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The Sons of Masguard and the Mosque Hill Fortune, Part One (Volume #1)The First Installment In A New Series From Vivienne Mathews.A Haunting Mist Sits On The Harbor Beneath Secora Tor.It Hides A Secret That Only Captain Marshall, Accomplished Military Figure And Heir To The Greatest Explorer In The Kingdom S History, Can Unlock When He Receives A Cryptic Message From A Shocking Source, The Stoic Otter Sets Out On A Dangerous Journey To Save His Queen, Never Suspecting That McKinley The Marauder, Notorious Pirate And General Miscreant, Might Have Ambitions That Could Put His Entire Mission At Risk.Now, Accompanied By A Gypsy Mercenary, A Dishonored Knight, And A Family Of Thieves And Tailed By The Evil Wolf Baron Von Ulric The Captain Finds Their Paths Converging In An Uneasy Alliance, Becoming A Race Against Time As They Travel Through Mythical Tales To The Legendary Island Of Mosque Hill, Each Of Them Hoping To Reach An Ancient Artifact Before It Is Too Late Each Of Them Desperate To Stay Ahead Of The Secrets That They Keep.What Will They Lose Along The Way And Where Will They Turn When They Realize That Nothing Is As It Seems

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    He was surrounded by a sea of hostile faces Oh come on he groaned I don t want to have to kill all of you Do you have any idea how much blood that would leave lying around Who s going to clean that up, huh My crew They re pirates, not manservants Honestly, the lot of you are so very thoughtless Join a menagerie of cute, furry animals as they enact a thrilling, high seas adventure No, no, this isn t happening She screamed internally as arrows rained over her head, drowning the ship in flames Above her, able soldiers burst into movement, responding on instinct, their actions chaotic and rushed Then Marshall s voice rose up, bringing order, building a machine where only scattered cogs had been The ship became a focused weapon, one she shuddered to be a part of, even unintentionally Her former concerns seemed pointless as the anchor dropped to her right with a sudden rush of air, and she was thrown headlong over the end of the figurehead, scraping and clawing to catch herself just in time, with her feet dangling precariously over the sea Then the cannons exploded, sending tremors through the wood It shook with such violence that her tiny muscles cried out in desperation, proving no match Her grip would fail her in seconds.This exceptionally well writ...

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    This book was so good I really liked the adventure and all the twists and turns thrown in I loved the sense of adventure it had as well It started off a little slow and I found myself struggling to get into it, but it got better as I kept reading.I rea...

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    This is the tale of two otters, both sea captains, both strong and self assured, both masters of their own crew Marshall, son of the famous and missing relic hunter, is the darling of the Secoran navy, master of weaponry, loyal, honest, and stalwart McKinley the Marauder, infamous pirate, quick on his feet, adaptable, brash, and droll No two men have ever been a different or equally matched For both are pursuing the same end the fabled Mosque Hill Fortune There Marshall hopes to seize the Scepter, the ancient symbol of Secoran power, before the evil Baron Von Ulrich usurps power McKinley seeks only treasure, and hopes it will be enough to save the life of his young daughter.This is a tremendously engaging epic adventure with swashbuckling pirates, naval battles, a treasure hunt, and a host of wonderful characters, both good and evil Ms Matthews mastery of language is a beaut...

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    Ok, I m going to go on record right now and say that I didn t actually finish this book, so take that into account when reading this review I just had a hard time getting into this for whatever reason There was actually nothing wrong with this story I got about half way through, and loved every chapter The chapters just felt like they took forever to get through While I was engaged, I was also kind of bored, which is odd I think it was 100% just me not being in the mood There is absolutely nothing wrong with this story Vivienne Mathews is a fantastic writer who tells a fantastic story It s a bit reminiscent of the Redwall books by Brian J...

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    Welcome to the world of pirates and sailors and soldiers and royal scheming on a wold that is not ours, created within this fast moving story I started this book without a hint of where its pages would lead I finished it with a smile and a feeling of having just completed the first leg of a grand adventure The author has laid down an unusual tale, replete with heroes, villains, good hearted and black hearted characters and all shades of in between characters with the ability to reach out and take you with them long before you realize you ve been capture...

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    Top Marks for CreativityQuirky and different I can visualize the various anthropomorphized animals and birds They all talk, and they all have handsthey have animal characteristics as well There are excellent word pictures of ships under sail, and of seafaring battles This is suitable for all ages I enjoyed the action and adventure It s interesting how the magic appears, and changes, just at the ri...

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    3.5 stars Starts out kinda slow, but once it gets going, it really doesn t stop I don t really get Wind in the Willows from it, though It s Redwall than WITW Can t believe it s a free book, though it s a seriously good read Solid A bit too violent for younger readers For , see my review on book 2.

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    4.5 I really enjoyed this It made me laugh, made me cry had me on the edge of my seat Mathews writing is lovely and engaging and I really liked it To me this was like a Redwall Pirates of the Caribbean mash up and I thoroughly enjoyed it Can t wait to continue with the next in the series

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    Really enjoyable read similar to the Redwall series My only critique is that it mentions several times things that happened previous to this story which leads you to believe you have missed something Since this is actually the first book tha...

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    The Mosque Hill FortuneAh another great series begins, the Sons of Masguard will become an instant classic Join in the adventure as Captain and crew seek to find a mysterious island beyond the mists.

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