Read ✓ In the Heat of the Night By Fayrene Preston –

In the Heat of the Night Summoned Home After An Absence Of Many Years, Philip Killane Dreads Facing The Stepsister Who Seduced Him One Night Years Before, And Arrives Home To Discover That Jacey Still Has An Unquenchable Desire For HimILIP HIS KISSES COULD MAKE A WOMAN FORGET THEY WERE ENEMIESHe Expected Trouble When Jacey S Message Said She Was Finally Coming Home, But Philip Killane Wasn T Prepared For The Shock Of Facing His Siren Of A Stepsister After So Many Years Apart Had The Aqua Eyed Witch Returned To Seize His Troubled Company, To Destroy Him Because One Night Of Ecstasy Had Nearly Ruined Their Lives Now Jacey Was Gorgeous Than Ever And Kissing Her PerilousPASSION AT ITS MOST POTENTHer Mouth Tasted Anger, Heat, And Shocking Need And Jacey Felt The Years Melt Away, The Sadness Replaced By Primitive, Savage Desire For The Only Man She D Ever Wanted Philip Hadn T Dared Hope He D Get A Second Chance To Make It Work Between Them, To Confess How Deeply She D Branded Him With Her FireBut Would The Secret That He D Never Stopped Loving Jacey Make Her His Always

Read ✓ In the Heat of the Night  By Fayrene Preston –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 180 pages
  • In the Heat of the Night
  • Fayrene Preston
  • English
  • 04 December 2019
  • 0553441728

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    Omg A sick heroine Check A crying hero Check Somewhat forbidden love Check All hallmarks for me to love it More sick heroines and crying heroes please Thanks.A lovely snippet I shouldn t touch you now, he said But you re going to Please say you re going to Jacey, you don thave to say plea...

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    LS 573.

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