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Table for One Maybe You Re A College Student, Maybe You Re Single, Or Maybe Your Kids Have All Left The Housewhatever The Situation, Table For One Is The Perfect Solution Bursting With Tasty Recipes And Gorgeous Photographs, This Revolutionary Cookbook Will Forever Banish Your TV Dinner Blues Each Delicious Dish Is Perfectly Scaled To Fit Your Lifestyle And Can Easily Be Doubled To Make Room For At The Table You Ll Love The Shrimp Gazpacho, Pomegranate Glazed Pork, Butternut Squash Risotto, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Carrot Cupcakes, And English Trifle With Tips And Tricks That Will Teach You How To Buy, Store, And Prepare Just Enough Food For A Single Serving, Table For One Is An Essential Guide To Graduating From Ramen Noodles To Ramekins.

[ Download ] ➵ Table for One  Author Camille Funk – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • 209 pages
  • Table for One
  • Camille Funk
  • English
  • 06 September 2019
  • 9781599554327

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    While most of the recipes were very simplistic but I liked that they had been broken down into practical individual servings My favorites were the desserts I like that a recipe only made 2 cupcakes or 3 cookies I love to make desserts but don t like ...

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    I don t like cooking This whole cookbook is recipes for one person I have thoroughly enjoyed making food for myself from this book The food is GOOD, which makes me like cooking a whole lot A cookbook that makes ME enjoy cooking pretty darn amazing.

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    I won this book on First Reads giveaway That being said though, this is the first recipe book I ve been excited about in along time I am going to be making alot out of this book A great book to use if you need to make small meals or you could double them for two people Sometimes if my husband is working and can t make it home for dinner, I can still eat a healthy meal without feeling like I m wasting alot of money by buying extra products I won t use or will end up being thrown away because I can t use them up before they go bad I love the photos in the book and they have ingredients that people use everyday Love all the tips and tricks for storing and using up extra ingredients when you can t buy in small amounts Loved seeing the parts of the beef and pork photos, it gives you a better understanding of what you re buying in the store There s even a healthy substitute page Love that yo...

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    Love this book The two people whom I live with are junk food addicts I refuse to eat junk, so I turned to this book for inspiration The recipes are perfectly proportioned so that there are no leftovers and no chance of overeating The author gives helpful hints on storage of ingredients In the back of the book she includes an ingredient index This index lists the ingredients that are common to several recipes Thus, one is...

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    The idea of a cook book for singles is ingenious The pictures in this book alone are beautiful and made my mouth water The book itself and the recipes it contains are very economical The best part is t...

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    7 31 10 Just added this to my first reads shelf Thank you Goodreads for another free book Can t wait to get it and see what looks good.8 6 10 Got my book Once again, thank you Goodreads for the book The recipes look really yummy and I can t wa...

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    I didn t really read this book It s a cookbook so I flipped through it It has some awesome recipes Can t wait to try them.

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    Title says it all A cookbook with measurements to create a meal for one person and some beautiful food photographs I checked it out because feeding two people like my husband and myself is pretty similar to feeding one I enjoyed the introduction which contained some very basics like how to make a bouillon base and which types of cooking dishes are best when preparing for one I do wish though that she would have included a table of ingredients and how long they typically last in the fridge she did say to invest in Tupperware for your remaining half cans of corn, etc because after cooking for a week your fridge may not be full of leftovers but it will have left over ingredients everywhere Orange Ginger SaladSalad2 Tbsp stir fry beef2 handfuls red leaf Romaine lettuce2 Tbsp dried cranberries1 3 cup mushrooms, sliced1 4 cup orange peeled and sliced2 Tbsp green onion, sliced1 tsp sesame seedsDressing1 3 tsp garlic, minced1 2 tsp fresh ginger root, minced2 tsp extra virgin olive oil1 tsp rice vinegar1 tsp soy sauce1 tsp honeyHeat oil in small skillet over med high heat Add beef cook for 2 4 minutes, stirring frequently until beef is cooked through Remove beef from skillet and let cool.Toss together contents of salad in a med bowl or on a plate.Mix together dressing ingredients in a small cup Stir well and toss with salad Use extra orange slices for garnish.Tortilla SoupBase1 2 tsp unsalted butter2 Tbsp Yellow on...

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    lots of meals, good portion sizes

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    I was really disappointed with this book The summary said revolutionary , but I m not sure how The recipes are ordinary split pea soup, enchiladas, etc pared down to one serving, not simplified Really, if I m going through all this effort, I want leftovers The recipes are involved than I was looking for not because I cant cook, but love quick simple dinners for just me and ranged from ordinary french dip, mac and cheese all the way to just strange cooked cantaloupe on fish I didn t find anything I wanted to make, and didn t find this book helpful at all in simplifying cooking for one This might be useful for someone who doesn t know how to cook, although I still think the recipes are far too involved There is an ingredient index, which is a great idea so you can do several recipes using an ingredient you have too much of, but it didn t include things like cream of chicken soup one recipe calls fo...

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