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Once More We Saw Stars Two Year Old Greta Greene Was Sitting With Her Grandmother On A Park Bench On The Upper West Side Of Manhattan When A Brick Crumbled From A Windowsill Overhead, Striking Her Unconscious She Is Immediately Rushed To The Hospital Once More We Saw Stars Begins With This Event, Leading The Reader Into The Unimaginable.But Although It Begins With The Anguish Jayson And His Wife Stacy Confront In The Wake Of Their Daughter S Trauma And The Hours Leading Up To Her Death, It Quickly Becomes A Narrative That Is As Much About Hope And Healing As It Is About Grief And Loss Jayson Recognizes, Even In The Very Midst Of His Ordeal, That There Will Be A Life For Him Beyond It That If Only He Can Continue Moving Forward, From One Moment To The Next, He Will Survive What Seems Un Survivable.With Raw Honesty, Deep Emotion, And Exquisite Tenderness, He Captures Both The Fragility Of Life And Absoluteness Of Death, And Most Important Of All, The Unconquerable Power Of Love This Is An Unforgettable Memoir Of Courage And Transformation And A Book That Will Change The Way You Look At The World.

[Download] ➼ Once More We Saw Stars  ➾ Jayson Greene – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Once More We Saw Stars
  • Jayson Greene
  • English
  • 25 January 2017
  • 9781524733537

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    I am not a parent I will never know what it is like to lose a child To grieve for the loss of someone you have created, looked over, been paranoid over, and prayed to God that they live healthy and happy, and yet you have no control over what happens to them The sheer helplessness and then the realisation after Once More We Saw Stars by Jayson Greene is the book that makes you see the world through the eyes of a parent what does it mean to lose a child, how should one grieve, how much should grief take from you, and what it truly means to be able to move on if there is ever such a thing.It isn t easy to read a book about the loss of a child Of a two year old, who just wasn t there in the world Of Greta whose life her father Jayson speaks of lovingly Of the way you as a reader become a part of it and can t help but recollect the times you have felt that stabbing pain that doesn t seem to go away, and it does one fine day, and it comes back once in a while, making you sense loss than ever Once More We Saw Stars is also a hopeful book in so many ways It teaches you how to grieve perhaps, and understand that at the core we are all the same people We feel the same things Jayson Greene takes us through this journey of loss, grief, and the coping process The book s title is taken from Dante s Inferno, also telling us that Greta s parents will take their grief, make what they have to with it, and ultimately soar above Th...

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    Incredibly moving and uplifting at the same time Loved it.

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    There is a sense in which this is an almost unbearable story initially The author s two year old daughter, Greta, is killed when a brick falls from a windowsill above where she is sitting As a parent and grandparent I find this something I maybe would prefer not to think about I guess However the author does offer his and the family s thoughts as they make they way through the trauma that follows this freak accident.While a fairly large first section looks at the event and the immediate aftermath the book continues with the journey the parents take in their attempts to come to terms with, if not understand, what has happened to them There is grief, beauty and love here ...

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    We push the apartment door open and are greeted by silence Nothing in here knows about Greta s death not her red horsey with its empty smile, the toy bin beneath the living room chair, the straps on her purple high chair that she would fiddle with We bring the news with us into each room, like smallpox I think I can safely say this will be my favorite memoir of 2019My younger sister passed away when I was little, which obviously made a big impact on the way I view life Being a mom myself now, I am always aware of the possibility that this could happen to me and knowing that I would not be able to cope In Once More We Saw Stars Jayson Greene gives us a raw and heart breaking account about losing his two year old daughter in a freak accident and how he moved through the grieving process.First off, I have the to say the writing is exquisite, deeply personal and heartfelt The book is filled with memories of many small, intimate moments with his daughter, which he describes in a loving but non dramatic way I think when hurt goes this deep, there is no reason to try and write it worse Jayson just plainly tells us what ha...

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    This book is remarkable I ll start with that I d read the reviews and requested it from the library but once I picked it up, I wasn t sure that it was such a good idea to read it This memoir is the story of the tragic and unexpected death of the author s two year old child Why would I want to read that I have plenty of sadness and grief in my life Why read about I decided to be brave and start it I figured I didn t have to finish it.And the first half was brutal Jayson Greene has a way with words His writing often borders on poetry I am awed by how he could write so poignantly and beautifully about the details around the day his daughter was injured and the following days of heartbreaking but essential tasks He paints both the light and joyful pictures of a two year old s life as well as the dark and despairing pictures of grieving parents, family, and friends and he does it with grace and eloquence I found the pages almost unbearable to read.And so, after the second chapter I considered putting the book down forever I wondered if maybe to continue reading would just not be a good idea for me Too sad I decided to look at the reviews on Goodreads and that s when I realized that there was to this book than the day Greta died and the days following I read reviews where ...

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    The entire first half of this book made me sob Having never lost someone close to me, I found the second half about their grief very interesting, overwhelming, and hopeful All I am left with is wanting peace for every person in this book.

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    I marvel at the author s ability to share such an intensely personal and heartbreaking story and to capture such a breadth of emotions and thoughts in the retelling.Sometimes the right book comes along to help process emotions you didn t even know you had This book cracked me open emotionally and left me a little softer in the end It was much needed.Hand to those moved by the read...

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    A heartbreaking book You will cry But that is a normal reaction to the random, accidental death of an innocent 2 year old child The book is interesting because it details how the author and his wife coped with the overwhelming grief of l...

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    This book broke my heart ten times over today Strange, then, that I ultimately found it uplifting Seems like a lot of uplifting stories can still wreck your heart every which way

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    I don t have the words to describe how heartbreaking, poignant, haunting and brilliantly written this memoir is I read it with tears streaming down my face.

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