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Hard to Hold New York Lobbyist Michael Davoli Feels Like He S Been Sucker Punched When He Meets Anne Miller At A Jeff Tweedy Concert And It Doesn T Take Long For Him To Realize That He S Fallen Hard When They Wind Up Living In The Same Albany Apartment Building After All, Anne S Hot, His Dog Likes Her, And She Can Pick A Lock Faster Than Sydney Bristow Can Disarm A Nuke.Always Fiercely Independent, Anne S Crackerjack Reporting Skills And Keen Intellect Are No Match For The Chemical Reaction She Has To This Man With Electric Blue Eyes But While He Effortlessly Holds Her With His Gaze, He Withholds The Embrace She Longs For Why Is He So Distant Has Anne Misread His Signals Yet There Is No Doubt That She S Under His Skin And He S In Too Deep When Mike Confesses That He Harbors Two Secrets That Could Keep Them Apart He Has A Neurological Disorder That Has Shadowed Him Since Childhood, And Although He S Mastered The Physical Tics So Others Don T Notice, He May Never Be Able To Hold Her In His Arms At Night For Fear Of The Bruises He Could Inflict.Anne Isn T About To Let Anything Like Tourette S Syndrome Keep Her From The Man Of Her Dreams But Mike Has A Second Secret Will This Secret Be The One That Even A Grand Passion Cannot Survive With Her Trademark Wit And Sensual Artistry, Julie Leto Knocks This Unforgettable Romance Out Of The Park And Straight To The Heart Based On The True Love Story Between Mike Davoli And Anne Miller, Hard To Hold Is A Modern Day Fairy Tale That Proves That The Best Things In Life And In Romance Are Real.

[Ebook] ↠ Hard to Hold  Author Julie Leto – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • Hard to Hold
  • Julie Leto
  • English
  • 24 April 2018
  • 9780757315343

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    This book was enjoyable but slow and lacked conflict I guess since this is based on a real romance the pacing is in line with the real world and not what is normal in a typical romance novel The book took place over 2 years The hero and the heroine had some conflicts to overcome so it wasn t all roses But a typical novel would have focused on just one or two of them and ratcheted up the drama The Tourette s for example would have played a much larger part in the story with perhaps a scene or so of him hiding it and then having an incident where he actually did almost hurt her I m glad that Michael in real life is doing well but it doesn t make for very riveting reading, although I learned something about the disease.The characters were very nice but because the book was based on real life I was continually wondering if I would really like them in person which I don t normally have to do while reading a romance They both seemed sweet and with it and heading towards their dreams I was also glad that the love scenes were not really hot because, as I told my sister, I didn t want to feel like a voyeur.The writing style was okay but the book did seem told than shown And of course it was fairly meandering Maybe they should be in the regular fiction section instead of the romance section.I guess finally it comes...

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    Michael Davoli has just moved to Albany, New York single, with only his beloved dog to keep him company He has some friends in the area, but he is ready for a relationship if he can only find a girl Out one night with some friends, he literally runs into Anne Miller Anne is a crime reporter for a local newspaper, and is single herself They fall into easy conversation, but when Anne asks him to go get a drink at a local bar, Michael refuses.Besides his allergies flaring up, Michael has Tourette s Syndrome, a condition that makes him blink rapidly, and sometimes when he is in his anxiety situations, his neck and hands twitch He doesn t want to push that onto this beautiful woman quite yet, so he politely refuses It isn t until a few months later that he runs into Anne again when he is moving into his new apartment Which just happens to be in the same building as Anne Both still interested in the other, Anne finally gets tired of waiting for Michael to ask her out and takes matters into her own hands From here, they start the dating game and see where things go.Hard to Hold is part of the True Vows series, a reality series based on a real life coup...

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    I liked this book better than Alison Kent s The Icing on the Cake Leto s book focused on the characters and their interactions rather than their feelings in Kent s book, which seemed much less intimate much easier to read Yes, this was still a story based on reality, but it didn t seem as intrusi...

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    Another self righteous author who isn t classy enough to accept criticism, verbally abuses reviewers and in my opinion is not worth my time reading.

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    4.25 stars Anne Miller is a journalist, a crime reporter She s witty, bubbly, cheerful, and open She s in a knitting group and an avid fan of Jack Bauer The moment she decides that she s quite happy being single and not going to search after love, fate bumps into her in the form of Mike Davoli at a music concert Mike is a campaign coordinator for the Quality Education Initiative He has Tourette s Syndrome He s organized, sweet, honest and a very big fan of a band called Phish I really like this concept of romance novels based on reality Reading romance in various genres has made me believe in easy, almost magical solutions to hurdles that inevitably surge in a starting relationship and HARD TO HOLD made me see again that building and maintaining a relationship is hard work and the road to a Happily Ever After is paved with struggles, disappointments, conflict and challenges to go with the chemistry, sexual attraction and soul mate kind of love There was one minor thing that bothered me reading this books and that was the conflict argument between Anne and Michael and Michael s reasoning This felt a little forced and didn t quite work for me, but I did love that it wasn t brushed over or easily solved, which made the romance that much stronger in my opinion.The second half of HARD TO HOLD tells the story where other romance novels end and to me port...

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    While this is not a YA book, I wanted to read this book the moment I saw that the male lead character had Tourette s Syndrome My son also has Tourette s Like the main character, Michael, my son has a milder case of TS I ve come to know that it is one of the most misunderstood syndromes out there However, I love seeing characters with differences in books I liked this book a lot On the cover it claims this book is The First Reality Based Romance and I would have to say that s probably fairly accurate We don t often find romance books where characters deal with reality based situations such as living with Tourette s, etc I felt the building up of Anne and Mike s relationship was about right The pacing of it all was terrific It was a fire that started out slow and built up over time I appreciated the fact that Mike s Tourette s really wasn t the focus of their issues, but merely one facet of the challenges they had to face I also totally 3 the fact that she mentioned Red Rocks Amphitheatre something I pass everyday I grew up in Morrison, Colorado and it s just kind of a little bonus to see someplace I m so familiar with in a book There were even a couple ex...

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    It is a brand new day for romance readers as HCI Books launches its True Vows Romance Series based on real life romances as delicious as any of our favorite fairy tales Bestselling author Julie Leto braves this new frontier as she releases one of the three initial books in the series, and all I can say is Michael Davoli can give any vampire a run for his money in the romance department Ooh la la.Hard to Hold is a tightly written, tender story with a gentle and realistic pacing The character himself describes their romance as rockier than some but gentler than most and I would wholeheartedly concur Although the couple faces real life hurdles such as health and career issues, they tackle them with time, communication and commitment to each other Rather than a tale of tension and suspense, this is a memoir of real love swimming upstream against the current of life I tend to like my stories to have bite and intensity From the sex to the conflict resolutions, it left me content rather than sizzling That being said, we all need contentment every once in a while We can all use a good story of hope and love conquering all, and this one happened to show up in my hands at the perfect moment in my life.Ms Leto did a fabulous job of bringing Michael Davoli and Anne Miller to life I love an author who knows how to show and not tell Ms Leto included a cast of intriguing friends to draw out qualities important...

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    This is the second book I ve read in the True Vows series This is a series that is reality based romance This book was pretty good, although I m trying to figure out if I liked it because it actually happened or if the writing was that great It probably was a mixture of the two, but it s a nice concept nonetheless.We meet our protagonists following a concert in Albany Anne Miller is a fiercely independent woman and journalist who s lifestyle is interested in having a relationship, but she s tired of being the friend to all the guys in her life Mike Davoli works for a small non profit and he s a recent transplant to the city The sparks fly right away with these two, but they both seem to be fighting the thought of getting serious because they re scared about the what if s Mike also suffers from Tourette s Syndrome While it doesn t get in the way of having relationships, he s als...

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    OMG I loved this book Stayed up til almost one in the morning reading it So sweet to hear how one couple can keep their relationship going with all the ups and downs in a dating relationship They ask that if you have a cool story with how you met, you c...

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    The thing I liked best about this book was that it was a reality based romance, meaning the story was built around the real life story of an actual couple, which I thought was a great idea, and I m definitely going to check out the True Vows line even But the book itself was just ok.

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