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Free ↠ Liminal Thinking By Dave  Gray –
  • Paperback
  • 184 pages
  • Liminal Thinking
  • Dave Gray
  • English
  • 15 November 2019
  • 9781933820460

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    Another brilliant book that fell into my hands in this 2017 year The book is small without extra water , it is very simple and understandable written The main idea of the book is liminal thinking the art of changing the world around yourself with the help of rethinking and changing persuasions To make this definition lucid and complete, we still need to add a definition of what persuasion is, this is the sequence of events in our head, according to which we act.Principles of liminal thinking 1 Beliefs are models of reality.2 We create our own convictions3 Based on belief we create our own world4 Beliefs create blind spots beliefs can be an artificial barrier, beyond which we do not see the available opportunities 5 Beliefs are protected6 Beliefs are connected with personalityMethods of development of liminal thinking 1 Recogni...

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    This is a concise and in paperback, beautifully designed set of principles and practices for thinking clearly, acting deliberately, keeping an open mind In short 1 Those beliefs we use to navigate the world are essential for sense making and terribly limiting if we take them as truths unexamined They are what shape our worldview, what lead to action, can lead to failure, conflict, misunderstanding.2 Our identities and shared experience are tied in with these beliefs, and so they are hard to examine, even harder at times self sealing in their resistance to change.3 Thinking Liminally is a recognition of the above a willingness to test new assumptions, a desire for learning over dogma, and practices to discard the ways of thinking and acting that don t serve us persons, organizations, society beyond the ease and comfort of their familiarity.It s no call to visualize the future you want to achieve or a promise of spiritual self help Among other stro...

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    I ve already started thinking about the upcoming New Year and how I want to set goals, so this book fit in very nicely with that I listened to an audible version that I borrowed from Hoopla The narrator is Dan Woren and he is fantastic He read the book as though he had authored it, giving justice and respect to Dave Gray s well written work I often have difficulty giving my attention to the audible format, but I had no problem with this one A lot of the book is presented as being advice on how to succeed in business and or one s career I m retired, but I had no difficulty in transposing the ideas that Gray gives into ones that make sense for my world I was familiar with some of the ideas, but Gray has a very clear and concise way that was impactful, gives stories and quotes that I believe will resonant with many Gray s definition of liminal thinking is the art of creating change by understanding, shaping, and reframing beliefs He talks about liminal as being places of transition, like transitioning from sleeping to waking, or thresholds, borders, between two things, but neither one thing, nor the other Our beliefs, the way we think, although they ve helped us become who we are, can often stand in the way of our peace, happiness, or success the way we envision it Gray zeros in on ways to change beliefs This is not positive thinking, but it is very affirming There s work involved He gives some exercises to h...

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    Well written take on how to approach problems taking into account the impact your own beliefs have on the process The book describes how beliefs can determine how you think about things, and provides some ideas on how to set aside those beliefs and rethink the problems and solutions you are working on I found this quite similar to other books I ve read over the years, but put together in a well written, simple way The author combines the science, expert opinion, process description, and examples to explain the issues Excellent as a reminder to question yourself on what you take for granted when thinking through problems The Look Inside in for Liminal Thinking includes a two page executive summary of the topics covered in the book and would be a good place to start if you are thinking of reading it BTW, I listened on audio, but I noticed a number of reviews mentioned the design of the paperback Audio listening i...

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    While this one had a bunch of Powerpoint ish vibes, still, it was an interesting read and quite a few of the stories actually made sense which is rare in the trend of bullshit storytelling of late.Liminal thinking as a usefu...

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    I like this book It opens new ways of seeing the world and other people s behavior After reading Liminal thinking, you will notice why people act in a way they act, why you respond to something in a way you respond And if you found something wrong with it, this book teaches you how to chang...

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    A book about changing beliefs and perception Plenty of examples and case studies to visualize lessons and facts Many of the lessons are reiteration from How to win friends and influence people The message runs well into wel...

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    I had the pleasure a couple of years ago of hearing Dave Gray talk about and explore some ideas he had for a new book, throwing them out to the audience and having a conversation around them Earlier this year I had the privilege of reading some early versions of pages that had evolved from those explorations and which now form the heart of Dave s new book, Liminal Thinking I was excited to get the final version of the book and looking forward to sitting down and breezing through it, to soak it all in like a blast from a fire hose And, at about 150 pages, it would be easy enough to do To just read through it in one sitting, in probably just a couple of hours Which is what I was expecting to do Until Until I read Chapter 1, titled Beliefs are models And then I wasn t in a hurry any longer I wasn t interested in getting to the end, I wanted to read that chapter again Even though he started with the story of the blind men and the elephant, a story I ve heard many times before A story I ve heard before, but not really seen before.Not surprisingly, this process repeated itself as I made my way through the book Though I only made it from front to back once over the weekend, I figure I read the entire book at least 3 t...

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    How our beliefs create blind spots to our assumption that we understand a situation are just some of the barriers we inadvertently put up between our opportunities and our relationships that Liminal Thinking can alleviate I value the actionable insights and the sequence in which they are offered to enable us readers to become self aware and able to make wiser choices for ourselves and with others As...

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    , , , open mindset.

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