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Claude Monet 1840-1926 (Basic Art)Prince Of The Impressionists Capturing The Ever Changing Face Of Reality Hailed The Prince Of The Impressionists, Claude Monet 1840 1926 Transformed Expectations For The Purpose Of Paint On Canvas Defying The Precedent Of Centuries, Monet Did Not Seek To Render Only Reality, Butthe Act Of Perception Itself.Working En Plein Air With Rapid, Impetuous Brush Strokes, He Interrogated The Play Of Light On The Hues, Patterns, And Contours And The Way In Which These Visual Impressions Fall Upon The Eye.Monet S Interest In This Space Between The Motif And The Artist Encompassed Too Theephemeral Natureof Each Image We See In His Belovedwater Lily Series, As Well As In Paintings Ofpoplars, Grain Stacks, AndRouen Cathedral, He Returned To The Same Motif In Different Seasons, Different Weather Conditions, And At Different Times Of The Day, To Explore The Constant Mutability Of Our Visual Environment.This Book Offers The Essential Introduction To An Artist Whose Works Simultaneously Reflected Upon The Purpose Of A Picture And The Passage Of Time, And In So Doing Transformed Irrevocably The Story Of Art About The Series Each Book In TASCHEN S Basic Art Series Features A Detailed Chronological Summary Of The Life And Oeuvre Of The Artist, Covering His Or Her Cultural And Historical Importance A Concise Biography Approximately 100 Illustrations With Explanatory Captions

✍ Claude Monet 1840-1926 (Basic Art) pdf ✎ Author Christoph Heinrich – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Claude Monet 1840-1926 (Basic Art)
  • Christoph Heinrich
  • 02 March 2019
  • 9783836503990

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    Claude Monet 1840 1926, Christoph Heinrich, Koln Taschen, 2007 1386Works of Monet and his life 2008 1840 1926 2007 96 9783822859728 20 .

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    A poor guy uses his talent and buy a whole island, good story anyway few observations, the respect that he had for his teacher, not a great artist but great teacher Impressionism is not about the fine details but the picture as a whole Monet love of Normandy is viable and also his love for Japanese influences I think Japan loves him as well but that another story Is obvious that he grows older and his vi...

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    Well put together book

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    Claude Monet is one of my very, very favourite artists and painters, so naturally I am fond of any picture book showcasing his artwork This was an elegant and affordable Taschen series for a highschool undergrad teenager at that time, I got this book in 1996 , it is well designed...

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    I bought a calendar last year of Monet paintings which made me finally buy this book It tells the story of Monet and his history how he left school before what they called the leaving exams to become a painter He headed to Paris He entered a small private art school He met Dutch painter Johan Jongkind It told how he struggled with critics His family refused him an allowance He struggled to get by on his commissions He met Camille and starts painting her Bazille a friend who is better off financially takes him in and shares a studio He will even buy some of Monet s paintings Monet finally leaves to travel to his family painting Camille will end of pregnant with a son Bazille will end up su...

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    This book provided a fine introduction into the life and work of Claude Monet But that s just it, it was only an introduction While I enjoyed the author s insights into several of Monet s major works, I d hoped that he d focus ...

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    this book is the best art book i ve ever read it really kickstarted an interest in reading some nonfiction classic novels plays AKA Sartre for me not only does this biography go through Monet s life, it also shows how his paintings adapted over time by showing them chronologically it explains the artistic themes behind his wo...

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    Monet is my favourite painter so it was natural for me to love this book album since the first page.The main reason i liked it so much was that we can understand why he painted like this, why he used these formats, these colours, these themes.Now i just like even Monet sorry for the engl...

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    Many years I said thats he is my favourite of impressionists.As a surprise they made calendar for shop chain Oxfam, what is unusual for charity shops.Cannot stick to only one, but he is similarities with many their time artists.

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    Delightful as always

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