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Light in the Shadows Download Light In The Shadows Author Linda Lafferty Paletterie2000.eu The Discovery Of A Lost Caravaggio Painting Yields Centuries Of Deadly Secrets In This Pulse Pounding Novel Of Historical Intrigue And Modern Day Suspense In Seventeenth Century Rome, An Arrogant And Reckless Artist Named Caravaggio Drinks And Brawls His Way Through His Violent, Insatiable Life, All While Painting Some Of The World S Greatest Religious Works Of Art But It Is His Bitter Feud With Giovanni Roero, A Brutal Knight In The Maltese Order Of St John, That Is His Fatal Error.Now, In The Village Of Monte Piccolo, A Priest Claims To Have Discovered A Lost Painting By The Famed Artist In The Storage Room Of An Orphanage Retired Professor A R Richman Believes It S A Delusional Dream But Lucia, A Visiting Art Student, Convinces Him Otherwise And Recruits Her Best Friend, Moto, To Join In The Quest They Think The Judas Kiss Is Worth Investigating But Tracing Its Provenance Back Four Hundred Years Could Prove To Be Just As Treacherous As The Master S Final Days.Richman, Lucia, And Moto Begin Chasing The Mystery, Uncovering A Blood Feud Hidden For Years That Has Now Spilled Into The Twenty First Century As They Follow Where It Leads Down A Trail Of Murder, Betrayal, And Vengeance They Find A Secret History That Someone Will Kill To Keep Buried.

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    I really enjoyed the historical parts about Caravaggio, the modern day mystery not so much.

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    Well the author is certainly no Dan Brown This is a rather pale imitation of the daVinci Code, made even dire by the author littering the text with Italian dialogue followed by a translation Now I m not a fan of subtitles in film, but I can acknowledge that there they have a place I see no value whatsoever in putting a conversation into a language other than the main body of text in this edition, English , then translating it back into the main language again unless of course it was just to boost the word count one already knows the book is set in Italy One already knows which characters are native Italians and which aren t It does not take great leaps in imagination to know that when two Italians are speaking to each other, it Italy, there s a fair chance the conversation will be in their mother tongue Even ridiculous was one section when the Italian was translated into a Sicil...

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    4 starsThis book is a wonderful historical account of not only Caravaggio s life and imagined demise, but a contemporary action filled drama about the discovery of a previously unknown painting by him.Lucia and Professor Richman get off to a somewhat rocky start in their relationship, but are destined to become fast friends Add the charming Moto into the mix and we have three very likable characters to star in this egaging novel I have to admit that I did not care for Caravaggio Then I read the historical notes at the end of the book and discovered that that was the way people spoke early in the 17th Century It is amazing that such a dissolute character could be such a genius when it came to painting I googled him to view some of his work The authors certainly did their research before writing this novel Caravaggio was a figure to whom I had never given much thought before This book is very well written The senten...

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    A massive amount of work has gone into writing this book By these extremely talented authors A really well written book.

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    Of you like Kate Moss novels you will love thisSpans several centuries from the 1600s Roman Artists to present day A book you don t want to finish , it is so good

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    Awful The book switches between the 1600 s and the present time.The chapters spent in the 1600 s are bearable , the chapters spent in modern times are totally unbelievable The characters are not well drawn and the situations they find themselves in ridiculous.I was disappointed with this book.

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    Once started I couldn t put it down Almost 2 stories in one book The life of Caravaggio in the 17th century and a modern day adventure Worth reading for sure.

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    Nec spe Nec metu Without hope Without fear This is a fantastic adventure to track down a beautiful painting that has been lost for centuries It is also an historical fiction connecting present day Italy to the ancient city of Roma in the early 1600 s Trying to track down and verify the painting The Judas Kiss the true name of the painting The Taking Of Christ by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, is not a easy job for our three modern day researchers and adventurers They are kidnapped, held as hostages, almost killed numerous times They travel all over Italy trying to find this painting and verify it is a true Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, and the whole time they are followed and their lives are in grave danger There are dark unknown forces who will stop at nothing to keep the research group from getting to close to the truth This story is also a very moving love story between Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and a woman of the night named Lena They find each other on the streets of Roma He first uses her as a model for his paintings, a muse for his ideas and then the become lovers Caravaggio is a scoundrel, a womanizer, has a quick temper, quicker to get very angry, he takes offense over the littlest things, he is also a murderer, and a classic painter whose gifts must come from a higher calling He is talente...

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    I always find Linda Lafferty a hit or miss I m in love with some of her works like The House of Bathory and The Bloodletter s Daughter her historical research is always impeccable but some novels I just can t get into and unfortunately Light in the Shadows, was a miss Light in the Shadows is a historical art mystery I don t think I ve found a historical fiction about art, that I ve enjoyed, maybe someone could point me in the right direction The focus is around unique piece of art that might be one from the famous Michelangelo Caravaggio Lafferty switches from past to present, typical of her style in the past, the life of the disgruntled artist and in the present, a young girl, an aging professor and a homosexual local bent on discovering the paintings true origins I quite enjoyed the historical parts of the novel, Caravaggio is indeed the epitome of the tortured genies At times it was difficult to follow due to similarities in Italian names at the beginning of the 17th century and the fact that I m not familiar with Italian However it still remains quite intriguing.I...

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    Again, I ve struggled with how many stars I settled on 3.5 but because half stars not an option, I upped it to 4 I finished this book last week but life has been busy and hectic and I wanted to think about it a little before decided on a rating On one hand, the story grabbed me right away I really enjoy historical fiction about famous artists Years ago I happened to be fortunate enough to see a Caravaggio and the darkness and style intrigued me I did see a PBS show about him once too Years ago, reading Girl With a Pearl Earring caused me to love this genre I thoroughly liked reading The Passion of Artemesia and was glad to see her mentioned in this book When I read this kind of book I m constantly going to internet to see the picture being mentioned and this book was no different Most times I found this book a page turner.On the negative side I felt it could have used some editing, did not have to be this long The current day mystery was not as interesting and seemed to drag a bit My first thoughts upon starting this book were The DaVinci Code and Dan Brown However, that did not live up to my hopes What really annoyed me, however, was the constant use of Italian and then the translation of the sentence or phrase after that I...

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