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[ PDF / Epub ] ☃ Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore Author Stella Duffy – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 344 pages
  • Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore
  • Stella Duffy
  • English
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9781844082117

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    This is the story of Theodora and her rise from dancer prostitute to Empress of Rome The book starts with Theodora working on stage at the Hippodrome and being trained by Menander, a man she feared and loved After becoming famous she falls in love with Hecebolus and moves to Africa with him When Hecebolus casts her off for another she flees Africa and finds her way to Alexandria where she finds her faith, looks for forgiveness for her sins, and puts her fate in the hands of Timothy who she respects Timothy helps her to find her way to Justinian who is preparing to become the next Emporer of Rome.I really enjoyed this book Theodora is a fascinating character to read about, there are so many different facets to her personality At times she is selfish, cruel, and obstinate but she also shows she can be loving and compassionate when she wants to be I liked her from the beginning of the book and I was hoping things would turn out well for her The story moved at a fast pace, there were no slow sections for me in the book at all The other characters in the book were also very entertaining, I really liked Justinian and Theodora s mentor Menander There are lots of great descriptions of Constantinople and a fascinating look at the tensions between different religious gro...

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    Interesting enough premise but awkward writing a bit stuffy and bloated While I was reading, I was engaged enough but every time I put it down, I couldn t find the motivation to pick it back up Might give it a try again, someday.

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    4.5 starsI m trying to think of a way to describe this book, and immensely satisfying is the only descriptor that s coming to mind That seems so weak, though Satisfying implies just okayness, but Theodora was anything but just okay I think what feels so satisfying about this novel is the realization that fine craftsmanship is still alive and well within historical fiction Since the success of The Other Boleyn Girl, the general tone of HF has taken a bit of a nose dive as and authors and publishers strive to replicate that same success Rather than telling a story that feels true and real, it seems to me that so many have just attempted to put the features of TOBG into whatever historical setting they happen to have on their plate The result has been near consistent disappointment with almost every historical novel I ve read for YEARSat least from larger publishers, who seem to be caught up in this frantic race to find the next TOBG rather than trying to find the next good historical novel Of course, this isn t the case for all books I ve read since TOBG It s just hard to recall that sometim...

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    Interesting look at a woman not often mentioned in the history pages Stella Duffy doesn t hold back and I respect that she didn t make Theodora seem too perfect but a strong woman in her own right I am looking forward to reading the sequel.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Duffy s enthralling story and congratulate her on bringing Theodora to life for all of her readers This is a book about a historical figure, but also about strength The strength of women, the strength of the poor, the strength of history I have learned much in this novel...

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    Very poor, I kept on reading it as I expected with all the number of excellent reviews it received it was bound to get better it didn t Indeed, it got and ridiculous I should have been warned when one of the reviews called Theodora as a wise cracking tart with a heart Actually the ...

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    I loved the sound of this book from the moment I heard about it, and was thrilled to find it in paperback when I was in Sydney earlier in the year With such enthusiasm, of course I had to read it right away, but I don t think it was due to high expectations that I finished it feeling largely untouched Theodora is the fictionalised account of an historical figure, Theodora, who grew up a child actress and therefore prostitute in Constantinople in the sixth century, a period commonly known as Byzantine Rome or the Byzantine Empire, a continuation of the Roman Empire founded in Constantinople Istanbul, the capital of modern day Turkey by the Emperor Constantine, he who is famous for converting to Christianity and giving that previously heathen religion legitimacy Theodora, in Stella Duffy s story, is a talented actress, not classically beautiful but sensual and with an ambitious heart After she and her two sisters, Comito and Anastasia, are sold to the theatre at a young age following the death of their bear taming father, she is trained in the arts of singing, dancing, acrobatics and other performing arts, and at twelve is sold to a man for the first time an inescapable fate for these actresses, who because they are whores are not allowed to marry.At s...

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    Intensely seductive as a provocative dance, compelling as only history can be, Theodora draws the reader into the life of a common actress and dancer, who eventually became Empress of Rome As a child, Theodora learned the hard way She was beaten when her spirit rebelled against the eunuch s cruel instructions and when her outspoken opinions got the better of her Her family was disjointed at best and friendships hard won, but the people loved Theodora She was one of them She could command the attention of the masses who daily flooded the Hippodrome, eager for amusement and those who sought her favor for an evening s private entertainment deemed themselves lucky.Yet, Theodora was also a woman in a time when females had few rights She had no property and therefore, no power Theodora became a mother while still in her early teens and she really didn t know how to treat her daughter, Ana While her nubile, athletic body captured the attention of Hecebolus, the new governor in distant Africa, Theodora s intelligence and wit couldn t hold him for long.Cast out for another, beautiful woman, Theodora sought to join the penitents surrounding the Patriarch She hop...

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    Read This Review More Like It On My Blog 3.5 out of 5Theodora was one of the most influential women of her time As a poverty stricken dancer, as the most celebrated actress whore in Constantinople, as a penitent nun in a commune in the desert, and as the wife of the most powerful man in Christendom, she commands attention and vast amounts of interest Defying social strictures and traditions of her day, Theodora rose from a common birth and life to the most exalted position available Augusta of New Rome also known as Constantinople, the sparkling gem in a Christian crown in in 527 AD Stella Duffy writes an easy to read and well crafted and rounded tale of the infamous woman in one of the most interesting periods of the Roman Empire.Born the second daughter of three to Acacius and an unknown woman, named Hypatia for this novel, Theodora was born into showbusiness as it was then Her father was the bear trainer at the infamuous Hippodrome of Constantinople It is the Hippodrome that is the most important place in Theodora s life her earliest memories, the death of her father at the hands of his beloved bear, and eventually the site of the greatest...

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    This is an interesting book though not entirely satisfying The language used is often very modern which can be annoying and it seems a bit light on historical detail Theodora is an interesting character and this book does a fairly good job of bringing her and the times to life.

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