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Sierra Adventure, Drama, Wild Horses Running Free The American West Is Brought To Life Through The Eyes Of The Horses Who Were There In A New Program Of Books Inspired By Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron, The New Film Coming May 2002 From DreamWorks Sierra Is A Feisty Young Filly When Natural Disaster Separates Her From Her Herd Of Free Horses Alone And Struggling To Survive In The Harsh Elements, She Encounters Another Horse Who Leads Her To A Lakota Encampment But Can Sierra Find A Place With Them Without Sacrificing Her Freedom And Independence

!!> Reading ➶ Sierra  ➮ Author Kathleen Duey – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Sierra
  • Kathleen Duey
  • English
  • 04 September 2018
  • 9780142300961

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    This book is about a wild horse named Sierra, who is Rain s mother The series is a spinoff of sorts to the movie Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron, and it s fun to see where the horses in the movie came from, and to see where the book ties in to the movie.

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    Note I purchased this book second hand, at a Goodwill store.SYNOPSIS Sierra is a feisty young filly when natural disaster separates her from her herd of free horses Alone and struggling to survive in the harsh elements, she encounters another horse who leads her to a Lakota encampment But can Sierra find a place with them without sacrificing her freedom and independence MY THOUGHTS This was a decently written and cute read While I am definitely older than the target audience, the story still captivated my attention and kept it thoughout the book.I really enjoyed HOW this book was written There was no dialogue Everything was written from the perspective of the horses, which was very clever It was a quick read with tons of description, so it was easy to picture what was happening as I was reading it.One thing I didn t like about this book was how most of the action was in the second half of...

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    I ve been re reading these books since I found them at the library I LOVED them as a kid and they pretty much hold up as what I remember This a decent book about a horse who grows up in a wild herd and the becomes sorta domesticated It s actually just kind of the reverse of the first book in the ...

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    What an amazing sequel about Bonita s daughter, Sierra This book opened my eyes to the traditions and life in a horse herd Even though most of the events was unfair , it was there way of life I was even surprised to wi...

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    It is about a horse that did sum thing bad and on top of that a new stallion comes in to power she ran fathere them ever befor and a snow storm comes so she cant go back Then she finds and folws a lown stallion to he new home.

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    I first picked this book up at a yard sale years ago I read it so much that the front 1 6th of the book fell off I recently picked up a newer copy and was instantly transported to when I first owned this book Recommended for the younger horse crazy kids.

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    I love this book I like the part when she meets Storm, becomes freinds with the Indians, and gives birth to Rain

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    loved it

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    This one is rains mother

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    This book is a page turner

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