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All Grown Up A New, Sexy Standalone From 1New York Times Bestseller, Vi Keeland.When I First Encountered Ford Donovan, I Had No Idea Who He Was Well, Other Than The Obvious Young, Gorgeous, Successful, Smart Did I Mention Young If I Did, It Bears Repeating Ford Donovan Was Too Young For Me.Let S Back Up To How It All Started My Best Friend Decided I Needed To Start Dating Again So, Without My Knowledge, She Set Up A Profile For Me On A Popular Dating Site One That Invited Men Ages Twenty One To Twenty Seven To Apply For A Date Those Nicknamed Cunnilingus King Were Told They D Go Straight To The Top For Consideration The Profile Wasn T Supposed To Go Live Another Point That Bears Repeating It Wasn T Supposed To Nevertheless, That S How I Met Ford, And We Started Messaging He Made Me Laugh Yet I Was Adamant That Because Of His Age, We Could Only Be Friends But After Weeks Of Wearing Me Down, I Finally Agreed To One Date Only My First After Twenty Years Of Being With My High School Sweetheart I Knew It Couldn T Last, But I Was Curious About Him.Though, You Know What They Say Curiosity Kills The Cat.My Legs Wobbled Walking Into The Restaurant.Ford Was Seated At The Bar When He Turned Around, He Took My Breath Away.His Sexy Smile Nearly Melted My Panties But He Looked So Familiar As I Got Closer I Realized Why He Was The Son Of The Neighbor At Our Family S Summer Home The Boy Next Door.Only Now He Was All Man I Hadn T Seen Him In Years.I Left The Restaurant And Planned To Put The Entire Crazy Thing Behind Me Which I Did Until Summer Came.And Guess Who Decided To Use His Family S Summer Home This Year

!!> EPUB ✿ All Grown Up  ✺ Author Vi Keeland – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 337 pages
  • All Grown Up
  • Vi Keeland
  • 19 November 2017
  • 9781096913702

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    ALL GROWN UP Is a full length, stand alone romance novel by Vi Keeland Spoken in Dual Perspectives This is my first tiptoe into an older female falling for a younger boy toy, this was so refreshing seeing her struggles, being able to relate to her whole heartedly due to a similar circumstance when I met my partner, the too and fro of the age difference the worry of what others would think though ours is only six years difference not unlike these two who have a larger gap These two were just perfect for each other, my heart swooned over all things Ford, it was so liberating seeing Valentina let go of her inhibitions and become the woman she was supposed to be I f cking knew it would be like this A physical attraction makes for intense chemistry, but a physical and mental connection is damn combustible I loved watching her evolve and come into her own and I also enjoyed the maturity level of Ford due to unfortunate circumstances with having to step up and raise his sister definitely had an impact on how quickly he had to grow up and the overall protective nature concerning his sister, all the feels We re a good balance I ll help you get the inappropriate stick out of your ass, and you ll help me set a good example for my pain in the ass sister There s nothing I would change about this book It flowed perfectly, easy to get into, hard to put down..

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    5 STARSWow loved it so much It was amazing, exactly what I needed, steamy sensual and heartwarming I don t know where to start with this one, I fall in love with the characters so much and their romance I couldn t get enough of Valentina and Ford They were addictive This is the first book I read about an older woman and younger man and I find it refreshing, and I could so easily relate and understand Valentina.I may not be in the same age but something similar has happened to me in some way.Ford was amazing so hot,sexy and funny.He is definitely a swoon worthy hero.I loved how their relationship developed They were full of sexual tension and flirty but also sweet One of my favorite reads for this year, a perfect read for the summer, super hot and heartwarming

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    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author Ever so slowly, Ford wrapped his hands around my cheeks and started to kiss me I poured everything I was feeling from my mouth into his sadness, longing, love, desire I wanted to show him with my touch how I felt about him, because I knew I d never get the chance to say the words now ALL GROWN UP is a sexy May December romance between a beautiful thirty seven year old divorcee and her gorgeous twenty five year old neighbor, who used to babysit her son during their summer vacations in Montauk Everything about Ford Donovan screams sexy and fun Valentina and Ford have perfect chemistry but Val is so fixated on how others will view her that she keeps things platonic between them for entirely too long When her heart gets tangled up in all things Ford, will he be ready to receive it Or has she finally succeeded in pushing him away I love a good romance between an older woman and a younger man Especially when it s the hot and cocky as hell younger man that does all the pursuing If anyone can pull off this trope flawlessly, it s Vi Keeland She s one of those authors whose books I never hesitate to request to review ALL GROWN U is the perfect read to keep your nights summer nights sizzling hot Here are my overall ratings Hero 4.5Heroine 4Plot 4.5Angst 4.5Steam 5Chemistry Between Hero Heroine 5 ALL GROWN UP is available on July 8th Audio pre order Books Pre order paperback Play

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    Life got in the way and I couldn t read any books for two months Yeap 2 long months I just cannot believe I gave such a long breakWell, then I saw this book That cover Sigh Swoon And the trope of a younger guy with an older woman That is definitely something I cannot resist it is my weakness, so I read it Actually, the book is not the best example of this trope and it turned out to be a 3,5 star read for me but for the love of the hero in it, I raised it to 4 stars instead of lowering it to 3 This is the love story between a thirty seven year old woman and a twenty five year old guy It is sweet and heart warming Although it is nothing special, it is still an enjoyable read Our heroine, Valentina was married to her high school sweetheart and they had a son The last 10 years of their marriage were not as good and they were not as happy Finally, her husband cheated on her with a twenty year old and they broke up Even 18 months after their divorce, Valentina still resists dating She lacks self confidence and it is mostly due to what her d ckhed ex husband did She is scared of being hurt again.When she is finally attracted to someone, it s a younger guy and she is even scared of being hurt If the man who is the same as her age cheated on her with a twenty year old girl, what would a twenty five year old guy would do when he gets bored That s what scares her most And when she realizes that he is actually the son of their summer house neighbor, who sometimes babysat her son, she thinks a relationship with him would be totally inappropriate and she resists it for a long time For a really long time Our hero Ford, on the other hand, lost both of his parents at the age of 17 and had to raise his little sister Therefore, he had to mature fast He is mature than most guys at the age of 30 or And he is such a good guy, so very sweet, decent and adorable in every way He is definitely a catch He is one of those good guys He sacrificed his youth to look after his sister, and he went wild for a few years afterwards and then, settled He has a respectable business now and as soon as he meets Valentina, he never ever looks at any other woman Nothing much really happens in the book it is all about how a relationship grows between them the phases of it the attraction, the resistance, the sexual tension, the acceptance, the problems, the separation and then coming back together And thank God, there are no secret babies from exes or some clich tropes like that as you might expect from a Vi Keeland book It is sweet and it is an ideal summer romance And let s not forget that the hero is a swoon worthy one He is enough reason to read this book P.S Reading the blurb, I thought the way they meet first would be embarrassing due to the inappropriate profile the heroine s friend Eve created for her on a dating site but thank God, it wasn t like that because they erased it an hour later and when Ford saw her profile, it didn t have those silly and embarrassing things in it any What attracted them to each other was something else Just saying in case you also worry about it because I did As far as safety goes, I think it is totally safe as there is no one else for either of them after they meet Although a guy hits on her and a few girls hit on him, they never ever try anything with anyone else even when they are separated Here are some nice QUOTES from the book You need to stop giving a shit what other people think Appropriate and inappropriate doesn t matter if you want something and you re not hurting anyone Nina is my cousin She came to spend the weekend with my sister Valentina s eyes narrowed Your cousin You thought I had a woman over, even after chasing you for a month I m not the kind of guy to use another woman to replace the one I want but can t have Eve took my hand I know you need to do some things hell, I was the one who bugged you about making your My Turn list But you can have a boyfriend and still find you Ryan wanted you locked up in his stingy little castle because he was weak and insecure Ford might be younger, but he s stronger and confident in who he is I don t think he needs to be the center of your universe He just wants to be part of your world Goodbyes are not forever and aren t the end they are only until we meet again Important things seem to happen for a reason, and we shouldn t walk away from them even if it wasn t how we saw things playing out originally If something feels right, we have to make it work Do you remember when you asked me if it was possible to have the right feelings at the wrong time I nodded I was terrified back then We both were, just at different times The truth is, you can never have the right feelings at the wrong time, because there is never a wrong time for the right person We go through life picking up puzzle pieces, and we never really know where they ll fit or how they ll come together to form the big picture I d spent years trying to fit pieces into places they didn t belong, but never really felt complete Until today All of my puzzle pieces finally clicked into place, and I could see the beautiful picture.

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    5 Stars ARC provided by author Valentina Davis is a beautiful 37 yr old woman living in New Jersey She married her high school sweetheart, had a son, and thinks her future is set Then her marriage crash and burns, and she s suddenly single for the first time in twenty years Now divorced for almost two years, she s lonely and still not moving on with her life Her best friend decides it s time for Val to put herself back out there, and sets her up a profile on a dating site She really isn t interested, and then a hot, younger guy starts messaging her that makes her laugh and feel good about herself She looks forward to hearing from him, and figures what s the harm in just talking Weeks go by, and he finally talks her into meeting in person She arrives for the date, and from behind he looks like an underwear model Then he turns around and she recognizes him It s the boy next door from her summer home She hadn t seen Ford Donovan in years, and the boy she remembered is now all man, but still completely off limits Ford Donovan is a 25 yr old gorgeous, successful businessman in New York He works in real estate, and his dating life has become mundane Then he meets a stunning woman online that intrigues and excites him He wants to get to know her better They meet in person, and he s shocked to see it s his neighbor from his family beach home in Montauk When they cross paths again over the summer he decides he wants to explore their strong connection He s persistent and wants her to take a chance on him Before long, he s crazy about her, and she s all he can think about He s determined to show her what he see s when he looks at her Val wants to focus on herself and take her life back She s not ready for anything serious with expectations, but Ford makes her feel alive again He was so easy to talk to, and convinces her to live in the moment Somewhere along the way they both want , and it s becoming harder and harder to remember his age He s too young for her She could never go there, or could she When real feelings get involved will they be able to walk away at the end of the summer I want you, Ford I m incredibly attracted to you Painfully so He had such an intense, magnetic pull over me that it was like fighting gravity The man could seriously kiss He made my knees weak and left me panting every single time All Grown Up by Vi Keeland is an all new sexy standalone beach romance about an older woman and a younger man An emotional, steamy, witty, forbidden love story where age is just a number I loved this book so much Vi Keeland delivers a passionate, seductive, humorous, heartwarming story that reminds me why I m so addicted to her writing This book was simply fabulous NOW AVAILABLE

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    Another winner from this author I started the book this morning and could not put it down A lot of feels and the storyline took an unexpected turn adding to the layers of the plot Very enjoyable read.

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    Let s break this downHeroine, recently divorced from HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART she s probably only been with her exThe add of course it s created by a friend because the heroine is stuck in a rut request cunnilingus King wants someone with tons of experience Can someone please tell me why it s attractive for a Hero to have enough experience to be considered a king in any area to do with sex yes, I m aware the guys fib BUT if they ask for an expert or king of something sexual in romance there s a 100% chance you re gonna get a manwhore of manwhores when s he s earned that title with someone other than the heroine Then to make the hero between the ages of 21 27 AND basically give him the experience of a 50 yr old, retired porn star Why why why Of course everything he will do to her will be new and exciting BUT he earned that experience somewhere else with multiple OTHER women.An age difference doesn t bother me as long as the experience is equalI don t need to read the book to figure out who s going to lacking in this scenario.SHMwhy the fuck is this shit so popular There s no rating on this so it s not hurting the books averageof you don t agree with my opinion then move on

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    Read my interview with Vi Keeland Contemporary RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person DualRating After being held back by her past for a while, Valentina Davies realized she needed to move in Thanks to a much needed push by her best friend, she decided to take a chance a put herself out there Little did she knew it would take her face to face with another past the boy next door Ford Donovan who was certainly all man now I ve always wanted to try an age gap book with an older woman and this one satisfied my curiosity If I were to describe the feel, this book is airy summer sunshine It made me smile with a warm fuzzy feeling Instead of responding, I went to my contacts and edited Donovan to Ford a gentle reminder that Donovan wasn t a man I could ever be attracted to he was simply Ford, the boy next door Ford was very charming and his vulnerability was endearing, but he was also caring and responsible Valentina was likable and relatable, and I liked how she made changes in her life I watched as his jaw tensed, and he bucked twice before sinking into me so deeply that I gasped What appealed to me the most was how their relationship developed organically and how they didn t let their relationship held then back However, there were a couple of things I wish I got an answer for but weren t addressed All Grown Up is a story of finding happiness on your own terms It would appeal to readers looking for a sexy summer vacation read F BR With Loyda For reviews reveals giveaways visit

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    4 Ford Donovan starsIt s time you changed that outlook, Val Age shouldn t be counted by the time we ve been alive It should be counted by the years we have left Look forward, not back.This was my first time trying an age gap romance where an older woman falls for a younger guy And you know what It was so damn enjoyable Hilarious, sweet, and sexy Such a perfect summer read You need to stop giving a shit what other people think Appropriate and inappropriate doesn t matter if you want something and you re not hurting anyone Valentina is a 37 years old divorcee who finally started doing things for herself Her best friend who is hilarious btw decides its time for Val to date again She sets her up a profile on a dating site She wasn t interested until a funny hot young guy started messaging her Texting turned into him finally convincing her to meet in person That s when she discovered that the guy she had fun talking to, is actually Ford Donavan, the boy next door who used to kind of babysit her son Ford might be younger, but he s stronger and confident in who he is I don t think he needs to be the center of your universe He just wants to be part of your world Ford is such a sweet guy He stole the show in this book He s nice, decent, charming, and so mature He s so swoon worthy So caring and loving He s such a good guy, and an enough reason to read this book Valentina is a great woman I loved watching her grow to the woman she wanted to be She s a really likable and relatable character.I loved how their relation seemed to develop effortlessly and naturally And their chemistry was undeniable Overall this was such a fun sweet book As most of Vi Keeland s books, it was so enjoyable A great summer read Good Because age is just a number to use to count all the years I m going to love you Song recommendation I want it that way by Backstreet Boys Never be the same by Camilla Cabello

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