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The Reluctant Entrepreneur Are You A Reluctant Entrepreneur You Re Someone Who Has A Professional Skill A Therapist, App Developer, Technical Writer, Event Planner, Or Even Cat Wrangler You Love What You Do You Don T Want To Work For Someone Else And The Thought Of Running A Business Makes Your Blood Run Cold Yep, You Re A Reluctant Entrepreneur Mary Ellen Bates Is A No Longer Reluctant Entrepreneur Who, In Her 20 Years Of Self Employment, Has Discovered That It S Possible To Run A Profitable Business And Have Fun At The Same Time In The Reluctant Entrepreneur, She Shares Her Approach For Making A Living Doing What You Love For People Who Value What You Do.

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    Entrepreneurs make choices at the last best moment, making the best choice given what they know at the time 15 Entrepreneurs who offer a highly personalized service need to be able to market themselves the...

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    Practical and comprehensive The author covers many topics for budding entrepreneurs who need a clear picture of what to expect and how to proceed.

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