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Nerd Gone Wild (Nerds, #3)Inheriting A Fortune Means Less To Ally Jarrett Than Fulfilling Her Real Dream To Take Off For The Wilds Of Alaska And Photograph Animals Unfortunately She S Also Inherited Her Grandmother S Personal Assistant An Over Protective Nerd Who Couldn T Survive A Snowball Fight.As A PI And Bodyguard, Mitchell Caruthers Is The Perfect Man To Protect His Late Employer S Granddaughter However, Keeping His Geek Masquerade And The Secret Behind His Real Mission Isn T Easy When The Freeze Between Ally And Mitchell Begins To Melt.Yet All S Not Well In This Sub Zero Paradise Ally S Bad Seed Uncle Is Staking A Claim On The Family Inheritance With A Dangerous Masquerade Of His Own With Ally S Life In Danger, It S Time For Her Right Hand Nerd To Expose The Real Man Undercover, And Prove Himself To The Vulnerable Body He S Been Hired To Guard

Epub ➚ Nerd Gone Wild (Nerds, #3) Author Vicki Lewis Thompson – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 403 pages
  • Nerd Gone Wild (Nerds, #3)
  • Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • English
  • 03 May 2017
  • 9780312998660

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    4 Mitch isn t a nerd Stars Okay I don t know what is going on with this series It is suppose to be a series about nerds In the last book Harry didn t really feel like a nerd and in this book Mitch wasn t a nerd Mitch was a bodyguard and PI posing as a nerd WTF I was promised nerds dammit and I want me some nerds That being said this book was great Ally and Mitch were very cute together All the side characters where great and had fun personalities Nerd Gone Wild...

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    But, oh, sweet heaven She was sitting across from a Fruit of the Loom poster boy She d begun to suspect that Mitchell J Caruthers, Jr., might be hiding a babe magnet body underneath his nerd clothes With a description like this, does it matter what color his eyes are This is my first book by Vicki Lewis Thompson and I have to say it was entertaining Not a lot of depth, true, but the emotions and the sweetness and the hotness were definitely there Her writing style is reminiscent of Jennifer Crusie, my all time favorite romantic comedy author.Ally Jarrett has inherited a fortune from her grandmother, but in the process she has also inherited her grandmother s nerdy assistant, Mitchell, who was hired to manage her grandmother s estate When Ally decides to take up wildlife photography in Alaska, Mitchell follows her What she doesn t know is that Mitchell s nerdiness is a disguise he is a PI bodyguard hired by her grandmother to protect Ally from a greedy uncle with plans to trick her out of her fortune or worse Ally and Mitchell have their HEA after a great deal of fast paced drama, a romantic dinner of moose meat pie and a very HOT game of strip poker.This book is worth reading just for the subplot with Ally s Uncle Kurt and his SM lovin girlfriend, Vivian, alone There...

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    This book gets a weak 4 stars for me and only because of the poker scene and the villains Uncle Kurt and his psycho girlfriend Vivian they steal the show The main story never really takes off Ally is a bit too naive I can do it for my taste and Mitchell needed some oomph because he s not a real nerd.I was expecting a lot of humour I ve been told it s the best in the series but there s not as much as I thought there would be and there aren t any real laugh out loud funny scenes like you d find with Sandra Hill or Linda Howard The twisted villains, especially Vivian, are very well written She s this crazed nympho and her boyfriend Kurt is this submissive loser The book is pretty sedate in terms of sex scenese between the h h and then suddenly these two turn up and you re thinking Ok Holy left field there The secondary characters are cute sex crazed Betsy is a funny one with her parlor room.The book is almost borderline chick ...

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    3.5 StarsThis whole series has been kinda ridiculous and silly, but I keep randomly picking up the next book out of some strange sense of curiosity I never really expect the book to be anything better than ok, and it s months and months in between reads, but I still some how keep reading.This story was no exception, it s absurd with no real surprises, but still somehow it ends up being entertaining if nothing else The main characters are fine and while I thought both Ally and Mitch were being ridiculously stupid at times I was still cheering for them to work it out and talk to each other I think part of what made this book entertaining was the fascinating cast of side characters They all made me smile and I enjoyed them immensely The plot was simple enough, young heiress with an uncle written out of the will Ok sure the bodyguard necessary plot line made a little sense, but his whole I m going to disguise myself as a nerd and not tell her anything subplot was a bit...

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    Can not finish Vicki Lewis Thompson, you do not know nerds I love nerds You keep bad mouthing nerds You keep making the nerd secretly a jock instead of secretly a super awesome guy who is a nerd.This heroine was so stupid Too stupid to live.

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    Set in Alaska, this romance has just the right amount of suspense to keep you turning pages When new heiress Ally goes to Alaska to kick off her new career as a wildlife photographer, she didn t count on her grandmother s accountant showing up purportedly with estate papers for her to sign, especially when he turns out to be much different than she thought She also didn t count on someone else showing up, someone who wants her ...

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    Loose Moose Lodge snicker Good stuff.

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    Ally Jarrett is a deprived rich girl who after her grandmother kicks the bucket is finally able to reach out and do what she wants with her life Unfortunately, before her grandmother died she appointed Ally a secret bodyguard who has been posing as the grandmother s personal assistant, Mitchell When Ally travels to Alaska in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer, Mitch is right behind her Suddenly, Ally finds herself stuck in a small town with an annoying nerd and a strange assortment of people whose favorite topic of discussion is sex.I picked up this book knowing the guy was a fake nerd, but I thought they would ve played the nerdiness up a bit Instead, he only seems really nerdy in the very beginning and only for a few pages before his true colors start coming through The plot was eh and Ally and M...

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    Nerd 3Another hot male story, this one has Mitchell, who was hired by Manderly,to take care of the estate by managing the daily details, plus keeping it financially in order and to keep her granddaughter Ally protected from her uncle who would be after the estate after she died, despite receiving an annual allotment The uncle felt he was due .Ally made a sudden decision to go to Alaska, to supposedly meet the famous wildlife photographer, whom her uncle claimed to know well and he had arranged for this woman to tutor Ally All of this was to occur in the town of Porcupine, Alaska He , the uncle, intended to scam Ally out of her money.Mitchell flies up to Alaska to keep a...

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    A quite enjoyable story about a young woman who goes to Alaska to become a wildlife photographer after her rich grandmother dies She is followed by the man her grandmother hired to watch over her They start out not liking each other but the inevitable happens Throw in a ...

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