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The Blue Period A riveting novel about the tragic romance that nearly destroyed a young Pablo Picasso while granting him his first flight of creative genius.From rowdy Barcelona barrooms to the incandescent streets of turn of the century Paris, Pablo Picasso experiences the sumptuous highs and seedy lows of bohemian life alongside his rebellious poet friend with a shadowy past, Carles Casagemas.Fleeing family misfortune and their parents expectations, the two young artists seek their creative outlet while chasing inspiration in drugs, decadence, and the liberated women of Montmartre creatures far different from the veiled ones back home.The new life feels like bliss, and nothing can come between them until a dark haired, enigmatic muse enters the picture The two artists passion for Germaine will lead to a devastating turn Amid soul searching and despair, however, Picasso discovers a color palette in which to render his demons and paint himself into lasting history.Bringing the exuberance of the era vividly to life, this richly imagined portrait of Picasso s coming of age intertwines the love, death, lust, and friendships that inspired the immortal works of a defiant master. Read The Blue Period – soaringeaglecasino.us

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    I had mixed feelings about reading this book After viewing an exhibit of Picasso s painting I came away with admiration of his skill and artistry but also apalledd wlth his apparent hatred of women He used and abuse...

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