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Saving Alessandra Alessandra Willow Smythson Drake, A Widow At Four And Twenty, Has Sailed Back To Her Family Estate In England Upon The Death Of Her Abusive Husband But Escape From The Torture She Endured During Her Marriage Was Not To Come Easily Both Her Sleeping And Waking Hours Are Controlled By Night Terrors And Emotional Turmoil Physical Scars, One Of Which Is Too Hideous To Hide, Force Her Into Seclusion Simon Thane Bevan, Marquess Of Heavensford And Childhood Friend, Re Enters Alessandra S Life What Starts As A Simple Meeting To Rekindle A Lost Friendship Quickly Ignites His Heart Into Unconditional Love Overcome With Anger At The Abuse His Friend Has Suffered, He Vows To Save Her From Living The Life Of A Recluse Believing She Deserves Nothing But Solitude And Unhappiness, Alessandra Trusts No One Except Her Personal Maid, And Refuses To Accept Simon S Confession Of Love As Nothing Than Pity The Marquess, However, Is Determined To Prove Otherwise.

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    Setting Regency EnglandTrope Tortured heroineI tried this because it was free and had a lot of tropes that I liked, but I could not finish because the writing was below average punctuation was missing no sense of time and place or historical atmosphere the author did not know the correct forms of address regarding the aristocracyI also did not care for the act...

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    Heart wrenching tale of abuse and the LOVE that savesThis is a deeply moving story of one young woman named Alessandra and her abuse at the hands of a monster aka her husband After she is widowed she moves back home to London to live with her elder brother Sebastian Once in London she hides her self in seclusion even from her brother Her brothers best friend and childhood friend Simon begins a mission of trying to save Alessandra He will do anything to earn her trust and ultimately her love.This story is about the after affects of abuse and how it changes someone than it is a romance Don t get me wrong, the love that Simon has for Alessandra is deeply moving and beautifulbut it s about the healing The are no love scenes and very few kisses.The author writes really well, and the story moves along nice and smoothly I read it in one sitting I cried in quit a few partsthe abuse she suffered was absolutely horrific The boy Oliver brought some nice lighter funnier moments...

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    This is a emotional love story that will break your heart The protagonist, Alessandra, is forced to marry a man she barely knows at a young age by her father Though her heart is lost to a childhood friend she must do her best to make her marriage work Her husband keeps his sadistic and evil ways at bay until Alessandra s father dies then the horror begins for her in the marriage Her husband does unspeakable things to her leaving her physically, emotionally and psychologically scarred for life.Alessandra s husband dies unexpectedly leaving her free from any suffering at his hands Will she ever be free of the pain, torment and horrific memories of his abuse Can she be saved by the love of her friend Will she ever forgive her brother for not helping her You will have to read this tragic story of what abuse can do to a person The dialogue and time of this story was early 1800 s which was done very well and added depth and substance to...

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    Amazing work of fiction Amazing story of overcoming atrocious circumstances Allessandra is a very strong woman who overcomes a extremely debilitating experiences Simon is amazing that he still loves her and he...

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    Review to come following initial publication in Audiobook Monthly.

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    The language and lack of understanding is just Wow.

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    Alessandra Willow Smythson Drake was widowed at the young age of twenty four But while losing a husband at such a young age would be a hardship for most, for Alessandra it marked the end of years of suffering A new beginning if she can manage to let go of her past.The Marquess of Heavonsford, Simon Thane Bevan was a childhood friend of Alessandra and her brother, Sebastian Upon hearing of Alessandra s return to England, he tries to kindle the one lost childhood love However, even he is unprepared for the physical and emotional scars Alessandra is harboring in solitude.My OpinionFirst of all, I ll be the first to say that I love the Regency time period I m a huge fan of Jane Austen and anything set in England during the days of Dukes and Marquess , so when I was given the opportunity to review this book, I jumped at it While I think the story was intriguing and fresh, there were just a few things that didn t set with me These are personal preferences so it may be that my take will be different than yours.First, I had a very hard time relating to Alessandra She was abused and hurt beyond imagination, but for some reason...

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    DNFed almost half way through The over the top abuse the heroine suffered from her deceased husband is ridiculous and her fears, which I tried to sympathize with grated on my nerves The hero was bland an...

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