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Dead of WinterHeartbreaking Decisions Evie Was Almost Seduced By The Life Of Comfort That Death Offered Her Until Jack Was Threatened By Two Of The Most Horrific Arcana, The Lovers She Will Do Anything To Save Him, Even Escape Death S Uncanny Prison, Full Of Beautiful Objects, Material Comforts And Stolen Glances From A Former Love Uncertain Victory Despite Leaving A Part Of Her Heart Behind With Death, Evie Sets Out Into A Perilous Post Apocalyptic Wasteland To Meet Up With Her Allies And Launch An Attack On The Lovers Such Formidable Enemies Require A Battle Plan, And The Only Way To Kill Them May Mean Evie, Jack, And Death Allying Evie Doesn T Know What Will Prove Impossible Surviving Slavers, Plague, Bagmen And Other Arcana Or Convincing Jack And Death To Work Together Two Heroes Returned There S A Thin Line Between Love And Hate, And Evie Just Doesn T Know Where She Stands With Either Jack Or Death Will This Unlikely Trio Be Able To Defeat The Lovers Without Killing One Another First

✅ Dead of Winter PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Kresley Cole – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Hardcover
  • 303 pages
  • Dead of Winter
  • Kresley Cole
  • English
  • 03 October 2017
  • 9781481423458

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    Is it horrible that I want Evie to choose Death and if it doesn t work out then she can die via pleasure right

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    RantEVIEW Ok Alrighty Well There was the 3rd book And not much fing happened Right I mean really A whole year waited to be basically at the same place we ended last time We learned a bit about Aric and saw all of Jack s potential finally shine through He s an cough Arcana, cough otherwise he d be so dead by now with his stunts which is nice. little about Evie or her powers and even less about the other Arcana and the games beyond how they came about initially which could have been guessed I felt this book was just a lot of fluff and a WHOLE lot dedicated to Evie going Who will I choose Ughhh Aric you twit ARIC I know, I m biased.SPOILER ALERT Stop reading now if you haven t finished the book I don t think that the Cajun is dead In fact, I think he s the Chariot card and will be activated at some point or MAYBE he was activated just then after the Emperor s lava stunt. being the closet to the Archer and helping her to die maybe I do think the Archer is dead though. she needs to go as there is no where left for her really in this storyline me thinks Who knows though I just know Jack s a card and that his story isn t over yet Kresley spent WAY too much time in this book mentioning But Aric is an Arcana and will understand me better for Jack to not end up being Arcana h...

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    Wanna know what my Arcana call is Evie MONOGAMY IS SOOOOO OVERRATED I mean, who gives a flying fuck about Teams Just have bothit s no less than what you deserve Remember, you re a freaking EMPRESS for Christ s sake But, make sure you get them to wrestle in loincloths and oil f...

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    These books are just so great I really love all of the characters, and Evie is a great main character The plot in this book is so crazy, especially the ending It left me speechless and I don t know how I m going to wait for the next book I was literally on edge for the whole book There is some freaky and messed up stuff in this story, but it was such an entertaini...

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    Evie had better choose Death Or I will slaughter her And Jackson I can really only think of a couple good reasons for her to choose Jack, but I can t stop thinking of excellent reasons for her to choose Ari...

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    Shit It s not over Ugh Don t you just hate that Here I was, hoping that there would be some sort of conclusion, and it turns out there s not one but two MORE booksat least And after the second book, I was pretty over the romance, so all I was hanging in for was to find out how all this stuff with the Arcana turns out I mean, Cole has really come up with an interesting world here And I wanna know what happens so badly So if it s so awesome, why the low rating Several reasons.First, nothing much happens in this one Yeah, stuff happens, but the plot doesn t advance a whole hellava lot There are two rescue missions, but the majority of those pages are spent with Evie writhing and moaning about how much she luuuuuurves both Jack Death Aric.Which brings me to the second problem Mother Fucking Love Triangle.There s such a great story buried under all that angst, that it makes me sort of sick to my stomach over the wasted potential.WASTED Oh My God I hated it And that psychotic fart, Aric, shouldn t even be in the runni...

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    What is it with these cliffhangers Like are you trying to give me tachycardia She chose the mortal, how dare she

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    SpoilersUgh, this was meant to be a bloody trilogy but apparently there s of the fuckers On top of that this ended on a cheap fucker of a cliffhanger, I m so sick of all the rubbish cliffhangers and series that never end in YA Most of the book consisted of Evie umming and ahhing about who she should be with rapey murderous Death or rapey hypocritical Jack Oh, whoever will she choose The entire world was fucked up, filled with sickos and psychos, and everyone s lives were in danger, YET ALL Evie could think about was her boring love life She was so pathetic The fact that she had the potential to be epic and powerful instead of a hormonal dimbo made her even pathetic She chose to angst and whine about her boyfriends instead of plot and plan against her enemies I actually wouldn t have minded Evie flip flopping between her two guys if it hadn t taken over the whole bloody story As irritating as Evie was in the first two books at least she actually did things in them, in this one she sort of half heartedly tried to make a difference but only when she could be bothered. Meanwhile she put all he...

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    I wish this series didn t make me so crazy There s the never ending cloud of mystery that just chokes you and befuddles your brain, the deliriously sexy sweet charms of both guys that makes you swoon beyond all reason, and the always present possibility of death that stops your heart until the current threat passes But there s always an undercurrent, always the danger watching and preying And it drives you mad I m surprised I haven t cracked and started spouting Matthew s lines of crazed cray cray BEWARE THERE ARE SPOILERS PEOPLE I was not expecting Aric Death to be so gah swoony He was swoony before but nowit s like one of his powers The only downside isJack is his rival And Jack is Jack He s so masculine and irresistible His accent always places me into a trance of infatuation I don t want Evie to choose because they re so wonderful and both deserve her and definitely don t deserve to be crushed But that endingI refuse to believe Refuse.The twins are gone and The Emperor is coming out to play Although, he s yet to be seen The High Priestess has a...

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    It really isn t fair when Kresley Cole created two representations of guys that I like Now I can t choose who I ship with Evie Is it just me I guess I m just gonna go with Kresley s decision I think But seriously 2014 And it s bare No cover or title yet I don t think I can handle the feels.I cry because I can t even Death or Jack ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH STHAP 2014 PLS.2014Okay, it has been updated Well, a...

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