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Last Act His Name In American Politics Is Cited Than Any Other President Both The Republican And Democratic Parties Are Radically Different Today, Mainly As A Result Of Ronald Reagan And The Force Of His Ideas No Twentieth Century President Shaped The American Political Landscape So Profoundly.Craig Shirley S Last Act Is The Important Final Chapter In The Life Of Reagan That No One Has Thus Far Covered It S The Kind Of Book That Widens Our Understanding Of American History And Of The Presidency And The Men Who Occupied It To Tell Reagan S Story, Craig Has Secured The Complete, Exclusive, And Enthusiastic Support Of The Reagan Foundation And Library And Spent Considerable Time There Reviewing Sealed Files And Confidential Information.Cast In A Grand And Compelling Narrative Style, Last Act Contains Interesting And Heretofore Untold Anecdotes About Reagan, Mrs Reagan, Their Pleasure At Retirement, The Onslaught Of The Awful Alzheimer S And How He And Mrs Reagan Dealt With The Diagnosis, The Slow Demise, The Extensive Plans For A State Funeral, The Outpouring From The Nation, Which Stunned The Political Establishment, The Reagan Legacy, And How His Shadow Looms And Over The Republican Party, Washington, The Culture Of America, And The World.

!!> Ebook ➭ Last Act  ➮ Author Craig Shirley – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Hardcover
  • 496 pages
  • Last Act
  • Craig Shirley
  • English
  • 23 November 2017
  • 9781595555342

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    What a book If you admire Ronald Reagan, you will find this book fascinating If you, as I did, watched for every story about him after he announced his Alzheimer s and watched every part of his funeral with several tears along the way, this book will fill in all those questions you probably had.Craig Shirley writes the story in a way that is gripping When I began reading his method of jumping between the first days of President Reagan leaving office and the days just before he died, I thought it would undermine the book, but it simply did not.So many insights into the fine character and honest makeup that defined Reagan are here Actually, I must warn you you will have waves of deeply missing him again as you read You will deeply opine the lack of people like him today too I believe you will see that Mrs Is far better than the witch the media unfairly made her to be as well.Those who served under him, for the most part, adored him He forced no cynicism on those who served him as many do Even burly Secret Service men were reduced to heavy tears wh...

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    Last Act The Final Years and Emerging Legacy of Ronald Reagan by Craig Shirley was published in 2015 This is one of four books he has authored focusing on Reagan s national political career and retirement Shirley is an author and pubic affairs consultant, a member of the Board of Governors of the Reagan Ranch and a Trustee of Eureka College His most recent book Citizen Newt The Making of a Reagan Conservative was published in 2017.There is no shortage of biographies covering Ronald Reagan s long and extraordinary life But prior to Craig Shirley s book reviewing his post presidency, no one had attempted to focus on the last fifteen years of Reagan s life in quite as deliberate a way as Douglas Brinkley did with Jimmy Carter in his excellent if premature book on Carter s retirement years.The potential for a thorough and systematic examination of Reagan s retirement years and legacy is enormous And coming a decade after Reagan s death with the chronological distance needed to critically assess his legacy the timing of Shirley s 324 page book seems ideal Unfortunately, this book falls well short of its promise Last Act is far less an exploration of Reagan s retirement and legacy than it is a detailed review of the week between Reagan s death in June 2004 and his interment, including the planning for hi...

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    Craig Shirley has delivered another great book on Ronald Reagan This time examining his remaining years out of office Relying on several interviews with those extremely close to Ronald and Nancy, Shirley gives many insights heretofore unknown by the p...

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    Disjointed at times Also, it was a little too anecdotal when it came to Reagan s post presidency life The book offhandedly mentions Reagan s frequent golf outings, outdoor adventures, big speeches, writings, foreign travel and meetings with important leaders and heads of state during those key 5 6 years following his preside...

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    A Look Into the Last Days of President ReaganI found myself fighting back tears throughout this book Reading this book brought back so many memories of the Reagan presidency and how successful Reagan wa...

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    Some good research, especially on the details of Reagan s funeral, but needed better editing Shirley repeats himself and belabors points long after they have been driven home.

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    This book is written in a style I ve rarely encountered The author uses the different events of the week of Reagan s funeral to introduce discussion regarding different aspects of Reagan s life and presidency It becomes a little hard to follow as he jumps back and forth between the funeral week and past events in a somewhat disjointed manner But once I got into the rhythm of his writing, I found this to be a very interesting and insightful book into both the private and public life of Reagan The author is obviously one who admires Reagan and throughout the book takes to task the media and the elites who would disparage Reagan, ignore his achievements, or at times even be downright nasty He gives some examples of such comments made even during the week of the funeral But throughout the book he contrasts these opinions with the outpouring of respect that the general population and Reagan s c...

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    Conceptually this was a good idea most biographies of President Reagan end when his presidency ended, this biography focuses on his post presidency life The execution is the problem Rather than a straight ahead narrative it is stream of consciousness, and can get repetitive It is also hampered due to little being known about his life following his Alzheimer s diagnosis Nevertheless the author has some new stories to tell Reagan was the first president to have a woman in his protective detail, despite her job he always insisted she go through doors first I still remember the outpouring of support following his death but was fas...

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    This book was a gift because they know I think Reagan is the best President of my life time I am also a historian There are some good facts in this book The author definitely had feeling for Nancy and Ronald Reagan Perhaps, Reagan is too recent past to look at from a historian s perspective So, you get books of obvious bias The press has definitely shown their anti Reagan bias, but is it cured by being passionate the other way I think not My other complaint i...

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    Craig Shirley once again proves that he is te quintessential Reagan biographer I cried my eyes out reliving the greatest President of my lifetime s long twilight into history I am still blown away by how many mill...

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