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Brier (The Kingsbrier Quintuplets #2) If Growing Up As A Quintuplet Wasn T Hard Enough, Wild Brier Cavanaugh Also Had To Wonder What Men Love Her Or Her Trust Fund Brier S Defiant Streak Kept That Hurt Away No One Was Going To Tell Her What To Do Or How To Live She Left Kingsbrier Unwilling To Let The Man She S Always Refused To Acknowledge She Loves Stop Her From Pursuing Her Dreams Now, Despite A Fulfilling Career As A Police Officer, Brier Knows That Something Is Missing From Her Life The Distance She Puts Between Herself And Her Family, The Empty She Is Becoming When Circumstances Bring Her Back Home, Brier Confronts The One Person She S Avoided For Years Drew Newhouse, A Professional Football Player And Brier S Childhood Sweetheart, Has Never Backed Down From A Challenge Brier Has Pushed Him Away Than Once And Drew Has Given Her Space Because He Knows They Ve Always Been Meant To Be This Time, He S Playing For Keeps With The Help Of The Other Quints, Will Drew Be Able To Win Her Trust And Marry The Woman He Loves Can Brier Put Her Heart On The Line And Finally Give Drew The Chance They Both Deserve

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    I really enjoyed this second book in the Kingsbrier Series Brier Cavanaugh ran away from Drew Newhouse once before, but she never stopped loving him Years have passed, but Drew also is not over Brier He attempts to win her back, but it s not going to be easy She s ready to put a fight at every turn I loved the writing in this story The author does a great job with making the readers fall in love with the Kingsbrier quints The story just doesn t revolve around Brier, but also her siblings We see how Eric and Ginny are doing, and we learn about Adam and Colton s lives Daveigh s struggle to find love without her siblings interference plays a role in the men she dates But the one she really wants doesn t realize that he actu...

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    I totally loved this book Drew and Brier relationship from the beginning was so romantic and they loved each other so very much Taking the time apart from one another, seemed to make their love even stronger I love how the families are there for one another How Brier s brothers and her sister may have their issues but they always come together for each other Many emotions came about while reading this book I was happy, sad, scared, laughing and even an...

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    Loved it Everything I was hoping for and from the second book in the Kingsbrier Quintuplets series A romantic HEA whilst getting to visit with the rest of the family Once again author shows great understanding of the human psyche and how experiences impact of future decisions and actions Thoro...

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    Brier is an engaging story about true love, sacrifice, family, and friendship Famous quintuplets, trust fund babies, no less, each have a story of their own Brier s story takes her on a wild Texas ride Four siblings and a childhood sweetheart are only part of her a...

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    Brier has been in love with Drew for years, though denying it to everyone, including herself Now they are both home and she can t get away from him He is determined to make her see they belong together after ...

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    This series automatically leaves me wanting Growing up isn t easy, and Jody Kaye writes coming of age and romance wonderfully.

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    Loved reading about the Kingsbrier family and can t wait to read of the series.

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    I just love the way I was pulled into this story I didn t want I to put it down and when I finished I couldn t wait to grab the next story The characters and situations are realistic Great job

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    Wow Brier is one stubborn Cavanagh She will not let anyone stop her from achieving her dreams she is one tough cop but when things send her back home can she set things right with Drew

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    Although I consider myself a slow reader, I couldn t put it down I finished it in one day Like Eric book 1 in the series , the characters are well developed and you root for them You also cry with them and at times want to strangle them for ...

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