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Double Trouble Carly Her Cousin, Lisa Disappeared, Her Family Murdered In Front Of Her Held In Prison For Her Kidnapper S Murder, She Has To Try And Find A Way To Save Lisa The Box Fifteen Years After Their Mother Walked Out On Them And Their Father, Twenty Seven Year Old Charlene, And Her Sister Stacy Open The Box That Their Father Keeps His Secrets Hidden Away In What They Learn Changes Everything Bernie And The Beast Bernie Has Started Having Visions, He Sees What The Beast With Yellow Eyes Does Can He Stop It Before It S Too Late Bad Memories It Only Takes A Second To Destroy A Life, To Wipe The Memory From This Earth And, Who Really Cares When It S Gone

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    Mehreen Ahmed s review PDF copyDouble Trouble by D.M Wolfenden is a collection of three stories In my attempt as a reviewer, for all books, not just this one, I refrain from re telling stories but rather write my interpretations at a meta level In this collection, I found not only three well written stories but the writer s deep understanding of human behavior and her subtle tapping of it thereof Holding up the mirror, is one that this writer has managed quite spectacularly The depiction of psychological facets the portrayal of anxiety in Carly is one such example Similarly The Box, reveals keen observations found in the traumatic conversations of the siblings a product of domestic violence.Thirdly, the vision of the yellow eyed beast is but a bloody nightmare of a vision that Bernie suffers from a peculiar portrayal of hallucination finding its way into the character s deranged head and a description of it in great details is but of the same.

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    Release day December 5th,2015 I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I have recently started reading short stories and short story collections, this is a great lil book of shorts I really would have to say I enjoyed the first two the most as I found them developed in character and story line vs Bernie and the Beast I found Carly to be very suspenseful as Carly tells her side of the story to the reporter The story has you guessing all the way through wondering what really happened to Carly and her family I would love to see this as a full novel as I think it would be a great story.The Box, is another quick and suspenseful read, did the girls dad do something to their mom what happened to the guy who raped Charlene Why is Charlene still defending her father and letting him treat her horribly Even though this is a short story if moves along at a pretty fast pace and has the reader on the end of their seat wondering what will they find out next I find the character development is really good also.Bernie is the third short story in this collection and is a very quick read, the author does a great job portraying Bernie as a man seeing visions and only in the end do we find out about what is going on with these visions that Bernie continues to have and then dead bodies show up I don t want to give anything away from any of these stories but I will say if you are looking for some quick reads that are suspenseful and thrilling this is a great collection for that.I give this book a 3.5 stars out of 5.

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    I m a recent convert to short stories and this collection is dark and well written These include a mystery element with some twists but are fundamentally a look into the mind of evil The neighbor in the first story and the father in the second are very well created characters, who are both chilling and realistic Each story is gripping but a quick read and perfect for anyone who wants to read a complete story in one sitting.

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    This was a good book I enjoyed the collection of creepy stories These storied were well written and I loved them all I m glad I got to read this book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    I received an ARC for an honest review.3 great stories with great twists in each of them.Carly is a tough cookie, she has to be to save her cousin I really liked this one Charl and Stace, two sisters who s abusive father knows no boundary s Did their mother leave, or was it sinister In the end, justice is served My favorite read this year.Bernie, well, he has serious problems I did notice a few errors so dropped a star for that, I wouldn t let this review put you off, as this was a pre release copy, the errors may well be fixed.

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    I m not usually a fan of short stories as I don t find them as engaging as full length works With this collection however, I had no such problems I read all three stories in one sitting and was thoroughly engrossed While all the stories were very tense and well written, Carly was definitely my favourite I really didn t see the twists coming Great collection

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    Though it took me while to finish the book,reading it was enjoyable I d like to wish the author the best.But, I think I could enjoy the stories if they were a bit clear and detailed Anyhow, liked it

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    When I decided to review these short stories, I thought meh I have been on a reading kick lately and reviewing a bunch, so when I read the synopsis of Double Trouble I thought to myself Why not It really isn t my usual of genre books I tend to read a great of fluffy, romance y novels I wanted a change of pace in my normal reading material and proceeded with these stories I was delightfully surprised when I started reading these mystery thrillers.Wolfenden brings the stories to life are quite exhilarating and captivating I don t know how to describe how fast my heart raced during Bernie and the Beast or during Carly I felt as though I was being drawn into the story I felt bad for Carly s character and definitely understood why she did what she did It was quite an eventful, descriptive story Bernie and the Beast , on the other hand, was predictable I was able to figure out the ending before I finished.You probably wouldn t believed that exclaimed Justice after reading The Box , but I did The sisters definitely deserved to know the truth and be able to move on with their lives after their father did what he did My favorite of the three was The Box just because it was tamer than the other two stories and as I mentioned before, I usually prefer some lighter, happier reads Overall, it was a decent, quick read It probably would have been a great read during Halloween time.Disclaimer This book was sent to me in exchange for a honest review.

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    I was sent this book for an honest review Overall rating 3.5 stars This book is a small collection of short stories The first short story is about a woman named Carly serving time in prison for killing her abductor Carly was telling her story to a reporter Overall, it was slightly melodramatic but I was still invested in the story At times I kept thinking what happened to her was 50 shades of f cked up It was also very well written The story was on track to be a solid 4 star read Then I read the ending The resolution turned out to be extremely campy It changed the overall tone of the story and I wasn t a fan of it Don t get me wrong, the plot twist was done well, I just didn t like the change in tone I would still consider it to be a 3 star read The second short story was about two sisters that were abused by their father One manages to leave, but the other doesn t They learn of their father s secrets and their mother s disappearance I personally prefer a slow burn when it comes to these type of stories A lot happens in too short a time frame it felt rushed I would have liked to have read a full novel I would rate this story 3 stars Now, the last short story has to be my favorite one Bernie has these visions about the Beast and its victims The plot twist here was done to perfection Bernie s realization of what had happened was horrifying and tragic Rated this story a full 5 stars.

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    Double Trouble is a collection of three short, mysterious stories The stories are quite thrilling and they kept me turning page after page They had the feel of horror, disgust and mystery that surround them The stories, I might say, are good I like how short they are and that they are easy to read The book is fast paced that you can t barely notice you re nearing the end of it It is good, really On the other hand, it left me hanging It left me with a lot of questions, especially the short story about Carly I really liked the thrill Carly gave me But it was a cliff hanger I wanted to know what happened to Nessa or where his brother is or who really Carly is The story of The Box is the best among them I like how it had a beginning, middle and ending The story is good and it left me with a smile and possibilities The bonus read, Bernie and The Beast, just left me somehow dumbfounded It s so short but it was good if it was a little bit longer.Double Trouble is an okay book I can t say it s worst or it s great If the stories had been longer, it will be than okay indeed The writing is good but sometimes I had some lapse with it I find some words confusing in the way it was used in the sentence and some sentences lack of punctuation marks, in my opinion But all in all, it is okay.

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