially if it s someone I love with someone else But hey to each is own and this book sizzles with sexy Hot club encounters, public exploits in cabs, and a romp with the sexy friend Watching Her is definitely packed with steamy sex that will leave you needing a cold shower.I wish there was to the story I feel like Lizzie and Brett needed to their story After reading Naughty Girl and I Remember You, I felt a little disappointed that there wasn t to this book.They meet, go on dates and have incredible sex Brett releases Lizzie in a way she didn t realize she needed to be released She let her guard down with Brett and she began a life she didn t realize she was missing Taking risks and engaging in fantasies, I hope to see of their story later on.Watching Her is a short, about 56 pages packed full of desire I have to admit I wouldn t mind r...

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    1 star for a very clean edit 1 star for a decent story 3 points for crazy repetition by Brett He talked like Paris Hilton with everything being, Babe, that s hot, and a lech, rather than a hot tattoo shop owner Otherwise, this was just okay The characters were flat as pancakes I m not sure howcrap, ...

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    Not enough substance and what there was was rushed, these two characters didn t gel for me There s no depth at all to this story It was hot when he was watching her but other than that it was a bit blah.It wasn t written well enough to be erotic, it was just a quick, smutty read I...

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    Great short read Loved the characters and found myself wishing it was a full novel so I could get of them Steamy and hot book done very tastefully Looking forward to work from Scarlett.

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    Loved it Only lost a star because it was too short Would have enjoyed this as a full length story

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    Quick and sexyTalk about a good girl turned dirty girl Very quick and sexy sweet read. Three stars and four wet panties.

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    This is a short SMOKING HOT story Free on as well

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    Sexy, seductive, lustful, provocative, sinful short read Need I say Thank god for freebies

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