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Nursing Against the Odds In The United States And Throughout The Industrialized World, Just As The Population Of Older And Sicker Patients Is About To Explode, We Have A Major Shortage Of Nurses Why Are So Many RNs Dropping Out Of Health Care S Largest Profession How Will The Lack Of Skilled, Experienced Caregivers Affect Patients These Are Some Of The Questions Addressed By Suzanne Gordon S Definitive Account Of The World S Nursing Crisis In Nursing Against The Odds, One Of North America S Leading Health Care Journalists Draws On In Depth Interviews, Research Studies, And Extensive Firsthand Reporting To Help Readers Better Understand The Myriad Causes Of And Possible Solutions To The Current Crisis.Gordon Examines How Health Care Cost Cutting And Hospital Restructuring Undermine The Working Conditions Necessary For Quality Care She Shows How The Historically Troubled Workplace Relationships Between RNs And Physicians Become Even Dysfunctional In Modern Hospitals In Gordon S View, The Public Image Of Nurses Continues To Suffer From Negative Media Stereotyping In Medical Shows On Television And From Shoddy Press Coverage Of The Important Role RNs Play In The Delivery Of Health Care.Gordon Also Identifies The Class And Status Divisions Within The Profession That Hinder A Much Needed Defense Of Bedside Nursing She Explains Why Some Policy Panaceas Hiring Temporary Workers, Importing RNs From Less Developed Countries Fail To Address The Forces That Drive Nurses Out Of Their Workplaces To Promote Better Care, Gordon Calls For A Broad Agenda That Includes Safer Staffing, Improved Scheduling, And Other Policy Changes That Would Give Nurses A Greater Voice At Work She Explores How Doctors And Nurses Can Collaborate Effectively And What Medical And Nursing Education Must Do To Foster Such Cooperation Finally, Gordon Outlines Ways In Which RNs Can Successfully Take Their Case To The Public While Campaigning For Health Care System Reform That Actually Funds Necessary Nursing Care.

!!> KINDLE ➛ Nursing Against the Odds  ❥ Author Suzanne Gordon – Soaringeaglecasino.us
  • Paperback
  • Nursing Against the Odds
  • Suzanne Gordon
  • English
  • 05 April 2018
  • 080147292X

    10 thoughts on “!!> KINDLE ➛ Nursing Against the Odds ❥ Author Suzanne Gordon – Soaringeaglecasino.us

  1. says:

    This book will change the way you look at nursing as a profession I had to read this for a class I m taking and recommend it to be read by any nurse Some clasmates reacted badly to the book, in that it portrayed nursing in a nega...

  2. says:

    OK this was supposed to be the book that I was going to write if you are a nurse you must read it You could skip the middle part about media portrayals, not as interesting.

  3. says:

    Anyone who knows a nurse, wants to be a nurse, or cares about the health care debate should at least flip through this interesting read.

  4. says:

    This book is informative, well written but a bit depressing since I am a nurse I honestly have to read this book in spurtsotherwise I think I would get a little depressed and quit my job.

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    The writer and journalist Suzzane Gordon offers a compelling story why nursing as a profession is constantly dumb down, unappreciated, tagged as second class workers, let alone oppressed exploited in the health industry She started the book by discussing the unjustified dominance of the medical profession in the health industry, meek history of the nursing which resonates to contemporary nursing practice, the wrong portrayal of the media, and ...

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    Kinda of a dry read, but FULL of great information This book was a principle resource for a term paper I wrote the year it was published.

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    This book, while well researched and so very true, was so depressing and anger inflicting to me, that I had to stop mid way through I really recommend it because it speaks the truth, but don t expect it to be positive in any light As a nurse who is fed up with the political part of my profession, it made me take a hiatus to really think about whether I want to be a floor nurse for the rest of my life And the answer is no, no I do not want to be treated as such f...

  8. says:

    Read by a reluctant nurse I NEVER thought I would choose this career path, nor did I ever have any nurse role models in my family read this book with an open mind and be careful not to take only the dark parts of the book away The last section provides insight on how to fix these nursing problems, and this should be the take away message I would like for non nurs...

  9. says:

    If you are a nurse or a physician, this is a must read I ve been a nurse foryears than I would care to remember,and the sad thing is that nothing has changed since I began my career years ago I m not sure it ever will, and I ve yet to figure out why we continue to allow this attack on our importance and professionalism Suzanne Gordon s discussion reflects what so many of us have experienced for too long, while hanging on for dear life to remain patient advocates The ...

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    Wow, quite a book It many places it angered me while in some it depressed me I ve been a nurse for about 10 years and I d say she nailed the politics of it in most hospital settings I feel that she, like many authors, really went wild with the worst case scenario situations That s why I won ...

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