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To the Victor Goes the SpoilsGenre Multicultural Shape Shifter ParanormalAmanda Jo Spoils Needed Some Major Alone Time She Was Tired Of Pride Life And The Pampered, Self Indulgent Attitude Of Its Male Members To Think That She Was Expected To Find A Mate Among The Shallow Pool Of Men, Most Of Which Had At Least One Possessive Female Already She Hadn T Spent Four Years In Special Forces And Completed Two Tours In Iraq To Come Home And Cater To The Wants Of Any Man No, Amanda Had Some Serious Thinking To Do About Her Future, And The Wilds Of Alaska Seemed To Be Just What The Doctor Ordered.But, Boy, Are The Shifters Restless In Bear Country Not Only Has She Fallen Into The Middle Of A Mystery Surrounding An Ancient Artifact, But Now She Has Not One, But Two Alpha Shifters Determined To Make Her Their Mate She Can Play Them Off Against Each Other, But What Happens When One Wins Amanda Doesn T Want A Man, Or A Shifter, Especially Not A Dominant One But Oh, How She Secretly Longs To Be A Submissive, The Spoils Of Their Alpha War.Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations Some Readers May Find Objectionable M Nage M F M.

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    This book hit a very HARD limit with me.Alpha woman needs time to figure out what she wants after ten years in the military minor blip here, after ten years in the military she SHOULD BE departing something higher than a 2nd Lt which is the equal to an enlisted private.When she meets the bear shifters at the cabin her planned vacation goes out the window She s assaulted by one of the shifters, who act like Neanderthals than anything else.The bears talk opening about how she has to pick one of them since it s their mating season AJ doesn t care for either one, but that little fact is lost on Yogi and BooBoo.This is where I stopped reading Uh hello I think the lady in question gets a voice here, or don t I matter Of course you do, but know that either way, your answer will have the same result, Kam informed her.In other words, she s going get mated wh...

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    excellent story I read it in one sitting Lions and bears, oh my

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    Amanda Jo Spoils is many things, a daughter, a special forces member, a sister and a fun time for the kids to be with One thing Amanda is not is ready to pick a choice for a mate Despite her dad being the head honcho of the pride she likes her freedom and her one wish is to have some time to enjoy being herself and relax at home without the threat of her dad picking a mate for her over her head.Doing what she does best, she plans a vacation and she intends to make the best of it in all it solitary glory Better words were never said because not only are their shifters in them there woods that she choose but it s mating season and she is the only female around With a ridiculous use of an old shifter law Amanda finds herself in the direct path of two alpha male With their own spin on the law Amanda is hard press to choose Amanda knows she has than a mate choice to make her dad is a concern as he is a force to be reckoned with and as much as she has side stepped her mother as much as she can, there will be hell to pay when mating season is over.Ms Foxx is an author that I have read before and have always enjoyed her offerings TO THE VICTOR GOES THE SPOILS is no different, Ms Foxx starts off this read with Amanda in a setting with her family, despite her internal struggle about the direction of her life we get a chance to see her with ...

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    Amanda Spoils, lion shifter, retired special forces officer goes to Alaska to get away from her over the top family.She runs into 2 male bear shifters who intend to change her status from single to mated Kam Victor is the victorious bear and due to special circumstances he has to leave her shortly after the mating He returns to find her gone and he s not happy.Meanwhile Amanda has had an urgent ca...

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    OK, I really liked this book It starts off great Strong, spunky heroine Interesting family dynamic All that good stuff Very strong alpha male need for such a strong heroine Check Very interesting plot twists and developments leading to other stories Like I wanna see what happens with Regan and Cheryl, if Leo finds his mate and so on It s a nice start.What I didn t like was t...

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    I hope there is going to be to this This was really good.

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    I really wanted to give it 3 and 3 4 stars Great characters. has the potential to be a great series.

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    I want to know where book 2 isThis was super good and delicious and I need the next part I need to know what happens next and I am not above stalking an author.

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    I loved this book and have read it twice so far The ending makes me feel like it should be part of a series though Still A1 in my book Not enough IR paranormal shifter erotica

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