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Guardians of the Night As The Sole Members Of LAPD S Special Cases Unit, Detective Michael Gideon And His German Shepherd Partner Sirius Work Investigations Considered Bizarre Even By Los Angeles S Standards Yet Their Latest Case Is Than Strange It Might Be Out Of This World.Ronald Wrong Pauley Is A Homeless Man Long Fallen From Grace When Pauley S Late Night Drinking Is Interrupted By A Detonation Of Light, He Sees What He Describes As A Being Of Light In The Alley Below Pauley Tries To Help, But Ends Up As A Witness To What He Believes Is The Murder Of A Fallen Angel.Gideon And Sirius Are Already In The Midst Of Trying To Determine The Identity Of The So Called Reluctant Hero Who Seemed To Magically Appear Just Moments After Shots Began Ringing Out At An Elementary School Braving Gunfire, The Hero Tackled The Shooter, And Then Disappeared Both Cases Defy Easy Answers, But When Pauley Turns Up Dead, The Detectives Are Left With Two Murders To Solve And Lots Of Questions Gideon And Sirius Along With Help From A Newfound Friend Investigate That Thin Line Between The Real And Surreal To Make Sense Of These Possible Crimes.

[ Reading ] ➿ Guardians of the Night  Author Alan Russell – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Guardians of the Night
  • Alan Russell
  • 09 April 2017
  • 9781477825846

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    The 2nd in the Gideon and Sirius series I had trouble with the story line, but I really enjoyed Gideon and of course his dog Sirius Not the worst book I read a bit of a disappointment but I m a sucker for a dog

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    So near is falsehood to truth that a wise man would do well not to trust himself on the narrow edge CiceroYou think you re the only one who can quote an ancient philosopher Plato said He was a wise man who invented beer Does that mean you re ready for another Far be it from me to contradict Plato Seth and Gideon Guardians of the Night There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare Sun TzuFrom secrecy and deception in high places, come home, America From military spending so wasteful that it weakens our nation, come home, America George McGovern_________________________Military contractors Self serving, obsessive, narcissistic And often Well, let s just say above the law often comes with governmental protection no matter what the contractor does And sometimes, what the contractors do is beyond horrifying.Guardians of the Night is an unusual novel a cutting edge look at cutting edge military technology, to be sure But it grows well beyond a simple military suspense thriller That is an amazing story line in itself But there is a strong literary bent as well There are literary and movie references galore, music and history and things that go bump in the night Add in a well developed, believable character list, convoluted storytelling, and of course, Sirius, a police...

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    I guess you have to be a fan of his workIt was not my type of read, maybe I was expecting something else when I selected this book I got bored very early on and found it hard to continue so I skipped from chapter 13 to c...

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    Enjoyable free Kindle book I believe this was the December Kindle First selection that I chose.The main characters are a quirky and very witty detective, Gideon, and his police dog partner, Sirius They solve two interesting cases in this story, and they re not at all your usual cases Gideon and Sirius are the special case team, which leaves them room for some interesting and perhaps atypical police work I found the first 2 3 of the book really entertaining, well developed, and well written, but the ...

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    I received a free advanced copy of this book from .I quite enjoy crime novels and this book I did enjoy I didn t realise that this book was book 2 in the series, but luckily I wasn t too confused with some of the events that occurred or were mentioned.I absolutely loved the Ha...

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    Alan Russel knows how to tell a story This is the second in his detective series keeping Gideon and Sirius his trusted partner and canine Not disappointing at all and even better than the last book Looking forward the 3 I did not see the ending coming at all in any respect Keep it up

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    Solid writing and the characters are multi leveled It is hard to not be enad by Sirius, the police dog He is my favorite.

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    3.5 starsA man his dog This is the author s second book following Burning Man featuring LAPD Detective Michael Gideon his canine partner Sirius It s been three years since they were both badly burned while apprehending the Weatherman , a killer who continues to contact Gideon from prison.Three years of medical treatments, physio command performances for the media as the LAPD s poster boy Now they re just relieved to be back at work as the sole members of the Special Cases Unit The investigations that come their way vary depending on whether Gideon is on or off his superior s hit list.Currently he s got two The first concerns finding the mysterious man who heroically tackled a gunman threatening a school promptly disappeared Then there s the case of the murdered angel Gideon is than a little sceptical when a homeless man tells him he saw an angel struck down by bright lights in a back alley But something about the guy compels Gideon to take him seriously he starts to dig.The trail leads him to Drew Corde, a high tech weapons developer who invents lethal to...

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    3.5 I liked the twist at the end.I like the dog, but the author tries too hard to be clever.And I really didn t give a shit about the main character s relationship with his ladyfriend, and he spent a lot of time talking about that.And as a proceduralit pulls one of those tricks where everything is going along and then all of a sudden it breaks off and next thing you know he s explaining everything to the perp in a Sherlock Holmes kind of way Not a good procedural The best parts of procedure were skipped And the choices the author made about what does and does not get resolved by the endthat annoyed me I won t say any for spoilers Something odd the guy appears to be mildly psychic, but this doesn t really help him much with solving the crimes Not sure what the point is of that, but it amused me.I did like the dog I am kind of curious enough to consider reading the first in the series this is the second Even though most of the story, as far as...

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