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Uppsala Woods When, On His Fifth Wedding Anniversary, Julio Gets Back Home And His Wife Is Nowhere To Be Found, He Feels An Omen Of Doom From This Point Forward, He Will Engage On An Increasingly Frenzied Search For His Wife And Take Us Through The Searing Abyss Faced By Those Attached To Somebody Who Has Grown Tired Of Living.

[Ebook] Uppsala Woods  By Álvaro Colomer – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 194 pages
  • Uppsala Woods
  • Álvaro Colomer
  • 24 April 2019
  • 9788494174421

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    Thus conscience does make cowards of us all said Hamlet, but what guides that conscience How much of that weighing of our own actions is self justifying and deluded, as well as cowardly How does the formation of thought lead to a decision to act Uppsala Woods attempts to examine these and other questions and in doing so it becomes an intriguing, horrifying and completely engaging read.To say anything about the content of the novel those thoughts which animate the actions would be to spoil it completely for a new reader because the power of this book is in the way realisation dawns What seems, at the beginning of the book to be a confounding position for the narrator to find himself in becomes a knotted, though clearly told, narrative in which he becomes ever less appealing but why should the narrator, or main character, of any novel have to be appealing and increasingly complicit in creating the unhappiness of others The detailed descriptions from inside this man s head which, in the precision of each component, brought Javier Marias to mind are fascinating because we become increasingly aware of how removed his thoughts are from any realisation of the impact of his actions and the extent to which he can excuse even the most obnoxious activities becomes almost darkly comic Julio Garrido, that man, is a coward with a very skewed conscience and with a possible, if partial, justification in his own past.In the end, however, he reaches a level of understanding of both himself and his perturbed wife, his parents and his neighbours But how hard won it all is How deeply difficult it was to subdue the self hating conscience and locate some modicum of bravery within.

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    Magn fica sorpresa la que me he llevado con esta novela, de estilo realista y corte intimista, escrita con una rabiosa intensidad sostenida a lo largo de las p ginas Por poner un pero, no he acabado de encajar muy bien el desenlace.

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    A friend s blog persuaded me to give Agust n Fern ndez Mallo s Nocilla Dream see here a go, and I thought the novel excellent and was intrigued by the fact it had inspired a Nocilla generation of writers in Spain So I decided to see how this had manifested, and Colomer s Uppsala Woods looked like the most interesting of the novels labelled as Nocilla I could find Having now read it I m not entirely sure what Mallo brought to it, other than perhaps a circumspect prose style which uses excessive detail and while I like that, I like detail, I write it myself, the story of Uppsala Woods proved to be something of a let down The narrator is an entomologist and his wife has been suffering from depression He comes home from work one day and discovers she has tried to commit suicide by swallowing pills This reminds him of an actual suicide he witnessed as a boy a neighbour jumped off a seventh floor balcony while he watched and which traumatised him so badly he grew up into the weak willed and indecisive human being he is now There s a lot of reflection on his self perceived failings, and how it feeds into his response to his wife s attempted suicide It doesn t help that the marriage had been failing, and he s incapable of making the concessions needed to rescue it In fact, he s not a very nice person at all And there s a whiff of misogyny to the narrative which is unpleasant, not to mention a definitely old fashioned view of suicide as a form of lunacy I liked the prose style and thought it effective, but found the story disappointing and its sensibilities a little old fashioned for me I d like to further explore the Nocilla generation, but I hope they re better than Uppsala Woods Incidentally, the English translation of the third book of Mallo s trilogy, Nocilla Lab, is due in January next year, and I m looking forward to it Mallo has written other novels and I d like to read them but they ve yet to be translated into English Perhaps I should learn Spanish I mean, there are those Cuban authors I d like to read too

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    Outstanding meditation upon suicide told with a grim wit by a most unreliable narrator Very powerful, and often very funny, contemplation of why some people choose to end their lives One of the most gripping opening chapters I have read since Ian McEwan s _Enduring Love_.

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    Magn fica novela Me encant Una trama tr gica que lleva al lector al borde de sus emociones La tragedia de la muerte buscada, del amor que se escapa, de la frustraci n Nadie mejor que lvaro Colomer para hablar del suicidio, del sentido de culpa y dolor Para hablar del amor, ese amor incondicional que comprende lo que no tiene comprensi n Una novela INCREIBLE, EMOCIONALMENTE MUY FUERTE, pero a la vez dulce e intrigante.Una maravilla.

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    Julio, un chico dedicado a su trabajo y esposa, despu s de cuatro a os de matrimonio , este se enfrenta a la fuerte depresi n de su esposa Elena Junto con un trauma que Julio arrastra desde ni o, al ver que su vecina y amiga se suicida frente a l , Julio vive horrorizado al pensar que su esposa intentara terminar con su enfermedad de la misma forma , por lo cual busca interminablemente formas de evitar que esto suceda, lo cual termina por desquiciar.

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    Tough book to read.depressing and bleak like its subject matter

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    lvaro Colomer Los bosques de Upsala Si no te documentas s lo puedes hablar de los sentimientos

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