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Blood PactVicki Nelson N A Pas Une Minute Elle Depuis Qu Elle A Quitt La Criminelle Cette Fois, Elle A Affaire Des Morts Vivants Si La Perte De Sa M Re A T Une Lourde Preuve, Savoir Que Son Cadavre Peut Continuer D Ambuler Dans Les Rues De Toronto Est Bien Plus Qu Elle Ne Peut En Supporter D Ailleurs, Le Corps A Disparu Du Cercueil Cette Fois, Vicki Aura Besoin D Aide Est Ce Que Henry Et Michael, Son Ex Co Quipier, Sauront S Associer Pour La Prot Ger

[PDF / Epub] ☀ Blood Pact By Tanya Huff – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 316 pages
  • Blood Pact
  • Tanya Huff
  • French
  • 07 December 2018
  • 9782290025017

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    Opening Line Mrs.Simmons It s Vicki Nelson calling the private investigator from Toronto BLOOD PACT is the 4th offering from Tanya Huff s Blood Ties series As a fan of the TV show I was thrilled to discover this series of books which now have the added benefit of visual references for our 3 main characters as they continue to battle both the supernatural and each other in their ongoing love triangle.My favourite character here remains romance writing, bisexual vampire Henry Fitzroy As the 450 year old illegitimate son of King Henry VIII turned modern day romance writer he s both fascinating and swoon worthy And with our love triangle finally coming to its shocking conclusion I fell even harder for him Private Investigator Vicki Nelson is as inflexible and tough as ever and even though she s still managing to sleep with both of them it s a mystery to me why either Henry or blue collar cop Mike Celluci would love her because she s not really a very likeable person I was again impressed by Huffs writing as she weaves together multiple POV s and gives us a gruesome and truly horrifying story This one creeped me out big time Full of thought provoking moral issues, it s a fantastic mixture of romance, horror, fantasy and suspense The closing chapters are heart pounding and although many disliked the contro...

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    This book has one of the best love triangle endings in the world Well done Huff.Powerful volume in the series and at the time it was published, a fitting conclusion Vol 5 does not take away from that.

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    With the Vicky Nelson series, Canadian author Tanya Huff has created an inventive and fun set of stories based in Toronto, where Vicky Nelson an ex cop with degenerative eye disease and an assertive personality meets Henry Fitzroy, vampire, 450 years old This dream investigative team is complicated by Vickie s ex partner from the police and also ex lover who will not give up on Vicky The triangular dynamics make for a much interesting book that a simple duo would.In Pact the series takes a dark twist, instead of Vicky being pulled into a supernatural investigation because of her civilian job as a PI, this time it is personal Vicky and her mother have always had a love hate or at least love major irritant relationship, much like many of us with out mothers I suspect But Vicky is devastated and prostate with guilt when she ignores a few phone calls from her mother only to receive one telling her that her mother has died Going home to Kingston to deal with the affairs left behind, is complicated by the fact that both Henry Fitzroy and Mike Celluci insist on accompanying her to help.Vicky does not cope well with feelings and as she...

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    MORE MORE P.S I love that book I have started the series many years ago and somehow still have not come around to finish it Therefore, as I am determined to cut down on my TBR this was the book I chose to read next I do not remember really much of previous book, surely I know the characters and all but not exactly what happened before However, each book in this series focuses on some crime Vicki has to solve so it was not really a problem that I did not remember what happened before I read this book really fast It is just that easy to read However, I was kinda annoyed by the way science and science geniuses were presented in it Not everybody who has great ideas is Dr Frankenstein.THE WORLD It is really a simple the world like ours, the action is based in USA The only difference to our world is that paranormal creatures exist in the wold of Tanya Huff created, tho nobody really knows about them Also, another difference is that because the book were published years ago it feels a little bit like reading about the past when it comes to technology and so.CHARACTERS The main character is the book is ex cop Vicki Nelson who now is a private detective In book one she met this handsome vampire Henry Fitzroy aka the bastard son of Henry VII, the Kind of England Another male character in the book is Mike Celluci who was Vicki s partner and is still a policeman To be honest, I never liked Vicki, she is just too blah for me And I never liked Mike either But I us...

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    Out of all the books this in the series this is the one with the most resonance with me, so now than when I first read it.Huff does an amazing job here in taking a character who has appeared on maybe one page of writing over all the previous books and who has never actually appeared they have just been a voice at the end of the phone Victorys mother kills her and makes us feel so so bad that she is dead I think the way Huff succeeds in this is the way Victory acts towards her We all love our mothers but sometimes when they call it is just at the wrong time or you re not in the mood to talk I cannot imagine though what it would be like in real life to avoid your mothers calls or any direct relative and then find out they have died Add to that discovering that the body has been stolen and all the other ramifications Victory has t...

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    Avis tir de mon blog Un tome un peu plus glauque que les pr c dent, et encore une fois assez original C est un moment vraiment triste pour Vicki, alors qu elle retardait le moment de parler sa m re malgr ses coups de t l phone incessants ces derniers temps, elle apprends que celle ci vient de mourir.Elle se pr pare donc a l enterrement Jusqu au moment ou elle r alise que le cadavre a t vol Une enqu te parfaitement dans son domaine, si seulement elle n tait pas tellement impliqu e Michael et Henry sont bien entendu la pour la soutenir, et surtout bien utile quand on commence voir tra ner des cadavres ambulants dans les all es de l universit On reprend le sch ma auquel on est habitu sur cette s rie, savoir qu on suis simultan ment nos h ros qui d couvrent le probl me et le criminel en train de le commettre Mais la ou sur les tomes pr c dents on avait quand m me le suspense de ne pas savoir qui est ce criminel, ici ce n est pas le cas On sait depuis le d but qui est derri re tout a, quasiment, et donc le livre est moins bas sur le suspense En fait c tait limite fascinant les recherches entreprises sur ces corps, la fa on dont ils r agissent, brrr. J avais presque une envie de recul quand on avait uns description qui les concernait.On a aussi l occasion de voir une situation ou Henry n est pas du tout a son avantage, et c est aussi un p...

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    Probably like 4 1 2 stars, but I m favoring 4 over 5 in this case.Not sure that I can write a non spoiler review of this one Talk about writing yourself into a corner I wonder if the author intended to end the books with just one after this one, or if the plot twist in the end of this book cut off the action.SpoilersVicki is injured to the point where the only choice is to let her die or let Henry try to turn her, knowing that once she s turned it will drive them apart On one hand, it was a nicely bittersweet ending to see both Mike and Henry ready to give her up in order to see her survive On the other hand, I hate to see the end of their odd little threesome She seems to need both of them in different ways And Henry and Mike were just finding a strange sort of balance with each other respect, if nothing else The mystery of the book itself some strange zombies in the Dr Frankenstein sense Using bacteria and artificial parts to revive cadavers Only the...

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    I read about 1 3 into this book and came to the conclusion that I do not enjoy these stories, the writing, nor the characters to some extent This surprised me because I enjoy the TV series, but we all know how transferring the written word goesit usually incorporates changes beyond what the author s original intent was.Anyway, I found the story a bit weird, and yet, dull I skipped over alot of the gory autopsy stuff, which left me with the story around the characters Once again Vicky was bordering on abrasive and I did not enjoy the way she showed her independence, leaving Celluci and Henry in her dust whilst coming to grips with a personal situation.On the other hand, Celluci seemed to be the only sympathetic character in this story in that he seemed to understand where Vicky was coming from and just wanted to help Henry, whom I enjoyed ...

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    I can t decide if this my favorite or Blood Lines is my favorite Very good Modern day Dr Frankenstein turns Vicki s mother into a Frankenstein monster The best part of this book was the ending I won t give away what happened though You ll just have to read the book.

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    4 1 2 StarsWhat a ride This modern version of Dr Frankenstein and the monster was exciting, told in a very well paced tale The characters continued to be interesting to follow I love the dynamic between the three and how it evolves further in this story.

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