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Blood LinesDes Vampires, Des D Mons, Des Loups Garous, Passent Encore Mais Des Momies Se R Veillant Au XXIe Si Cle Pour Se Faire Aduler Comme Des Dieux, A Non Echapp E Du Mus E Royal De L Ontario, Une Cr Ature Mal Fique Et D Voreuse D Mes R De Dans Les Rues De Toronto Sa Prochaine Victime Pourrait Bien Tre Henry Fitzroy Momie Contre Vampire, Cette Fois Encore, Vicki Nelson A Du Boulot

[PDF] ↠ Blood Lines Author Tanya Huff – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 317 pages
  • Blood Lines
  • Tanya Huff
  • French
  • 26 October 2018
  • 9782290025000

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    Opening Line He had been almost aware for some time Nothingness had shattered when they removed him from the chamber BLOOD LINES is the third offering from Tanya Huff s Blood Ties series As a fan of the TV show I was thrilled to discover these books which now have the added bonus of visual references for our 3 main characters and their ongoing love triangle I particularly enjoy romance writing, bisexual vampire Henry Fitzroy Who as the bastard son of King Henry VIII also comes complete with flashbacks from his 450 year long existence and remains my favourite character Private investigator Vicki Nelson continues her struggle with degenerative eye disease while also battling the supernatural and a revolving door love life And blue collar Cop, Mike Celluci just tries to keep up with the events taking place in his ever broadening paranormal world Once I was impressed by Huff s writing as she weaves together multiple POV s and here gives us a unique story and great antagonist with one regenerated Egyptian priest wondering around Toronto as a moder...

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    If you enjoyed the first two books, this is of the same, and that s not a bad thing at all I find them fairly comfortable reads, though some of the themes may be fairly harrowing the effects of the curse on Henry, Tony s fear, the attempt to torture Vicky But it s also classic it s basically a mummy with a curse, and it s fun to watch the characters running around trying to cope with that.Of course, in terms of character development, the book also throws Vicky, Mike and Henry together to work with one another again And naturally, that doesn t go one hundred percent as any of them would hope Mike and Henry still have to learn to work together, because Vicky won t put up with their pissing contests And Henry s relatively civilised in general, but I still feel like if Mike Celluci wanted to have a dick measuring contest, Henry could be provoked And don t get me wrong, I like that byplay between them I like the ending a lot not just Vicky firmly telling Mike...

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    This is the first time that I have re read this after visiting Toronto It was very cool to read about the ROM and the CN Tower after visiting there Huff s UF stands out simply because of Vicki and her lack of angst.

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    I liked this book Not as well as I liked the previous two books, but it was still pretty good The premise reminded me a little of the Brendan Frasier movie the Mummy , but I liked the movie too, so that s okay.It was a little grittier than the previous two books, which I always find disturbing spoiler ahead The prison scene, especially, was disturbing I realize that prisons are supposed to be disturbing, but it seemed like a real departure from the series, and was a little jarring and unexpected In addition, we never really find out why the prisoner...

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    This 3rd volume in the Vicki Nelson series was again a re read, but I found I enjoyed this one than the first two, having found them a little disappointing this time around The villain in this story, a weak point in the other volumes, was far convincing it isn t a spoiler to say he was a pre dynastic Egyptian sorceror, sealed with spells into a sarcophagus which has been in the private collection of a aristocratic British family for the last couple of centuries but is now sold to the Museum in Toronto Before his arrival, the disturbance to his sarcophagus gives him increasing freedom to send forth his ka the Egyptian life force personality to influence the museum curator who has bought the sarcophagus for the museum in the correct belief that it is unsealed and therefore contains a mummy And before long, he is feeding on the life forces of modern day people and beginning to establish a power base, in the service of his god but also ultimately to try to gain sufficient power to become godlike himself.I enjoyed the Egyptology background and the idea that, in contrast to ancient Egypt where sorcery was believed in and the gods were real and most people were dedicated to a god from birth and had protections which kept...

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    Blood Lines is the third in a series that I read years ago and really enjoyed Recently I got the chance to pick them up again and am glad to find them as enjoyable as I did the first time around.Author Tanya Huff has created an inventive and fun series set in Toronto, where Vicky Nelson an ex cop with degenerative eye disease and an assertive personality meets Henry Fitzroy, vampire, 450 years old This dream investigative team is complicated by Vickie s ex partner from the police and also ex lover who will not give up on Vicky The triangular dynamics make for a much interesting book that a simple duo would.In this novel, the Toronto museum Egyptology department is the focus and inexplicable crimes and mysterious deaths center around you guessed it A ancient mummy.Now, I will admit an embarrassing fact The las...

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    Avis tir de mon blog Le Mus e royal de l Ontario pensait avoir trouv sa pi ce maitresse en d couvrant une momie dans un sarcophage cens tre vide Mais depuis cette d couverte d j deux personnes sont morts de crise cardiaque Alors Michael Celluci n coute que son instinct, il sent que quelque chose de louche se passe et il ne peut pas enqu ter car les causes des morts ont t d clar s non suspectes Il engage donc Vicki pour d couvrir le fin mot de l histoire, esp rant que son cot proche du surnaturel l aidera.Il semblerait finalement qu une momie se d place actuellement dans Toronto, et que les arch ologues aient r veill un ancien dieu Un tome que j ai trouv original M me si dans les films et les livres d horreur le sujet de la momie vivant soit assez courant, il ne l est pas du tout en urban fantasy, c est bien la premi re fois...

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    This is third in Tanya Huff s Blood series that still has the three protagonists in a love triangle no less Vickie, ex detective now private eye ironically with an eye disease Mike, presently a detective and formerly Vickie s partner and Henry, a 450 year old vampire It also has a Mummy who was is a wizard and megalomaniac As in the previous two books, our heroic trio have to outwit and overcome the evil said Mummy who has invaded Toronto Tanya Huff continues with the three, strong, main characters that have the deductive investigative abilities and the wise cracking repartee She also includes interesting sub plots surrounding Vickie s mom, Henry s hunting habits and Mike s police legal dilemmas As I re...

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    So not as great as I thought it would have been Yes, there was an ancient mummy loose in the city Mike and Henry band together to fight it off Vicki get s drugged and kidnapped Henry faces his one largest fear It had so much potential to be great But it was a little slow paced and I got really bored during the middle of it There just wasn t enough chemistry between Henry and Vicki as they eluded It was very inconsistent with Mike s love life Mike finally finds a girl who he might like and asks her out to dinner in the first few chapters but then she wasn t mentioned again till the end of the book where it was just him asking her about rituals what happened to them This book just didn t live to the last book It just didn t have the pace, suspense, or same feel that the other books prior ha...

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    Another solid entry into the series about Vicki Nelson, a PI with a degenerative eye disability, Henry Fitzroy, centuries old vampire and son of Henry VIII Since he plays a much bigger part in this book, mention should also be made of Mike Celluci, police officer and sometime lover of Vicki.In previous novels Huff has tackled vampires obviously , werewolves, summoning demons and here she wanders into the realms of ancient Egypt and mummies In the slow burn start to the book a new sarcophagus is found by Dr Rax, curator of the Royal Ontario Museum, and brought to Toronto After a series of mysterious deaths, the situation comes to the notice of Mike, who starts to believe that an actual mummy might be haunting the streets of Toronto When he is pulled from the case, he asks Vicki to investigate on his behalf Eventually Vicki pulls together the threads to realise that the people of Toronto are in mortal danger and time is running out for the mummy to be stopped.I have to confess, this was my least favourite of the books so far T...

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