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Inherit Midnight Avery VanDemere Says She S Lived Her Whole Life In Prisons One Is A Mansion, The Others Are Private Schools But Prisons, Still That S Why, During The Last Couple Of Years, She S Perfected The Ability Of Learning How To Escape On The Brink Of Finally Freeing Herself From A Hated Boarding School, She Is Unexpectedly Returned Home And Thrust In The Middle Of A Competition Her Grandmother, The Family Matriarch, Is Now Determined To Discover The Most Worthy VanDemere To Be Named Sole Inheritor With The Help Of Riley Tate, The Handsome Son Of Her Grandmother S Lawyer, Avery Sets Out To Do Much Than Prove She Should Inherit The Massive Family Wealth She Has A Secret Mission Of Her Own, And That S To Discover The Truth About What Really Happened To The Mother She Never Knew Along The Way She Must Pass Difficult And Sometimes Perilous Challenges, Avoid Treacherous Relatives, And Sort Out Her Growing Feelings For Riley She Ll Have To Act Quickly, Though The Pressure Is On And With Each Challenge, Her Competitors Are Desperate To Win And To Them That Means Getting Rid Of Avery.

[Reading] ➶ Inherit Midnight  ➽ Kate Kae Myers – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • ebook
  • 400 pages
  • Inherit Midnight
  • Kate Kae Myers
  • English
  • 11 December 2018
  • 9781619632202

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    How to describe this book Basically, if ever Amazing Race and the National Treasure film had a baby, it would be Inherit Midnight Family secrets, ancestral history dating back to the founding of the New World, a race around the world to see who would inherit the family s moolah I mean, it s really not hard to find the similarities in pop culture.The only difference is, I would rather watch Amazing Race and National Treasure over reading this again.Now, don t get me wrong this is NOT a bad book by any means, but in the same breath, it wasn t all that memorable, either It s a stand alone that you may want to suspend your disbelief in order to enjoy because holy shit, guys, there are so many stuff here that I can only see happening in a 1 to million chance unless you guys have a deranged grandma to force her money hungry, non remorseful kids and grandkids to go to a really deep hole in Venezuela and mine a diamond, because it s not like that s extremely dangerous for a bunch of pampered brats who never worked for once in their lives right However, if you re looking for something fun without it making you think too much, this could be a good candidate Just be wary of a few things that may piss you off a bit, if you re as nitpicky as I am.For starters, this book is a huge info dump Because the heirs are on a race to get to the finish line read , they will need to solve puzzles and riddles their grandmother has left them something she thought to do on a whim aft...

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    This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoActual Rating 3.5Inherit Midnight is not particularly special What it is is a whole lot of fucking fun It was so much fucking fun that even though there were SO many little details that bothered me, I kind of forgot about them Kate knows what she is doing when it comes to getting her readers realllly excited It s the first time in a while where instead of reading surrounded by people, I chose the sanctuary of my own room and didn t leave for a good 3 hours once I had finally settled in Even those three hours flew by The only reason I wanted this book to end was because it was too late in the night and I had class in the morning stupid classes, taking away my reading time.This book requires you to suspend your disbelief at times and this was made easier because the female lead, Avery, was actually pretty clever You d think that when she was trying to escape, she d be not so smart about it but she was She thought things through and she never got caught because of her own mistakes I also liked ho...

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    Super, duper fun A grown up version of The Westing Game, with heirs competing for a fortune But in this slick thriller they are traveling around the world, mining for diamonds, digging through the rubble of ruined monasteries, and even dodging bullets Reminded me a bit of both Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less and the movie National Treasure, as well This is going to sound weird, but it reminded me a bit of something that would have come out in the 1980 s and been made into a TV movie, but I mean that as a compliment There s like, family scandal, and a hot guy but can he be trusted And family law firms, and juvenile delinquents, and women with sleek hair and tight cocktail dresses sitting around mahogany conf...

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    3,5 Ha estado bien, lo he le do en un par de noches, era lo que me ped a el cuerpo, algo ligero, sin mucha complicaci n pero que tuviera una trama m s o menos trabajada La historia es bastante previsible, aunque eso no quita que tengas ganas de saber l...

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    I received this book for free from Bloomsbury USA Childrens via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Genre Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller Rating 3 3.5 My Thoughts Inherit Midnight is a straight forward story with some mysteries, surprises, and romance The story reminds me of the Amazing Race TV show, but with backstabbing family members battling for control of the VanDemere empire The story is told in the first person narrative by 17 year old Avery VanDemere, the so called black sheep and illegitimate granddaughter of the family I can honestly say that the synopsis for the book is pretty much right on track It s a fact that the head of the VanDemere Family, Justine VanDemere, has decided to leave her fortune to the one family member who proves themselves worthy Nobody is allow...

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    I ll be honest and say that I wasn t sure if I would like this book The synopsis made it sound like there would be a lot of plot holes Now that I ve read Inherit Midnight, I can honestly say I had a lot of fun reading this novel And that the only note that I wrote down about Inherit Midnight was Riley better not fucking betray her in any way OR I WILL KILL HIS ASS I quite like the plot of this book From the moment this book starts, the action just seems to go up from there Inherit Midnight takes place over a few countries, and I really like that Where the contest takes the group, we learn a few things about that country as well.The pacing of the book is nice as well The story seems to flow effortlessly So reading Inherit Midnight was easycharacter development There are so many characters in this novel, and we see through Avery s eyes how they choose to treat her And honestly, most of, if not all, treat her like shit Like she s the scum of the Earth And they honestly have no reason to do such a thing.Avery has it hard because she s both bullied in school and by her family and she doesn t have a mother or father figure Sure, she has her grandmother, but the two of them aren t emotionally close Avery only has a few people in her life that she ...

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    Inherit Midnight is a thrilling read with shades of The Westing Game and And Then There Were None Avery s grandmother has come to realize that she is not immortal and must find an heir to the family fortune and business Eight members of the VanDemere family must compete against each other to solve puzzles and riddles relating to VanDemere family history It all sounds much better to Avery than the horrible boarding school that her grandmother sent her to as punishment for teenage indiscretions, but the rest of the VanDemere family is a greedy bunch that will do almost anything to win Uncle Logan and Uncle Marshall have both raised children that look down their noses at Avery for being the daughter of the nanny Warren, Avery s half brother, blames her for splitting up his parents marriage Fortunately, Avery...

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    real rating 2.5 I enjoyed the characters and the idea of the plot, but there were a lot I dident like Like how the challanges were given to them and they dident have to figure out where to go themselves, the grandmothers character did not make sense to me putting it in non spoilery words the fac...

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    This book is kind of hilarious A matriarch grandmother sends all her terrible soulless descendants except our narrator, who is good and pure on some global competition for her massive inheritance So much treachery Thank god I m an only child, I found myself thinking Jk, I actually found myself thinking Is it SO hard to care about this book when you know EXACTLY how it is going to end Also, what is up with all the kissing His fingers brushed my jawline His fingers brushed my cheek His hand touched my waist His hand touched my neck He kissed me on my closed eyes He kissed me on my face HE KISSED ME ON MY MOUTH Did we enjoy all this stuff when we were younger I remember being giggly about the Sweet Valley High make out scenes, but they were a lot raunchy than this I specifically remember the mention of breasts, which was SCANDAL in the fifth grade.Bonus points though for all the historical reenactments in the book If I were ever sent on a...

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