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A Thread So FineKINDLE A Thread So Fine Author Susan Welch 9tvuk.us Two Sisters Struggle Against Generations Of Hidden Traumas In A Richly Woven Story That Celebrates The Wondrous Nature Of Family St Paul, MN, 1946 As Little Girls, The Malone Sisters Relied On Each Other For Companionship And Affection As Their Mother Remained Distant, Beating Back The Demons Of Her Own Mysterious Childhood Now, As Young Women Ready To Embrace Promising Futures, Their Lives Are Instead Changed By Two Tragedies Their Powerful Bonds Of Love And Loyalty Threaten To Break Under The Weight Of Trauma And Loss, Secrets And Misunderstandings One Sister Leaves, Possibly Forever Heart Broken And Scarred From A Battle With Tuberculosis, The Other Vows To Never Let Go Of The Invisible Thread That Runs Between Them And In The Course Of Her Journey, Discovers A Child With A Hidden Past And The True Meaning Of Family But Is It Enough To Bring Her Sister Home

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    I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway and I m so glad I did I might not have picked it up otherwise Susan Welch weaves a family tale of two sisters, the heartbreak of tuberculosis treatment in the 1940 s, the unfairness of an unwanted pregnancy and the fallout from both events Eliza and Shannon were Irish tw...

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    A lovely historical fiction that I finished in 3 days.It will take you through the journey of a family that appears whole but there are many secretsand the silence between them is deafening.The plot was not predictable at all w...

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    Read my full review here St Paul, MN, 1946 As little girls, the Malone sisters relied on each other for companionship and affection as their mother remained distant, beating back the demons of her own mysterious childhood Now, as young women ready to embrace promising futures, their lives are instead changed by two tragedies Their powerful bonds of love and loyalty threaten to break under the weight of trauma and loss, secrets and misunderstandings One sister leaves, possibly forever Heart broken and scarred, the other vows to never let go of the invisible thread that runs between them and in the course of her journey, discovers the true meaning of family Susan Welch based some of this family drama on her own birth, childhood, and upbringing There is a lot at play men returning from WWII, distant parents, sibling love and sibling rivalry, illness, unwed mothers, religion, and on and on Frankly, at times, I found all of this to be a bit too much When the author added another element to the plot line, I probably rolled my eyes.On the other hand, to a large extent, this is the childhood that I experienced, growing up in the forties and early 50s in Minnesota I noticed that most of the reviewers were older women, which is probably why the publicist sent the book to me in the first place Oh and one of the characters is named Miriam, always an eye catcher to me, who seldom sees her name in print I remember the tuberculosis sanitarium at the edge of our community, the wh...

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    Two sisters, a secret and two lives forever altered This is a totally captivating novel that plunges the reader into the lives of Shannon and Eliza, two Irish American sisters living in the post World War II American Midwest Their experiences and dreams take them in totally different directions and I was totally immersed in the story I ached at their estrangement and rooted for their reconciliation I loved the historical ...

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    I LOVED this book I took it on vacation an annual vacation with my fab sisters, where normally books do not get read and devoured it My sisters occasionally complained that I was too absent from them, because I couldn t tear myself away from A Thread So Fine But, after all, this book is about among other things SISTERHOOD and how could they argue Welch is a fine writer One of my litmus tests of great writing is when I m compelled to go back and re read particularly exquisite sentences this happened a lot in this book AWESOME character development because of the skille...

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    Susan Welch has woven no pun intended a family saga with tremendous attention to detail that retained an ease to read I was initially surprised as the book jumped forward in time but that allowed her to unravel a complex story in a readable space I loved this book s sense of place, time, and character development I also appreciated the early references to the women s movement and Eliza s role as an academic trailblazer, despite her challenges with interpersonal relationships I found the Malone sisters to be a bit prim and virtuous than I may have expected, but it s possible in that era that young women conducted themselves in a ladylike manner than I experienced as a child of the 1980s In all, a really enjoyable book that took me to an era that maybe ...

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    I was pulled into A Thread So Fine so that the 350 pages were finished over a weekend I loved the flow of the story and unexpected turns I was in tears at the ending, it really touched my heart.

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    I love this book The story is interesting and relatable, and kept me anxiously anticipating what happens next The author does an excellent job of setting the scenes and vividly describing situations and characters I didn t want it to end I hope to read from this author.

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    Susan Welch has done her homework She wove a beautiful tale and painted a detailed picture of life in the midwest in the 1950s and beyond I really couldn t put this book down

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    Reviewed by Katherine Williams for Reedsy SUMMARY Can love for a secret child heal old wounds St Paul, MN Introspective and artistic Shannon Malone, and her popular sister, Eliza, are Irish twins and best friends In the summer of 1946 as womanhood approaches, both look forward to promising but different futures When tragedy strikes and rocks the Malone family to the core, one sister leaves, possibly forever The other, physically and emotionally scarred, vows to hold the invisible thread that runs between them In the course of her journey, she discovers a secret child and the true meaning of family, but is it enough to bring her sister home A touching story about family A Thread So Fine will captivate and enlighten you.A Thread So Fine is a historical fiction novel that has a rich storyline so rich that there is than one story told Centered around sisters Eliza and Shannon, you learn about their upbringing, such as living with their distant parents and their relationship with each other When I first started reading this story, I did not expect it to go as deep as it did but I am so glad it did Along the way you discover secrets, lies, betrayals and love that ci...

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