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The International Cookbook for KidsOn Your Mark Get Set COOK The International Cookbook For Kids Is Packed With Features That Make Cooking A Snap 60 Classic Recipes From Italy, France, China, And Mexico More Than 100 Full Color Photographs And Illustrations Easy To Follow Recipe Format Kid Tested Recipes Ranging From Appetizers To Desserts Chef S Tips Discussing Ingredients, Nutrition, And Technique Safety Section Discussing Basic Kitchen Precautions Special Taco Party Section

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    This is a cute cookbook, but I gotta askwhere did they find kids that would eat swordfish And would I want to eat it after the tykes cooked it There are a few fairly good recipes but not actually aimed at a younger audience.

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    Too often we re trapped by our expectations Take toys A girl requested that the EasyBake Oven come in a gender neutral color because boys are so reluctant to cross into the pink aisle How sad is that I fear The International Cookbook for Kids will suffer the same fate, which is too sad because, although the word kids is right in the title, this cookbook would be a boon to any first time cook, whether 8 or 18 and fresh off to college Author Matthew Locricchio includes recipes that are exotic enough to be interesting they come from what Locricchio calls the big four cuisines, Italian, French, Chinese and Mexican and adapts them so literally a child can make them I bought this book for my kitche...

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    This is not a cookbook for kids The author has the kiddos deep frying, mincing ginger, using a hot wok, adding ingredients like capers and expensive cheeses, making a bouquet garni, deseeding chiles, and cooking fresh swordfish I was shaking my head in disbelief Ha ha Most of the things in this book I would not have taken on when I was first learning to cook as an adult Plus, when my son was young if there was deep frying and hot woks being used he wasn t allowed near the stove Two of the desserts are custard tarts, and cream puffs Those are not easy to pull off for adults Kids will hate cooking and baking if they fail at reproducing the recipes They will also not be motivated if the food is not something they would be interested in eating.This is an adult cookbook that is being passed off as a kids cookbook b...

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    A suggestion for parents looking at this book let your kids pick the recipes you ll be making You may be surprised pleasantly with what they choose.When I first got The International Cookbook for Kids, I paged through it and identified a few recipes I thought would be good to start with I saw that they were all written in a fun, approachable style and in simple terms that wouldn t seem foreign literally or overwhelming to kids So, in this book, a recipe for Ratatouille becomes Vegetable Casserole and Croque Monsieur becomes Ham and Cheese Crunchies Colored flags and a little description shows that they re creating Mexican or French or Italian food, but full page color photos and simple On your mark get set COOK instructions lead them easily down the path of actually doing it.The fun part came when I showed the book to my daugther and she chose completely different recipes than I thought she would.Let s be honest, these are some challenging recipes I would have thought that a homemade minestrone Vegetable Soup tricky for my own abilities, let alone my 12 year old daughter And yet, when I let her go through the book and choose recipes together, that was one of her first ...

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    We have like, 250 countries and 7 continents on this planet, and this cookbook for kids, which actually has quite a few recipes in it, only covers four countries And they are the most overplayed countries when it comes to international cuisine France, Italy, Mexico, and China The book was bigger than I expected it to be when it came in at the library, so I had some high hopes But really Four countries Boo I know that the point of the book is to appeal to kids, but there are so many possibilities that could have been addressed here British cuisine Shepherd s pie and scones No mention of them here Africa was not represented at all, when it would have been really easy to include recipes for stews, breads, or simple meat dishes The Caribbean has a lot to offer, but this book ignores that region And Indiathe possibilities are endless The author missed an amazing opportunity to share truly international cuisine with kids, without leaving them behind in terms of culinary skill or taste.Edit I...

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    Decent introduction to a variety of cuisines.The author keeps it simple and straightforward The recipes are fairly representative without being complex He does a good job of separating prep work from cooking and assembly Some of these dishes are familiar standards, others might be ones you ve heard of but never made, and still others might be totally new flavor combin...

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    My son 5 is extremely into cooking right now and got this for Christmas The instructions are really well laid out and clear to follow My only complaint is the paper back binding makes it hard to keep the book open for him to reference, but we rigged up a pants hanger and got it to work Can t wait ...

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    Good, although I m not sure they are quite as kid friendly as I had hoped My son was really interested in making the egg rolls, though They are good, honest recipes, just not what I was looking for, I guess.

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    Interesting foodsIt helped get my kids in the kitchen cooking and trying new things MY kids enjoyed a few recipes

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